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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Pointing out spelling or gramitcal errors, or talking about the etymology of a word, in the middle of a discussion. Is a sign that the white flag is soon to come, if you ask me.
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    Oh boy, you don't pay attention at all do you? Since week 2 of last year we've had a plethora of Skins fans showing up on this forum and acting like jerks. Right at the top of my original post is this line.

    In other words AW, just having a little fun on rivalry week. It hurt your feelings? Too damn bad. This is a Cowboys forum and on this forum we are going to celebrate our Dallas Cowboys and their glorious history and I don't give a damn if it gets your panties all in a wad and soaks your shirt in your warm tears.

    In your first post ever on this forum you joined the jerks I described above by coming here pointing fingers at Cowboys fans as bandwagon fans and front runners. Did you really think we were going to sit still and let you do it? Especially when you didn't have the first clue about any of us as individuals and worse didn't even know what the analogy of the bandwagon means.

    We weren't wowed and cowed by your analytical mumbo jumbo first post which was so off base my grandma could roll the ball to first and get the out.

    Oh yeah, you definitely did imply this. You most certainly did and you got called on it. So then you tried to spin your way out of it. Here we see you trying to do this yet again below...

    You never said or implied that until this post. This is called spin control or trying to save face. You'd be better off saying you didn't intend to insult anyone here it just came out wrong. That we'd accept.

    Does it hurt talking out of both sides of your face like that? Or is this second voice coming from somewhere else?

    In particular you pointed out some obnoxious Cowboys fans who don't discuss anything other than the Super Bowl wins. Why even bring them up if it doesn't bother you as you now claim? Why say you don't care about what fans in Frisco or New York say or think? Why come on a Cowboys forum if you don't care what we think?

    Trust me AW, those of us who don't live and work in the Dallas area are a bit envious of the fans who do. We admire a fan who can leave this message board and run down to Valley Ranch to try and take some pictures of TO arriving the day before he signed his contract because there was a report he was on his way there. We'd love to be the fan bringing that back to a forum of hungry fans.

    We admire the fans who come back from the games with pictures and stories. We're grateful to them. We wish in some way that it was us who could be the ones sharing that appreciated information.

    I can promise you this about the fans here who do that for the rest of us. They don't do it to be idolized or worshipped or fawned upon. They do it because this forum is a community of friends who enjoy sharing something we love, our football team.

    Forgive us for not feeling like we need your approval. There were how many dozen threads on this forum when you joined. You chose to insert yourself in this one in a rather stuck up, finger pointing manner and you got called on it. You see, I don't fold when I have a good hand. I'm not taking credit for the winning hand though. kmd24 lit you up and took your all your chips. He flat out took you to school.

    Like I said before, don't try and tell me you wouldn't do the same if you could. In your very first post you tried to do this with the 2 post season games. You tried to do the very same thing. You. No one forced you to bring that up. We certainly didn't beg you to do it.

    Your issue is that we can do this at all. It burns you up. Your presence in this thread is all the evidence we need to prove that. You've made no effort to start a discussion about some other aspect of the upcoming game.

    You aren't actually naive enough to think all fans want to do is discuss X's and Os are you? If you want to do that, by all means start a thread and I'll jump right in and teach you something about football there too.

    In other words get off your high horse or you'll continue to make a good target.

    You brought it on yourself AW. You came here trying to judge us over a thread where we are just having fun on our forum. That's the key thing that always escapes you guys. This is our forum. If you don't like the way we have fun don't read our threads. If you jump in acting like a jerk expect to get called on it.

    How hard is that to figure out? It ain't rocket surgery or brain science there AW.

    Do you really not see how this statement isn't an exact contradiction of the statement I bolded above?

    We aren't the frontrunning Dallas fans who live in your area, and we don't care that you have a problem with them. Go whine at them.

    No, actually we have proven over and over that you are a hypocrite.

    Oh AW, do you really think I'm going to wave a white flag? Not when you are waving a red cape. Not when I'm clearly more informed than you are. Not even if hell freezes over.

    So you learned something new by coming to this thread to whine. Be grateful don't be bitter. Before you came here you didn't know there was such a concept as etymology and you relied solely upon a dictionary. Now you have a new tool to use.

    Before you came here you didn't know what a bandwagon was and why it was used as an analogy of someone who only backs a winner. Now you know and you don't have to sound so ignorant about what a bandwagon is.

