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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by masomenos, Sep 11, 2008.

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    As the famous Alan Jackson song asks, where were you on 9/11 2001, what was your day like?

    I was in my junior year of high school. I was late for class, as is typical for upperclassmen, and was eating breakfeast while my mom watched the news. I think it was Good Morning America. As we were watching there was a break in the news and the said one of the towers had been struck by a plane. They filmed from the roof for the rest of the time I was watching and after the second plane hit the newscaster said that they weren't sure if this was a conicidence or some planned attack.

    When I finished my breakfast I went to school and walked in late to my psychology class. Everyone was doing some pointless worksheet and before I sat down I asked the teacher if we could turn on the news and I told him what happened. He obliged and everyone continued doing their assignment as if nothing was going on. I think i was the only person who saw the first tower fall.

    It was shocking. The World Trade Center had always been a symbol of success to me as a child. It was New York. It was America...and it fell. I remember being numb for the rest of the day and hearing names I had never heard before...Al-Qaeda...bin-Laden...it blindsided me.

    I think it was 3 months later (maybe it was longer), during Christmas, when I heard the Alan Jackson song on the radio as I was driving home from Best Buy. It was the only time a song had ever made me cry.

    On this day I will do nothing but honor, remember and mourn. I urge others to post the stories of where they were and I would think highly of anyone who refrained from posting political material on this day. The stories will be there tomorrow, let's make today about something else.

    To those who died, lost loved ones or are fighting for our safety and freedom, thank you. The sacrifices you've made are more than my shoulders could bear.
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    I just got to work and a co-worker told me a plane had hit the world trade center. I went up stairs and the boss had a TV on when we got the report of the 2nd plane. Talk about an uneasy feeling downtown Houston as many who worked in the tall buildings were worried until all air traffic was halted.
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    I was on my way to a meeting and just by chance I stopped by a Baseball card store that one of my friends owned. I walked in and they had the TV and they had just broken in with the news of the first plane. As soon as they showed the scene I KNEW it wasn't an accident because of the size of the impact. Then all of a sudden, "BANG". another one hit.

    I swear, I have never been so still, so silent, so numb in all my life. It was the first time in my life that I knew the world had changed forever. We would never be the same again.
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    I had gone to work and was catching some of the news on the radio. One of my co-workers wanted me to turn the radio off, becuse she could hear it three offices down. (The folks in between us were wanting updates) I offered to put the radio in a "special place" for her and proceeded to watch as much as I could online. Within a couple of hours, I got calls from friends who were stranded at the Calgary airport and were looking for places to crash for a few days. It was an unreal day, followed by some unreal weeks and months.

    I would support that. It's a tough day for a lot of families, and perhaps it's time to reflect.
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    Was at work. Co-Worker came in and told me and I thought he was full of it until I started seeing reports on the web.
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    I was in my last semester of college and I had class on mon-wed-thurs....

    on tues-fri-sat-sun I worked. I worked every tuesday, except the week before there were some changes made and I couldnt work tuesday anymore.

    The first tuesday I am off I get up and I am doing some work on my laptop for a class on thursday....I was going back and forth between a local radio show and howard stern on his breaks.

    Then all the radio shows started talking about this strange news of how a small plane hit the side of the WTC. So I put it on stern and on the news on tv....Bizzare from that point on. I have three cousins that lived at the time not far from the wtc. Two of them had not gone to work yet and the other was in Denver for work.

    I have the howard stern full radio broadcast from that morning if anyone wants it. It really is tragic listening to that.

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    I was working in the office. The TV was on in another room.

    The following was how the situation was set up in my mind:

    I went to the room and looked at the TV. They had a photo of the Empire State Building from when a small plane crashed into it in 1945. Then they showed the first plane's damage on the first hit. They werent sure of the plane size.... so the story was being touted as a small aircraft. If you look at the damage real quick and from a distance you have nothing to compare it to.

    So I went back to office... came back a little while later and there was only ONE TOWER standing.

    I thought to myself "how is that possible?"
    IT WOULD NOT register for minutes.

    You read the screen and listen to newscasters and just start to wrap your head around it. You find out that another plane hit.

    You knew IT WAS intentional then. Keep in mind that above scenario takes place in the first hour or so.

    A friend of mine lives about 70 blocks for WTC site. He was outside in front of his building and he could feel the rumble and the crash of the building on the ground he stood on.

    Unbelievable. Still.

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    I was shaving when I first heard the news. I believe Imus was on the tube. I came out of the bathroom, shaving cream still on my face, and watch in disbelief. I sat and watch for several minutes, finished my shave and headed to work. When I got there, I went directly to the breakroom and turned on the news. This time of year is usually very busy for us as it's Federal Fiscal End of Year so lots of last minute stuff goes on. That day, it was silent as a church. Nobody was doing anything other then watching what had just occured. That day life changed for everybody in America.

    Shortly after, I remember the term "We will not forget 9/11" strating surfacing around the country.

    I hope this is still true.
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    I was waiting for this post to show up. I've been in a sullen, grey mood - The weather here is cloudy and rainy, which fits. Called into work. Just mulling over the day, the events, the politics, the wars, what it all might mean for the future. I'm still a young man, all of 22.

