When the Herschel Walker trade went down w/ the Vikings

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. SteveOS

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    What did you think about it at that time?

    I was a young squirt and didn't know much about football, but I knew Walker was my favorite player, it crushed me. Little did I know what good came out of it :)
  2. Eddie

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    12 players for 1 is always a great trade.

    I knew Jimmy Johnson was a genius at that point.
  3. JeffG

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    I was driving from Austin to Dallas with a buddy of mine in college when the trade was announced. I thought it was TERRIBLE to lose our best player. I was crushed, too.

    My friend, Jim, always a GREAT negotiator, thought I was an idiot to not see the genius in the move for the Cowboys.
  4. dbair1967

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    it was obvious after those first couple of games in 1989 that we were a dismal team that needed tons of help...I was at the Atlanta game that we lost (Herschel played a huge hand in us losing that game, I think he fumbled two or three times that day)...Aikman's 1st TD was to Irvin on a deep post/catch and run by the way

    still, I was amazed at what all we landed for Walker...Mike Lynn is forever on my Christmas Card list, and I bet he will always be on Jerry Jones' X-mas Card list as well

  5. CaptainAmerica

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    Actually it wasn't real clear what would happen. Yes, we received a lot of picks which was great, but we also received some journeymen type players who didn't have a lot of upside.

    The issue that made it unclear however was that everyone thought the Vikings were going to be Super Bowl contenders, so the first round picks weren't expected to be really high picks by a lot of analysts.
  6. Paniolo22

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    I was like, "They are trading the ONLY good player they have!?!?!" ***!!! Plus, after that, they were terrible in Tecmo Bowl :D
  7. AtlCB

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    I couldn't believe how much we received for Herschel Walker. At the time, I thought it was a good trade for both teams. Dallas received a lot of draft picks and players to help rebuild the team, and Minnesota received that one great running back that would get them a ring.
  8. CoCo

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    I was thrilled when we traded Herschel for 3 years of 1st, 2nd and 3rds. Absolutely drooling over what we could snag from those and our own really high picks.

    Yeah, I loved Herschel but there was no way he could offset that much talent potential.

    I could see the Vikes side of it as they did truly look 1 player away. But my goodness that was a ton to give up.

    I loved it even more when Herschel re-signed with Dallas down the road. I would have loved to win a SB with him on the team. Herschel is a class act - even if he did play briefly for the Eagles. :eek:
  9. lurkercowboy

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    I didn't like losing our best player, but I was amazed at the number of draft picks. The list was seemingly endless. I thought the players were a pretty decent bunch too. I really thought the players would help more than they did, but those draft picks were hard to believe.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I was thinking to myself, "Great! There goes the Three Stogas again. First Shep left and now it looks like Curly has escaped as well and he's going by the name of Red McCombs and living up in Minnesota."
  11. Yeagermeister

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    At first I didn't like it but when I heard what we got for him I didn't mind.

    And yes Paniolo they sucked big time in tecmo with and without Herschel lol
  12. bootyhunta

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    I was kinda bummed too, cause I loved Walker, but was totally pleased with the results.

    What a dumb move for Minnesota though. I wonder where the guy who made the decision to pull off that trade is now. I couldn't imagine trading that many picks for any player.

    Here's a question... Is there anyone in the NFL now or in the past that you would trade that many picks for?

    I can't think of any.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I would never trade that many picks for any one player ever.
  14. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    I have a better question ...

    What was your reaction when Jerry Jones traded away two first rounders for Joey Gagoway ???

    At that moment, I knew karma was a be-otch !!!
  15. luvtheboys

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    A lot of people forget another genius move by Jimmy that was part of the deal.

    We got a bunch of rent-a-players from the Vikings. Each one had a draft pick associated with him. The deal was supposed to be that the Cowboys could keep the player or keep the pick if they waived the player (they could not trade the players and keep the pick). After the season, Jimmy informed the Vikings that he intended to keep all of the picks, but he wanted to keep a few of the players also (Isaac Holt, Jessie Solomon, and David Howard). Of course Minnesota balked so Jimmy threatened to waive the players in order to keep all of the conditional draft picks:

    1990 1st round
    1990 2nd round
    1991 1st round
    1991 2nd round
    1992 1st round
    1992 3rd round

    Minnesota soon realized that they were going to lose the picks whether or not Dallas kept the players. Jimmy traded the 3rd and 10th round picks on 1990 and their 1991 3rd rounder to the Vikings so that they could keep the 3 players without giving up the draft picks.
  16. ravidubey

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    I loved Walker (check the av), but Dallas was a mess of a team with more needs than any other team I can think of in recent memory-- worse than any expansion team. The trade was great for both Walker and the Cowboys.

    I remember jumping up and screaming when Herschel broke a couple of huge plays in his Vikings debut. The cover of Sports Illustrated read "Herschel Lives!"

    If the Vikings front office and coaching staff had been on the same page they could have ridden Walker to the Superbowl; instead they let a political struggle destroy them from within and actually started Albert Finney-- a no name fullback-- over Walker. Totally sad.

    People are basically stupid though when it comes to perception and reality. Eric Dickerson was traded to the Colts for more picks than Herschel Walker -- PLUS a startign running back in Greg Bell.

    The only difference was the results of the picks-- Rams BLEW their picks taking losers like Gaston Green and Aaron Cox while the Cowboys struck gold with Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. Dallas went to the Superbowl and the Rams sunk into a decade long tailspin. Obviously the draft picks didn't have everything to do with it, but the trade gave the casual public something to pin the Cowboys' success on.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think it was great for the Cowboys but I think it was horrible for Hershel. The Vikings coaching staff hated the trade and didn't understand how to use Hershel. Basically, it ended his career IMO. Probably cost him an opportunity for the Hall. The trade was great for us but it was a train wreck for both Walker and the Vikings.
  18. TruBlueCowboy

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    I remember that free promotional poster they used to give out in Dallas when Herschel joined the team that had him and Tony Dorsett with big smiles posing with their Heisman Trophies. Really thought he was going to be the next great RB legend in Dallas. Oh well, we had to settle for Emmitt Smith, dangit. ;)
  19. Cajuncowboy

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    When Jerry bought the team and fired Tom Landry, my favorite coach of all time obviously, I was in a hospital bed recovering from a kidney stone. That made it worse.

    When I heard we traded Walker to the Vikes, I was again in the hospital emergency room being treated for another kidney stone.

    So needless to say, these events hold a special place in my heart....er my kidney.
  20. SteveOS

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    Don't have another kidney stone, I might have a heart attack. :)

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