When will there be news on our cuts or restructureing?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JTnNC, Feb 24, 2006.

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    When can we expect to start getting info on L.A.'s and Glovers contract situation? Some teams are already making their cuts and putting some quality players on the open market. Do we have to wait til March 3rd before we can contact any of them? or since they have already been cut can we set up interviews now?
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    The Cowboys are under no immediate time pressure to cut or redo anyone's contract because they are under the salary cap (unlike teams like the Jets and Redskins who are way over).

    And yes, we must wait until March 3rd to begin contacting other teams' free agents.
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    Not until the last minute just like Jerry always does.
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    We'lll hear about Glover (doubt we cut Allen) by March 2, cause I think on March 3 we have to pay Glover $1M+; thus saving us $6M against the cap. Who knows, maybe we trying work out some kind of trade--which another reason to keep mum on Glover until last possible moment. As for Allen, we must pay him $2M on March 3. Dat's retirement announcement will also probably be made by then, thus saving us an additional $1.8M.

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    When Parcells lets Jerry know he can release it to the media. One of the clauses in Parcells' deal with the Cowboys is that ALL news releases have to be done through him. Jerry can make the announcement but only after Parcells gives the OK on it. He has always done it this way with every team he has been with and it helps keep things from "leaking" out before they are ready for it.

    That is one of the reasons why I keep saying to everyone not to believe ANY rumor about the Cowboys because Bill lets NOTHING out ahead of time. Every one of them is pure conjecture.

    Bottom line is that we'll know when we know and not before.

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