When was the last time.

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    We had a good O-line coach. I'm sorry but this O-line has played the same since
    Parcells has been here and we have had 3 different O-line coaches and not one has benn able to get this line in sync. I feel we have some talent on the line but we need someone to coach them, or at least get everyone on the same page.

    Everyone says draft some O-line help but without proper coaching this will not be the answer just look at Arizona they have drafted O-line #1 for several years and still do not have a good line.

    The last couple of superbowl winning teams have had a mixture of lower round picks and free agents on the o-line and have got the job done.

    Also ask yourself when was the last time a qb as immobile as bledsoe won a superbowl he is part of the problem with this line at least 3 of his sacks yesterday were by people that were blocked and he just stumbled into them.

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