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When it's personal ... is it different?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Angus, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Suppose ...

    You’re lost, laid up in a hospital far from home, able to comprehend but unable to communicate except with a “yes or no” nod, and with no identification on you. You have a growing family whose health, welfare, and safety depend on you, but you are bedfast and disabled with no way to directly help them right now - now, when they badly need help.

    Luckily for you, there are two people who say they are ready to help you and your family. Neither of them knows who you are but each assures you that, if you can manage to let them know your name and address and give them the authority, they will take care of your family for you until you get well, possibly even better than you could yourself. All it takes, each says, is your nod to him.

    It sounds too good to be true, and maybe it is, but your family needs help urgently. For their sake, you must choose one of the men. There is no other way.

    Both people present you with brochures extolling their intentions and plans if you select them. One is tall, dark, and handsome, and is a smooth talker. The other is shorter, older, and more awkward in his appearance. He says he was hurt in some kind of mishap, and he is not nearly as smooth as the other one.

    The tall one’s proposals sure sound good; the other one keeps talking about responsibility, but what he says in his proposals makes sense and he has more pertinent experience. However, you are suspicious of both of them. So, you listen to their stories.

    Both were born in out of the way places, but only one produces a verified birth certificate. Both say they went to good schools and colleges, but only one will explain how he got in to them and will make his records at the institutions available to you. The other blocks access. Both were admittedly somewhat wild in their youths, though not dangerously wild, they each say. Both say they were out of touch with America for several years, required to be in other countries without their consent. One produces people to verify what he says and explain why. The other can’t, or won’t.

    Both have written books about themselves. One is an American military veteran. The other has very close relatives who have allegiances to other countries, but he says that won’t adversely influence his performance for you and your family. Both have had some bad people associations in the past, and one admits it and is ashamed of it; the other has attempted to hide his bad people associations or make light of them, some of which are apparently continuing.

    The things that the tall fellow promises sure sound good, but, unlike the other fellow, he cannot show that he has ever in the past done any of those things he promises to do in the future, like keeping your family safe or putting more money in the family’s pocket - instead of taking it out.

    There’s something else. The shorter fellow can show that he has always kept his word of honor. The tall one cannot. In fact, the shorter, older guy shows you proof that the tall one breaks his word of honor about money, about how he will take money from only one source and not from others. He’s broken his word on that score as recently as a couple of months ago.

    You are in a have-to position. This is your family you are acting for. And you have to act. You are going to turn your wife and kids over to one of these people to do with as he will.

    Which one can you trust to prevent your wife from being raped by an intruder or prevent the family’s bank account from being raped by the tax man who wants to give your money to somebody else?

    Will the kids grow up to be thoughtful, honest, patriotic citizens who look out for themselves instead of becoming someone’s underlings looking for the easy way out or a hand out? With which of the two is it safe to entrust your children and their education?

    Your family will live or die with one of them.

    Who gets your nod?


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