    Now you know that a good many of us are in fact educated and knowledgable nto just about football, but many other areas. You came in wanting to sound smart. Bitterness isn't going to help you. It just isn't. Drop the sour grapes diet.

    You should thank us for the education, not despise us for the charity. Ingratitude isn't becoming. Tsk, tsk.
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    I pay attention to every little detail, being in the home territory of a opposing fan, I have to keep it watered down a bit, and I don't like to call people out, but i'm going to try and do that in a way that doesn't get me banned.

    The fact that I have to copy and paste specific sections of my post, over and over again, because people keep taking my words out of context, or posting their interpretation of what I said, shows that, maybe I’m not the one who needs to pay attention.

    I at least give you guys the benefit of the doubt, and take what you write for what it is, and I don't try to change or spin what is there. (where we differ, is probably my perception of why you posted all of those stats)

    Obviously, I’m not the one here who's feelings were hurt. Just more of the same from you, a bunch of chest thumping and name calling, when things don't go exactly as you planned.

    I think these frontrunner Cowboy fans (and frontrunners all over the place) I speak of, deserve to be held accountable for their actions, or at least criticized for it. If you're going to hide behind success, that's just taking the easy way out. I used the word bandwagon just fine. You posted an example that stated "likely to succeed". You just translated the word the way you wanted it to be perceived to fit your argument, that's spinning the context of the debate. I used it in a way that is 100% accurate to the English dictionary.

    The common conception of the word bandwagon in "football language" or jargon, is something to the effect of which you are speaking, "growing success" or a person who jumps ship when the team is not winning - that can be translated in many different ways, my friend.

    My point was that, bandwagon fans start as the type of fan who jumps ship from team to team, but later evolve as they get older, and rather than change teams from year to year (because they know that no one will take them seriously - if they they keep changing their team), they stick to a sports team with a long history of winning (example: the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys). That way, they always have those past achievements to lean on, when things get rough, or the situation looks bleak, and try to use it as a free pass.

    I didn't expect you to wowed, but I did expect a little less misrepresenting and misapprehending what I said. I just gave you my opinion. It's not going to be a popular one around here, especially with all of the fans that I see from the DC area, and different areas around the globe, on this exact fan site. It's off base to those who don't like the ideology, or can't conceive the idea that some of them (NOT ALL OF THEM), just might be these same bandwagon fans that I speak of.

    Why are you so quick to try to redefine the word bandwagon?

    This is funny. Because what I did was, copy and paste THE EXACT SAME THING I WROTE IN MY FIRST POST, and you go onto say that I never said or implied that until the following post. That my friend is 100% incorrect.

    How am I spinning the issue, if I just copy and pasted that portion from my initial argument? With this incorrect example you provided, you just showed that you are the one "spinning". READ MY FIRST POST, I typed the EXACT SAME THING.

    I don't take bandwagon fans seriously, obviously, but I was irritated by your first post, or I wouldn't have replied, and it came across like you were telling everyone to lean on those stats, if the guacamole hits the fan this week against the Redskins.

    What I said was, "I don't care if people root for other teams" What irritates me, is when they lean on their franchise's past success as a crutch"

    I can respect that. That’s why I feel that fans are missing out on a lot, when they’re not rooting for the home team. There are pros and cons to everything.

    Actually, it was in your initial post, and it appeared as if you were trying to defame those two championship games, like they were somehow insignificant, because the Cowboys were the underdog - then I went on to shoot that simplistic theory down.

    I then used it as an example, so I could go on to show you why it irritates me, when fans lean on their past success as a crutch - so you could get a good idea, of exactly how it feels. Example is the best way to get a point across, or to show someone something.

    I'm not the one on the high horse - that has obviously been you, in this entire thread. In your very first post, you stated that all Redskins fans should get in your shadow. You've been beating your chest from the get-go, claiming to be some sort of big dog, who attracts ***** envy, from those who are supposably inferior. You started your victory party before the discussion ever began.

    If this thread is any example, I’m sure you can school anyone - in your own subjective perception of the situation.

    Man, you started this discussion off pretty good, but you're slipping :)

    This is why I recommend that you don't call people out on their education. I looked through my dictionary again, and I can't find the word "nto" “ anywhere; also, I think the word you were looking for is “knowledgeable”
    Now who's the hypocrite?

