Where Would We Have Been W/O Jerry The Past 25 Yrs?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Jerry bought the team and we were so bad we had the #1 overall pick. A roster devoid of talent. A rich history but a lousy owner in Bum Bright.

    What if Bum had sold to another lousy Bum Bright type owner?

    Jerry bought the team, brought in Jimmy and in short order we had 3 Lombardi's to hoist. The joy of being a Cowboys fan was back. Granted its been a long run of futility, but we do have those Lombardi's. We are the premiere sports franchise in the entire universe. We have the best stadium.

    Maybe overall it hasnt been all that bad having Jerry for an owner.

    Would you have rather had another Bum Bright type owner instead?

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    This should be fun.
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    3 less Lombardis
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    I assume this is humor. Good one.
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    It could have been worse, much worse.

    http://cowboysblog.**************/files/2012/11/COWBOYS_JERRY_20TH_FOOTBALL_4078704.jpg http://www.**************/incoming/20121023-ap96012801564.jpg.ece/BINARY/w620x413/AP96012801564.jpg http://cowboysblog.**************/files/2013/09/2002_NS_21JOHNSON02_3111851.jpg
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    I think the better question would be, where would the Cowboys have been without Jerry since the end of the 1995 season? Post-Jimmy Johnson, it's been rather ugly except for that 2006-09 spurt when everybody thought the team was on the brink of a title.
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    I will give you this, for his first 5 years he was a great owner, putting winning ahead of all else and staying out of Jimmy's way. But then he made the conscious choice that him getting credit was WAY more important than actually winning. Since then he has been a horrible owner.
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    Love the Title. interesting opening. Look forward to the entire read CZ:D:D:eek::eek::mad::mad:;):(:)o_O:rolleyes::D:D:D:D
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    Jerry Jones: We’ve won three Super Bowls with me as GM, and ‘I’m going to do it again’
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    Why? He bought the team in '89.
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    lol That's was good!

    (stupid cowboy mods)
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    yap here we go again
  14. Clove

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    Where have the Cowboys been in 19 years? Well the fans have been in pure hell.
  15. WPBCowboysFan

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    In one of the most dramatic eras of ownership in professional sports, Jerry Jones' stewardship of the Dallas Cowboys has brought unprecedented results and success to one of the world's most popular sports entities.

    Since he took over as general manager in 1989, the Cowboys have drafted 25 different players who have gone on to appear in a combined total of 95 Pro Bowls. Dallas has also signed 11 free agent players who have made 28 Pro Bowl appearances while representing the Dallas Cowboys. Since 1989 the Cowboys have made 129 trades, the most celebrated of which was the 1989 deal that sent Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings and provided the personnel foundation for three league titles.
  16. Fredd

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    run of the mill for 25 years
  17. Venger

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    Since Jerry bought the team... Super Bowl appearances:

    5 - Patriots (3 wins)
    4 - Giants (3 wins)
    4 - Broncos (2 wins)
    4 - Steelers (2 wins)
    4 - Bills (0 wins - ouch)
    4 - Broncos (2 wins)
    3 - Cowboys (3 wins)
    3 - 49ers (2 wins)
    3 - Packers (2 wins)
    2 - Ravens (2 wins)

    Not looking so special now are we. We aren't even the most accomplished team in our division. Now remember all of that was front loaded, and this team hasn't seen a big game in 18 years. That's almost two decades.

    Hope you enjoyed those three Super Bowls. Because that's all you're getting under this clown of an owner.
  18. MikeT22

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    Gotta love people living 20 years in the past and trying to give our moronic owner credit for Jimmy's work.
  19. coult44

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    The generation that makes up most Cowboy fans is the one that got to witness the glory days of the 90's. How many fans under the age of 35 know what it's like to cheer for a winning team? If we keep going like this for another 10-15 years, we won't be the number one anything any more. Just like I don't really care about what we did before 1985, the next generation of fans won't care what happened before 2010...How many of us are tired of using the "we were great in the 90's" argument. My four kids (7-12,16,21) are die hard Boys fans. I brainwashed them from birth. I want them to experience what I was able to experience. I don't want them to regret my decision to raise them as true blue Cowboys fans. When I show them videos it's bad enough they laugh at the equipment and uniforms hahaha. Can you imagine the Yankees or Lakers going 20-30 years without a Championship? Neither can I !!!!!
  20. theSHOW

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    or....................you could look at it like we are the only team to go to 3 SBs and win all of em. 3 SBs as many as any other during the era. And highest win % in the Jerry era. Until he is not the leader in SBs I think he deserves at least "some" credit. I give him credit. I also feel the Cowboys have been building a nice foundation during the Jones/Garrett era...despite Jason's inability to manage a game.

    3 for 3 Best of the Best
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