Where is Jay Ratliff?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by dallasfan4lizife, Oct 15, 2011.

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    i dont notice him on the field anymore. i knew jerry would sign him to a fat contract and i knew it would be a bad move. i saw it coming with hamlin, newman, roy williams both, barber III, davis, etc....anyways dont you think he would be much more effective at DE?
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    Allow me to be the first.

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    He's in jail...
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    :facepalm: :facepalm:
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  6. dallasfan4lizife

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    swacking. come up with something more original
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    Mostly he's been on the field anchoring what has been a superb d line/run defense. I don't know where he is on off days and nights, however.
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    Beat me to it, you bastidge... :D
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    Come up with a semi-intelligent thread...
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    Why be original to such a dumb question? :laugh2:
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    It's really all your post deserved. Ratliff is doing his job as always. He's on pace to match his best year in total tackles and beat last years number of sacks. If he has one or two really big games along the way, he may end up with more of both before the year is finished.

    We're number one against the rush right now, though we are benefiting from having had our bye, but Jay is a huge part of why our run D is so good. We're 8th in sacks and are hurt because of just having our bye. Jay is also part of why we have so many sacks because he draws double teams and helps collapse the pocket.

    So rather then assume he did not deserve to get paid, try to look at what he's actually doing. He's the same guy he always was, teams account for him now which is why he does not get the freakish sacks he had one year. That's still good, it means it frees up someone else because they are worried about Jay.
  12. gimmesix

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    Ryan's 3-4 scheme relies on him to get offenses to attack him with more than one blocker. That keeps Ratliff from making as many plays, but frees up other defenders to make them.

    So every time you see Sean Lee making tackles, thank Ratliff. When you see the run defense making stop after stop, thank Ratliff. When you see guys like Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer, etc., getting pressure on the quarterback, thank Ratliff.
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    Love to see him at DE. Though our run D is surprisingly good this year. Get a killer NT with Rat and Hatch at DE and we'd be scary.
  14. DallasEast

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    This may be a thread which attempts to elevate a player's secondary responsibility over his first duty. Jay Ratliff has shown that he can rush the quarterback, but his his first job as a nose tackle is to help stop the run. Let's look at what the defense, with Ratliff plugging the middle of the defensive line, has done thus far through the first four games:

    vs. New York Jets
    Greene/Tomlinson, 42 yards combined rushing

    vs. San Francisco 49ers
    Gore/Smith, 68 yards combined rushing

    vs. Washington Redskins
    Hightower/Helu, 56 yards combined rushing

    vs. Detroit Lions
    Best/Williams, 61 yards combined rushing

    "Where is Jay Ratliff"?

    At the bank with a huge smile, cashing his game checks for a job well-done.
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    i wanna play......

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    Guys you too easily dismiss this post. And I think a bit of homerism has to do with it.

    He has been doing his job against the run. But he is clearly not the Ratliff of old. I sincerely doubt he'll have an 8 sack season this year. Probably closer to 3 or 4 sacks, which is still pretty good for a 34 NT but not dominant like he used to be. And considering his age he is likely to get worse not better.
  17. shockandroll

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    He's never had an 8 sack season, not one ever. He's averaged 5 a season since starting, you misremember what he used to do. Like I said, he's on pace for 4 and all it takes is one or two great games to get back to the 7.5 he had in his great year. He's on pace for the same amount of tackles too.

    So he will probably have 2 less sacks and about the same amount of tackles when nobody knew who he was and he did not get doubles and you are suggesting he is no longer dominant? He was not doubled when he had 7.5 sacks, he might get real close to 7.5 being doubled this year.

    I politely suggest you are completely incorrect regarding this year.
  18. zrinkill

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    I love him,but he has been MIA! What a perfect time to wake up!!!!
  20. gimmesix

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    No, you disregard the change in schemes.

    Ratliff's best sack years (7.5 and 6.0) came while playing in Wade Phillips' 3-4, which gives the linemen one-gap responsibility, allowing them to essentially wreak havoc by beating their man, but leaves the linebackers vulnerable because of it.

    In "traditional" 3-4s, where the linemen have two-gap responsibility, Ratliff has never had more than four sacks in a season. Although Ryan is creative in the looks he gives offenses, his front line still has two-gap responsibility on most plays to keep blockers off the linebackers. (In fact, you could say Ryan's scheme even does less to help Ratliff get sacks because Ryan doesn't always roll out a four-man front in the nickel defense, which would allow Ratliff more one-gap opportunities to rush the passer.)

    The best way to examine Ratliff's worth in this scheme is to look at the play of the linebackers. If they are free to make plays, Ratliff is doing his job. Poor nose tackle play in a traditional 3-4 lets offenses single-block the NT and get out on the linebackers for big gains or to give added pass protection on players like Ware.

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