    No one has proven me to be a hypocrite, they've just assumed that. What they have done, is take what I said and distort it into their own wishful interpretation.

    Then "Rah Rah" about how I’m spinning my point of view. I used a fine example earlier in my post, where I took the exact words that were in my initial post, and you assumed that I was spinning it, which I proved wrong.
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    Give me a break with the grammar corrections... You said earlier that's a white flag, yet you use it here?? Another example of your hypocrisy.

    As for the bandwagon argument, which seems to be your only point... or frontrunners. If your definition of bandwagon or frontrunner only applies to the best franchises in the sport, then IMO you're off base. The Yankees and Cowboys are generally recognized as the best franchises in their sports, or most dominant if you will. You could make an argument for the 9ers and Stealers in the NFL, but you get the point.

    The real bandwagon fans are the ones who started rooting for the Rams in the late 90s, the Ravens in 2000, etc. I don't think of bandwagon when I think of the Cowboys because they've been pretty bad the past 10 years. If fans stick through 1-15 or three straight 5-11 seasons, that's not a frontrunner. It's been over ad nauseam, but that's just the case.

    Most fans, even bandwagon jumpers, don't "pick" a team based on past successes. I doubt that the Packers fanbase is picking up any extra occupants this season simply because they won the first two Super Bowls. I just don't think that would be the thought processes of most.

    If the team you happen to choose has a great history, that's just a perk. And what do you expect an argument to resort to, if it's not history? You could have come on here and throw 35-7 in our faces from last season had you been here. Do you expect us to just sit there and take it? If we want to get our jabs in, that's where it has to go.

    You have no jabs on us now... other than history. Last season or the two Championship games. Problem is we have the better history. Sorry that burns you, but you'll just have to deal with it.
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    You don't make any sense whatsoever. By your logic no fans of any team can talk smack, expect for the last game they have played each other?
    Talking smack to opposing fans is part of the rivarly. The Dallas Cowboys Organization, is more popular, more successful, and just plain better than the Redskin Organization. If we cant talk smack about our superior dominance in super bowls over the Skins, then what do we talk smack about?

    Do you not expect any fans of any team to not talk smack? Pretty far fetched to me. Super Bowls is what everyone dreams of having, and as of right now the Cowboys have more than the Skins. Simple as that
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    Yup, you are a troll to the extreme and I hope someone takes notice...!

    Would you feel better if every Cowboy fans just said forget it and stopped rooting for the Cowboys? Would you sleep better at night then?

    You are the typical RedStink fans that comes to this forum trying to tarnish the legacy that is the Dallas Cowboys because they have fans all over the FREAKING WORLD!

    Listen, it's not a Cowboy fans problem that you root for a loser...that is YOUR PROBLEM...

    By the way, check this out!!



    I hope the powers that be take notice of you, because your are becoming redundant...

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    The fact of the matter is, that the Cowboys are far superior to the Redskins (or any other team in the division) in every way that matters. Head to head records, % of winning seasons, post season success and Super Bowl wins. Spinning it every which way to make it SEEM untrue accomplishes only one thing..............making yourself look like an idiot.


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    I'm sure you'll get your wish, but I don't think i've said anything that deserves attention from the admins or moderators, other than try to debate with one.

    I've been pretty nonchalant through this whole conversation. If any of the admins think i'm saying something or doing something that is against the rules, send me a private message.
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    As far as talking football, I will, I just had to get that opinion off my chest first, and I havn't had time, because i've had to defend myself in this thread. I just don't want every football discussion, no matter what the situation, leading to "we have 5 super bowls trophies, we are better than you"
  10. 5Stars

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    Your copies and pastes of your own words contradict each other AW. Everyone but you can see it.

    I posted all those stats in reply to a Redskins fan. I've already told you that. Several posters asked me to make it a thread unto itself. I did that. It was for fun. I said that.

    Oh AW, not only ar emy feelings not hurt but things are going exactly as I planned. A couple of inteligent Redskins fans have said, what I posted it the truth and it's irrefutable. What more could I ask? They have a sense of humor and they get it.

    No, it can't be translated in different ways AW. It has one specific origin and conotation. You were wrong on that. Sticking to your conception of it isn't helping your cause. You were proven wrong by sources of intelligence higher than you and I put together.

