Where are they now? Herschel Walker

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    Where are they now? Herschel Walker
    Herschel Walker


    Herschel’s Famous 34 is a powerful brand of flavorful foods serving the food service industry. Herschel’s Famous 34 is built on the unmatched reputation of the company’s owner, Herschel Walker.

    Our exciting line up of products expands the country serving commercial and non commercial segments of the food service industry.
    Commercial Non Commercial
    Sports Bars Hospital & Health Care
    Bowling Centers Colleges & Universities
    Golf & Country Clubs Public & Private School Systems
    Pizza & Sub Shops Business & Industry
    Catering Hotels & Conference Centers
    Convenience Stores Casinos
    Diners United States Military
    Family Style Sporting Venues

    Throughout his career in professional sports and business, Herschel has established on and off the field, a champion’s reputation for honesty and diligence, a sincere commitment to helping others help themselves, and an unsurpassed passion for excellence. These same qualities exemplify the Herschel’s Famous 34 brand.

    As a minority-owned and family-operated business, Herschel's Famous 34 respects its roots and is dedicated to helping others who are less fortunate. That is why, as part of its corporate charter, 15% of all profits are given to various non-profit charitable organizations serving people in need. From Multiple Sclerosis, to The Special Olympics, to PE for Life programs, to the Boy Scouts, and beyond, Herschel’s Famous 34 reaches far and wide to make a difference on and off the field.

    So when you serve Herschel's Famous 34, know that you are not just serving delicious, appealing food ... you're teaming up with Herschel, in an effort to level life’s playing field for those in need.



    Herschel’s Famous 34 Bike Team … riding to make a difference.

    The Herschel’s Famous 34 bike team was formed specifically to support Multiple Sclerosis, and participates in rides from Texas to Georgia raising money for the National MS Society. To learn more about MS, visit their website at www.nationalmssociety.com.

    Please join us in our mission to find a cure for the devastating effects of MS. You can make an online pledge to specifically support our team’s efforts in Atlanta. Also check out the website at www.ms150atlantachallenge.org for more exciting information on our team’s participation! Or you can pledge your support for our upcoming Texas rides, just enter “Herschel Walker”, it is as easy as that! For up to date Texas ride information go to www.ms150.org. Remember, all proceeds go to the National MS Society regardless of where we ride!

    Check out our Team Newsletter, “Bike Crew’s News”, and the exciting “Corporate and Individual Sponsorship Program” opportunities now available. We will be updating the newsletter after each ride so you can follow our progress in the fight against MS.

    Enjoy a video of the Bike Team's activities, featuring Herschel Walker, by clicking on the play arrow in the video control panel below. It will take a few seconds for the video to begin playing. Please note that this is a very large file and is not meant for dial up connections.
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    Is that Franco Harris with him?
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    Yeah its Franco, it was taken at a trade show...Herschel does a lot of trade shows I guess promoting his food service products
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    The coolest thing about Herschel?
    When he came back and played in Dallas near the end of his career.
    One of the most hallowed players in college and pro history came in and busted his tail on special teams when he was 35 or 36 years old. Just because he loved the game and wanted to compete.
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    this should be in OT....but its a good read. Its always kool to see what ex-players are up to.
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    always did like Herschel ...
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    At the very least, a pair of his boxer shorts should be flying
    at Texas stadium,if only for THE TRADE of the century with


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    I was Herschel's biggest fan! AMAZING athlete to say the very least. A few years ago my brother met Herschel at a food show in Orlando, he was there with his company and found out Herschel was there and ordered chicken from him. He got me a signed football and also a signed picture of him breaking away from Bobby Taylor! He said he was incredibly nice.
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    man, the guy is still jacked, good for him to do something
  11. ravidubey

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    He was awesome and never got a real chance to shine for a contender. That Philly team in 1992 doesn't count because of their ridiculous OL.
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    Amen to that. I loved the guy for that. Never had too much ego.
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    Great post man. Could you see TO, or even Emmitt doing that??

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