Where to start with our needs...?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Right now, I think we have to stay with BPA with some parameters....

    OT: I think we have to count on Flo to come back 100% and I think BP is so bent on Pettiti getting it done that we probably don't take an OT in the first day. nonetheless, if a guy like McNeil is sitting there and clearly the best available....maybe we think twice. Torrin Tucker HAS to be moved inside to G, you know, his natural position. He really isn't a bad OL, he's just not, and never has been a T. He used to collapse one side of the DL while runblocking in college.

    OG: I really think we're more deficient here than at OT. Rivera = bust + huge amount of wasted money. LA is old and frankly, not getting the job done anymore IMO. How he made the PB the last few years is beyond me. No one was watching him obviously. Doesn't seem like the coaches are really sold on Peterman either, i believe I saw Gurode going in after Rivera went down, and IMO, I think Gurode is a goner after this season. That leaves us with two old, broken-down OGs, neither of whom are getting it done. I think we have to draft at least 2 OLs in this draft. Hutchinson from Seattle would be nice, but I don't think we will have the chance to do that. I think moving Tucker inside would help out this situation. I think he could do well there. Bottomline, we have to draft at least one OG this draft IMO. Davin Joseph from OU could be a steal in the second.

    C: This is where the cancer on the OL starts. If only we had gotten Wahle instead of Rivera....From botched snaps, delayed snaps, to missed blocks, and getting blown up....the C position has been the worst position on the OL. If Gurode had a double-digit IQ, he'd be starting. I think Al can't snap shotgun either, which adds further to our sack total. There's only one guy that may or may not come out in this draft that may be worth a look. I think he's from Fresno. He's LARGE. All the other guys I've seen look a lot like Al, undersized. Overall, I think we have to handle this in FA and Bentley is the dude. He should be a top priority this offseason.

    FS: I think this is still a top priority and this draft has a TON of good FS's. Landry is my favorite but there are a ton of other guys that very well could turn out to be all pros....Bing, Hester, Williams, Slay, Jason Allen, ...and a few others....I think we have to take a day one FS.

    LB: Must have. I'm going to assume Burnett turns the corner and plays outside. James is solid. Fujita needs to move inside. Shanle needs to move to the bench. I think ILB is the player we need. Maybe we look at a DE with the size and athleticism to play like Ware. There are several of those guys.
    Maybe Dumervil comes out. I like Carpenter a lot. I love Brooks. He has Ray Lewis potential. I love the thought of our 4 LBs going...Ware, James, Burnett, and Brooks/Carpenter. That would be killer.

    DL: I presume we stand pat on the interior. Canty and Spears may really be special. Fergi hasn't played to the level he got paid yet. I think Pepper Johnson should move into the rotation. I LOVE Glover and I know this sounds blasphemous but I think Glover is gone. Maybe we recoup our 4th round pick with him? Not saying he's played poorly, just saying that Fergi is locked up, Johnson is young, and the rookies have shown they can get it done as well as the vets...I think Glover is odd-man out. Frankly, I love Pepper's 'tude. That's exactly what you need down in the trenches. Also, I think the outside runs are what were killing us...and that's DE, SS, and LB faults.

    WR: We need someone, maybe not a first rounder. Guys are old. Glenn can still play. Key can still play. Crayton can play. But we need someone that can gradually take over. It would help immensely if that guy can also return kicks. I think Santonio Holmes in the first would be tempting. He can return kicks. He is like Terry Glenn II. Runs great routes, has great hands, has great speed, and can get deep. Other than Holmes, no one really excites me, esp in round 1.

    K: I think we sign someone in FA. Someone, anyone.

    Bottomline: I think when it comes to our pick in the first, we have to go BPA, if that player is a LB, LB/DE, OL, WR. We have more needs than I thought we would, some of them are proving fatal and must be fixed like a ruptured artery. LB, OL, WR, FS, K,...take your pick...
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    We gotta start with the O-Line. The way Parcells likes to play is all about controlling the football for long periods of time, it's hard to do that with out a good O-Line, it's hard to do a lot of things without a good O-line. A good O-Line would solve a lot of problems.
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    I agree with you that our o-line needs a SERIOUS infusion of youth and talent. I am assuming (and hoping) that Flozell comes back fine. Overall, I think we need at least 1 tackle and 2 guards to be safe. If an OT is the BPA in round 1 so be it. Bring him in and let him compete with Pettiti for the RT job.

    as for OG, our age and depth there absolutely scare me to death. Bottom line is we have to fix the OL. My ideal would be to bring in a starting quality OG in FA and then draft another one in the middle rounds.

    I am very disappointed in the play at C this year and somethign needs to be done about. Like you, Bentley would be one of my TOP FA priorities if he hits the open market.

    For some reason, I am not as worried about FS as I was. Sure, it would be nice to have a ballhawk back there but frankly, in my opinion, FS is lower on the priority ladder than OL, LB, WR, QB. It certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if the team disagrees with me though......

    I agree that we appear to have 3 of the 4 LB slots filled with Ware, James and Burnett. The best part is that all of those guys are still young and will all get better. Whether or not Burnett ends up inside or out, we certainly need some more depth there and ideally another monster starter. So, I agree with most everything here except Brooks. Living in VA, I know some football coaches who don't always have nice things to say about Brooks. From what I have heard, he has eaten himself out of a starting job at UVA for at least part of the year.

    I agree with nothing to add except it wouldn't surprise me if BP fell in love with a massive DT in the draft at some point.

    IMO, we definitely need someone that strikes some fear into opposing defenses. Terry is that person now, who knows how much longer he will play. Key is the perfect possession guy and I love what Crayton is doing as well. Someone speedy like a S. Holmes would be ideal. We could probably wait another year to get a WR like this but it would be a gamble that I wouldn't want to make.

    It is possible and I could see that happening. I am not a big Cundiff fan or hater but, it would not dismay me to see him brought back if no other options present themselves. I think we shot ourselves in the foot by getting rid of Hoffman.

    The only position I would add is QB. I am convinced that at some point in the next year or two we HAVE to find our QB of the future. Ideally I would get one this year or next and let him sit behind Bledsoe for a year. I just do not have confidence in either Romo or Henson being our future at QB. I hope I am wrong and would be pleased as punch to admit it but, I just don't see it.

    I really do love the draft........ :star:
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    This is a deep draft for OL. We need Omar Jacobs in the first, D J Shockley in the 5th and WR Todd Watkins in the 2nd and Kelly Jennings CB in the 3rd. We can get our Ol in the 4th and 6th. This would gives a solid young qb, a quality backup qb, both with the athleticism needed for todays NFL, a deep threat at WR and a tall fast young corner. Maybe we could package Bledsoe and one of our lbs and Spears for a 2nd to be used on a pass rushing DT too.
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    I seriously hope you're kidding with everything in this quote....

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