    You're mentioning this for the first time trying to save face and you are still wrong.

    As I have already said, any fan, of any team that spends their precious time soaking up every bit of information, history, and news of that team does not fit your finger pointing expedition. No fan here. No fan on extremskins. No fan on any team affiliated website is going to spend their time there unless they love that team. They don't deserve your derision for their passion nor anyone else's

    Because you don't get it.

    Oh look all caps shouting. How did I know a Troll would show up? How did I know?

    Your posts contradict each other AW. I bet even some of the Skins fans can see it.

    First of all I don't care if my first post irritated you. In fact that thrills me a bit. The truth hurts you know. I posted this before the game was played instead of after the game has been played. Quite obviously it was meant to fire up Cowboys fans for the coming game not to remind them after wards that we're still the daddy.

    Pay attention.

    Yes, and you asked about some past success of your team in 1972 and 1982. How's that crutch? Comfortable?

    If I don't want to miss out I can always move. For whatever reason that is none of your damned business we live in the places where we do and root for the team we love. You don't like it, tough. I could care less if you hate it that there are Cowboys fans in the DC area. I'd move there in a heartbeat if the job offer was good enough. And I'd be just as big a fan as I am now.

    If I was trying to do that why would i acknowledge them and use this...


    ...and describe that as me acknowledging those wins by Washington? Why would I take the time to make it in bold maroon so it stood out to give proper credit?

    Pay attention.

    The only problem was it doesn't irritate me. In 1972 and 1982, yeah, I was irritated. I've made peace with the past.

    First of all I never said it was my shadow. I said it was our shadow. Meaning Cowboys nation. It's a little difference in the pronouns that escaped you apparently.

    Care to look up the stymology of "***** envy" and spare me from educating you? It's a joke AW, shared amongst friends. If you're actually envious of my ***** please keep that to yourself. Also a joke.

    I'm not on a high horse. I'm on a hill shooting you off of yours. Been a hell of a lot fo fun too.

    Pick your poison any time kiddo. If you can't stand the roar of the big guns don't pull the trigger.

    Must be from the laughter.

    Oh man, did the guy who just said picking on spelling is signs of a white flag pick on me for a typo?

    And you have the temerity to ask me who is a hypocite? I haven't picked out one single typo AW. I did teach you about etymology but no spelling smack. Let's change this habit by me right now and add some irony to this beat down.

    Let's use the word in bold above. I believe you meant knowledgable.

    No charge for the education. Need me to explain irony?

    Just because you won't admit it's been proven doesn't mean it hasn't been proven. Or are you already forgetting the white flag post contrasted with the last attmepted blast above.


    Gotcha again.
  12. Hostile

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    That is how we handle stuff. Have you been bugged in any way?

    You're fine, just misguided in your efforts.
  13. Hostile

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    I look forward to this.

    The only reason you've had to defend yourself is because you tried to stereotype people you don't even know and we decided not to let you get away with it.

    You could have simply done the honorable thing and said it was not what you meant. Instead you have continued to try and stereotype the people here.

    That's our fault?
  14. skinsngibbs4life

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    :laugh2: 29 pages later, and this gem is still going :laugh2:
  15. Hostile

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    Hilarious isn't it?

    I think it would have died if AW hadn't got his panties in a wad. Bless his heart. He's complaining about a thread that he's keeping alive.

    I am so doing this for the Cardinals next week. This could become a habit. :grin:
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one enjoying this.

    BTW...AmishWankster, I've lived in VA off and on for over 22 years, and I've been a Cowboys fan for 26. Am I on the bandwagon?

    It takes a brave man to call people out through generalizations. :rolleyes:
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    Dude, he doesn't know what a bandwagon is.

    I've tried. Whoosh. Right over the head.

    I am having a ball in this thread. Most fun this season.
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    Ain't you glad I made that suggestion? ;) This has been a ball, especially since the wankster entered the fray. He might as well get used to seeing this thread unless it's deleted because I'll be fishing it out of the archives next year when Washington week rolls around again. :muttley:
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    Careful, I might get up on his high horse. No one's in the saddle since I shot him out of it.


    Oh, and thanks.
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    I got called a bandwagon fan when the Oilers moved to TN because I didn't start cheering for them. I had been a Cowboys fan for at least 20 yrs but I was supposed to drop them for the Oilers? :laugh1:

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