Where do you rank this O-line as of now?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gdogg24, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. CATCH17

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    I would argue that relying on 2 new guys is not bad.
  2. CowboyDiver

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    After week 11? That's really laying it out there.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    Top half of the NFL.
  4. Oh_Canada

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    Well, put it this way if the offense can't put up over 425 points (or top eight in the league) I'll be disappointed.
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    Shooting for "get by" and "average" is what got us into this mess. It has taken several drafts and free agent signings to get where we are now. I hope that this is a trend where the team continues to take at least one O-lineman high in the draft each year.
  6. joshjwp

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    I could be wrong, but I think you took this guys top 8 OLs comment wrong...

    "'d like to see all the new starters in games that count before I start ranking them next to lines that outperformed them by a significant margin last season. I do think this OL is good enough for the offense to pass the ball effectively, which is great. We were before, though, too. Now, however, we also upgraded the RG spot and now have a legitimate top-8 OLs who can all play at a relatively high level in this league. And we've got enough competition that it keeps all of them on their toes. That bodes well for the long season ahead."

    I think he was referring to our top 8 lineman (not us being a top 8 NFL line). As in our 8 linemen that dress out and play on game day. If that is what he meant he is totally right.
    1. LT Smith - not a star yet, but a legit starting LT
    2. LG Leary - injury concerns but if he stays healthy looks like a legit LG
    3. C Frederick - 1st round center looks to be a stud in the making. Very smart lineman too which is important esp as a center.
    4. RG Waters - age is a concern but it's pretty obvious everyone agrees this was a good move and even half of what he used to be will be an upgrade.
    5. RT Free - has to be better than last year
    6. Backup C Costa - starting experience. Very good for a backup C. I actually like Costa. We ran well the few games he played last yr.
    7. Backup swing G Berny - Don't want him starting but he has starting experience and is very good for a backup G.
    8. Backup swing T Parnell - Don't want him starting but he makes a much better swing tackle than Weems.

    Much better top 8 OLs than last years...
    1. LT Smith - wash or upgraded due to 1 more year of experience
    2. LG Livings - upgraded
    3. C Costa - upgraded starter and still on team
    4. RG Berny - upgraded starter and still on team
    5. RT Free - wash or upgraded do to cant be any worse
    6. Backup C Cook - upgraded bc old starter now backup and Cook gone
    7. Backup swing G Dockery - upgraded bc old starter now backup and Dockery gone
    8. Backup swing T Parnell - wash or upgraded due to 1 more year experience
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  7. Doomsday101

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    I think success or failure will depend on how quickly this group of 5 can come together as a group. OL is not just about 1 player it is 5 players working as 1
  8. iceman117

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    Cowboys have the best offensive line in the NFC east. I think they had the second best in the division before the Waters signing behind Washington, I guess you could argue the Giants oline was better but i didn't think so. Once we signed Waters we easily jump the Giants and have a comparable one to Washington. I say we are better than them at 3 spots now (LG,C,RG) with Trent Williams/Tyron being close but i'll give them the edge and Tyler Polombus is better than Doug Free again but I think i't close especially with the way Free has played in TC. But i'll take Leary,Fredricks,Waters over Lischenstieger,Mongumery and Chester. The only one debatable is LG Leary and Lischensteiger. But either way we are right there either way with them which would rank us some where around 12-15 top offensive lines in the NFL. If they gel nicely and we get good play out of Free and the 3 young guys keep getting better it's a top 10 line by the end of the season. Exciting stuff considering everyone says how bad our line is...
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  9. gdogg24

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    Practice reports say that Waters already looks like an absolute beast by the way everybody
  10. boysfanindc

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    Do you have a link, I would like to hear/read that story.
  11. nake

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    I think the line is good enough that the Giants are no longer going to be looking forward to their trips to Arlington. Romo with a running game, a herd of good to great receivers, and a good red zone defense is a pretty scary proposition for the rest of the NFC East.

    I think our OL can be somewhere in the top third in the league if they can stay healthy and Leary is what he's cracked up to be. There may be a learning curve, but if they peak in December, that will be just perfect.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    After 8 games?
  13. jday

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    On paper, it looks like the best unit they have fielded since 2007.
  14. The Quest for Six

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    [quote="SHAMSzy, post: 5166566, member: 34778"]I HOPE IT'S Better than last year.[/quote]

    fixed it...
  15. gdogg24

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    I've read a bunch of things it's more of a compilation of a bunch of sources, it might have been on the "Cowboys Break" where they said he looks like a man amongst boys.
  16. gdogg24

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  17. Sarge

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    Better on paper FWIW but....last year we were dreadful. That's why we play the game. Time will tell.........I'm as much concerned about the DL.
  18. bh32

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    You can't be serious...What has rookie center, a Lg that has never started a game and a 36 yr old RG proved? Tyron smith is not in the same league as Trent Williams..
  19. Idgit

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    Ironically, it looks like you broke it instead.
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  20. iceman117

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    100% serious, no point in arguing we are going to find out

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