    I was a freshman in highschool then. School had only been in session for a few weeks when the attack came. I was walking out of my morning study hall when I first started getting word of the attacks. The very first indication I had that something was going on was when a young lady, a liberal herself and already an avowed Bush hater, came running down the halls in glee. Madison's a pretty liberal college town in a pretty liberal State. So its kinda fitting, looking back, that that was how I first found out about the attacks. She was screaming and singin' about "The President's dead!", and "They attacked the white house!"....This was just after 9am, so alot of rumors and heresay were still flying around about what exactly was happening. Her manner was like that of a fan who just watched their team win the big game. I'll never forget that.

    I got into my second class, Algebra I, and there the instructor sat us all down and explained what was going on. He was also a coach at the school and as a moderate-to-slightly-conservative person, he perhaps was the first person I saw that day who was more shocked and disgusted than excited about what was going on. It's a sad thing to say but its true; most of the general populace of the school, students mostly, saw it like some kind of show. He explained what really happened. That the towers of the world trade center had just been hit, purposely, by hijacked airliners full of people and that Washington, DC was also under attack....

    ...The rest of the day is kind of a blur. Lessons were not taught. Instructors instructed us on Life, on Living, and I remember how personal and sullen they were, telling us about past events in their individual lives, like Kennedy's assassination or the missile crisis or the cold war or even WW2. It was like everyone realized we were living in moments that were crafting our future and history as if God had just put pen to our collective paper. And just being ALIVE and talking for those hours amidst this all was much much more than instruction than what we'd be receiving in academics. It was that kind of atmosphere. After our lunch break I went to my English class. My instructor was quite elderly, in her late 70's actually, and she spoke reverently and passionately about this being "a bigger attack than Pearl Harbour", how this day would shape all of our lives - our generation - the most of any other, how every day from this point forth would now be radically different than the track they would have laid had this day not occured. And she tried to get the magnitude of this reality to sink into our thickish, adolescent skulls. I probably still don't fully appreciate or understand just how right she probably was.

    They cancelled football practice and I got a ride home from my dad. We talked about which countries we'd turn to glass in retaliation. Even then in the complete cloudiness of that day most folks knew it had something to do with mid east terrorism, something to do with Palestine, something to do with Israel, something to do with our presence in the Gulf region and Kuwait. We already knew the theatre, we just didn't know which battlefield.

    Shortly after I got home from school, building #7, one of those adjacent to the two towers, collapsed. Was the only thing I saw live the whole day. Yet it lives in my memory as if I was running those same dusty streets. I felt like I was covered in dust too, covered in the ash falling like snow, as surely as those New Yorkers fleeing for their lives were.

    We all are. We're all covered in that ash.

    Lest we forget...
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    I was in the process of PCSing from Ft. Shafter Hawaii to Ft. Belvoir Va. I had my car shipped to LA and I was driving across the country. My girlfriend met me at my parents house in Kansas and we drive to her place in St. Louis. We had got there at 5am and went to sleep. My grandmother called us and told me to turn the TV on. At first I thought it was just a small plane hitting the building but then I saw the other plane hit the tower and I knew something bad happend. I called the unit I was going to and asked if I needed to cut my leave short and report early. They told me to stay in place until they could get a handle on things. My grandfather called and asked if I had to cut my leave short and report and if we were heading to war.
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    Sitting in History Class....

    After I heard what happened, Me and my best friend got in our car and were doing about 120mph on our way to the city. Both our dads worked in downtown. We got pulled-over by a New York State trooper, and all he said was "turn around and go back home. I know where your going, and you don't want to go there.... Just go home".

    Both are dads were fine, and to this day; no one from either of our families can get within 5 blocks of ground zero without breaking down.
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    I was at work and like BP I didn't think much of it until the second plane hit. I thought the first one was just a private plane because why would any other plane fly so low. :(
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    I was a junior in high school too! Sitting in first period English. Teacher came in and said a plane had scrashed into WTC, at that point I think everyone still thought it was an accident. Next period everyone had on the radio and we listend as the rest of the events unfolded.
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    i was in the car going to work with a friend and he was telling me heard it on the radio coming to get me. he stops at a convenience store that had the 700 club on and they had it on from the outset. yep, the 700 club was doing current news.

    i got to work and it was just a day glued to the tv. people around me were watching closely and seeing people fall to their demise. it was a very surreal feeling i'll never forget.
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    At the Pentagon, actually in the South Parking lot when the plane hit and killed the Upper echelon of the agency that I supported and wiped out the office my company used for its on site office space.
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    I was a senior in high school, heard whispers of a plane crash at WTC as i exited shop class, walking down the hall I heard hysteria from a debate teacher, said the Pentagon was struck.

    I rushed to my economics class, we turned on the television just as the second plane plunged into the second tower.

    Within minutes the principal came on the intercom and said the nation was under attack.

    We as seniors in high school were aware that we were just reaching military age and pondered whether or not we were on the eve of the third world war.

    The principal led a moment of silence and had the school recite the pledge of allegiance as a sign of solidarity.

    Obviously the remainder of the school day centered on figuring out what was happening.
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    I was a freshman in high school, and in art class. Our teacher started crying and we all we were sitting watching the TV in shock.

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