Where in the world is Jerry Jones (Plane Tracking)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDFan5, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I must admit, that is the funniest thing I've seen today.
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    Gold Jerry GOLD!!
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    Get up there and have a beer with the man, Trick! You know you could find him... There aren't that many places to go in Hot Springs... ;)
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    You've obviously never been there. That place has so many hole in the wall joints it would take years, which is part of its charm.
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    Actually I've been there a few times... Trick will just have to get on his horse and make the rounds. :D

    Besides, I'm sure some of the bartenders around town could tell you where he likes to hang out. ;)
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    I just wanna say...this has made my day. I must subscribe to this thread.

    Love the map, Bob. Keep it going.
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    This is great.. keep up with the updates!
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    Low quality photoshopping is so much fun. I just remember that on the news they had picture of Santa moving around the map on Christmas eve so I figured Jerry could do the same.
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    That is awesome how you Zoners is tracking the best owner in the NFL!
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    ok, I have the flightware page bookmarked. :laugh2:
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    Don't act like you aren't checking this thread everytime a new post comes up.
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    I'll be there tomorrow, I'll keep my eye out for him if he's still around :p:
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    Okay, first off, this is insane but in a good way.

    I'm intrigued by the Florida panhandle trips- they have to mean something- so I'll play into the craziness and offer my own theory:

    Perhaps Jerry is consulting with former Green Bay Packer-turned NFL consultant/QB guru Zeke Bratkowski, who lives in the area of the Ft. Walton Airport. Bratkowski has tutored Vick, Rivers, Ramsey and Fitzpatrick in the past and ran the pass & catch drills for Brodie Croyle (and DeAngelo Williams) at a southeast D1 Training Facility before the combine (January). He was already very familiar with the SEC, having been brought to Auburn by Tommy Tuberville as a consultant to fix their sputtering offense in 2003. To be fair, he's also worked with Toledo QB prospect Bruce Gradkowski *yawn* but I like the Croyle angle better, so I'm running with it.

    My mock draft has been modified to accomodate my factless, off-the-wall agenda. Discuss amongst yourselves...
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    hmm, interesting...Brodie Croyle...

    Then we would need to get a Guard in the Free Agency, unless somehow a good guard drops to the third round...so hmm, if we cut Larry Allen...

    Adams, Free Agent, Bentley(Mawae, Johnson), Rivera(hopefully healthy), Free Agent

    I'd go with that Offensive line, especially if we land Bentley. That's 2-3 Free Agent O-Linemen though...I'm not sure if Jerry would want to do that, so I would expect him to go OG in the second round, and not QB...
  18. AdamJT13

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    For this exercise to be worthwhile, we'd have to know where our targeted free agents live or are. They could be in their hometowns, in the cities where they currently play, or even at their colleges or where their agents are.

    We'd need a list such as this --

    Chris Hope -- Pittsburgh (current team); Rock Hill, S.C. (hometown); Columbia, S.C. (agent); Tallahassee, Fla. (college)
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    Since we all know that Adam is really S. Jones.. and this was some kind of hint to us,, here is my theory..

    Hope was in Tallahassee working out at his old college,, took a break and went a few hours to hang out on the sandy white beaches of Ft Walton and Destin,, Jerry been flying down there to meet with him, thus we can say that Hope will be our first FA signing come Saturday.. With TO and Santa Clause right behind. JMO
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    No thanks.

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