Where are the speed rushers?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, May 1, 2017.

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    I really like the DBs the Cowboys were able to glean from this year's draft. God knows we needed some. However, since Taco Charlton is more of a base DE/3-4 DE, & it's doubtful any of the late round D-linemen will even make the team, we are no further along in our almost desperate need for a dominant weak side edge bending speed rusher who will strike fear into our opponents. That is why we have gotten knocked out of the playoffs early the past two times we were there by Aaron Rodgers. He couldn't burn the Falcons because he was too busy eating turf. That's because the Falcons have dedicated themselves to obtaining speed rushers like Vic Beasley, Brooks Reed, Adrian Clayborn, & now, Tak McKinley.

    We had a perfect opportunity to obtain one, too. Since the second tier speed rushers were either from small schools, many were projected to go somewhere in the late 2nd/ early 3rd rounds of the draft. Given that, it seemed like a good idea to grab a top DB such as Quincy Wilson early, then take one of the raw, but very talented pass rushers at 60. Jordan Willis (73), Tarell Basham (80), & Derek Rivers (83), were all there when the team made their second selection. However, since they had already taken Taco Charlton, a 6-6, 280 lb. base DE at 28, they were all but forced to take a DB there. I hope all of the DBs taken in this draft turn out to be extremely talented defenders, because Rodgers, once again, will have a boatload of time this season to pick them apart.
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    Brooks Reed and Clayborne combined for 6.5 sacks in the reg season. That's Mayowa production. They're so good ATL traded up for Takk.

    We haven't been in position to draft a Vic Beasley. End of story.
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    How is Adrian Clayborn a speed rusher if Taco isn't ?

    Taco had better 3-cone and short shuttles times than McKinley and their 10-yard time was close; however, Taco outweighed him by 27 pounds.

    ten: 1.63
    3-cone: 7.17
    Short Shuttle: 4.39

    ten: 1.60
    3-cone: 7.48
    Short Shuttle: 4.44
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    I hope so.
  6. Toruk_Makto

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    It's amazing people keep ignoring this. No Taco isn't going to run a 4.5 40. And that's fine because he's not going to be asked to do that on Sundays.

    Impressive short area quickness for a man his size.
  7. Verdict

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    I hope I am wrong, but I think we had better hope that Tapper and Mayowa can get it done and be reasonably good at right DE. I think they can be reasonably good at it.

    If they can't then we are probably going to be disappointed in the pass rushing department again.
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    Beasley is a LB who's a glorified pass rush specialist

    Jaylon can provide that same element for us
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    Yes Jaylon and Tapper will have all eyes during camp.
    So many stories to pay attention to. I might add Irving.
    I know this OP is talking about the speed rushers but
    I don't care where the pressure comes from.

    Edit; can all the new pieces come together soon enough.
    This camp will be entertaining. Such a seas change of personal
    at one position.
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    Wasn't Taco more like 1.70 ten at the combine? It's just not a fair comparison when using his pro day versus a combine time when there is a combine time to use. Tak is just more explosive off the snap, that shouldn't be arguable. They are different types of rushers.
  11. darthseinfeld

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    People have been brain washed into thinking you need to have a sub 4.6 pure speed rusher to be able to get any pressure from the edge.

    I guess having the best pure speed rusher since Derrick Thomas for a decade will do that to you
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  12. darthseinfeld

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    And Clayborne is in no way shape or form a speed rusher
  13. xwalker

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    I always use the best time, combine or pro-day.

    Bruger has his combine at 1.67 in the ten.
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  14. xwalker

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    Or people are just clueless. Travis Frederick was dropped by the media from 1st to 3rd after the combine. Then fans whined about the pick.

    Fans claim the Cowboys have to get this specific speed rushing "war daddy" yet many winning teams don't really have that guy.

    The Falcons defense was not great.
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  15. darthseinfeld

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    Falcons D pass rushers and a good CB. Everything else was so so to a mess. We got that type of play somewhat in 2013 when Spencer really came on and Carr and Claiborne were playing fairly well. You'll stop a few teams, and you may get a critical stop ( Spencer was really clutch that year) but you get gashed in the run game and down the middle
  16. SilverStarCowboy

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    I like Taco @ 28 but 3/4 OLB Tyus Bowser 6ft3 247lbs, who went to the Ravens with the 47th Overall, could've been a real sleeper as a 4/3 RE in this Draft.

  17. bodi

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    in Atlanta
  18. ccb04

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    Given how fast the ball comes out of some QB's hands in the NFL, this is a stat I liked seeing.....

    From PFF: "Charlton’s advanced stat breakdown shows he has the best pass-rush productivity in the draft class on pressures getting to the quarterback in less than 2.5 seconds."
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  19. Alexander

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    Harold Landry.
  20. Cogan

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    I'm not saying we should have taken McKinley. He was already gone. Jordan Willis wasn't. Willis didn't have all of the great players around him to make his game easier. Willis had the most explosive 10-yard split (1.53) & 3-cone drill (6.85) of ANY D-lineman at the Combine, exhibiting rare initial burst, take off speed, & balance. He also has a much more explosive lower body, measuring a 39" vertical. As DPOY in the Big 12, Willis had much better numbers than Charlton: 52-18-12 to 43-13-10, with much less help. He was voted the South's team Most Outstanding Player at the Senior Bowl with two sacks & multiple hurries. So, Willis has a much better burst & first step, & a non-stop motor, while Charlton has been known to take plays off. The last thing a coach should have to do is motivate a 1st round pick. We'll see how it all plays out, but just remember what I said. Willis will be a much better pro than Charlton.
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