Where Would We Have Been W/O Jerry The Past 25 Yrs?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Sadly you lost you're own argument by the facts you gave. lol
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    Jerry, is that you. :)
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    It's better than ignoring the past and creating a world where Jimmy Johnson owned the Cowboys
    I think you guys are looking for the thread on selective memory, this one is about an owner that turned a loosing franchise into a juggernaut.
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    Its been a bad 17 yrs no doubt, but living that 90's experience was great. No team had done anything like that in a 4 yr period. Wouldnt trade it for anything football wise. Even the Pats run wasnt near as good as ours.
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    As bad as 3 5-11's and 3 8-8's were I would still take em if it meant winning 3 outta 4 again.
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    You only listed 10 of the 32 teams in the NFL. List all 32 teams with the same stats. Then when you look at the list, not only do we look "special" but we look like we're in elite company. Of the 32 teams in the NFL over the period you specified, we're one of only 3 teams to have won the Super Bowl 3 times.

    I'm not at all justifying Jones as a GM (especially over the most recent past!). Just pointing out that the lens that you look through when presenting certain statistics can be skewed easily just by looking at the numbers a different way.
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    And only TWO teams have a 100% for a winning percentage - and we have 3 wins, while the Ravens have only 2. Even more elite company. And we are at the top of that list.
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    Tell me in another decade. By then I probably won't even remember those SB's. As great as those SB's were, this mediocre just sucks. and it seems like it never ends. We joke about the Eagles not winning a championship since Eisenhower was President. It's funny because most of us weren't even born then. The Cowboys will be in that company if we don't turn it around soon. There will be many Cowboy fans who won't even remember those SB's.
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    I swear, some of us have stopped being fans of the Dallas Cowboys and are now just fans of Jerry Jones and the Jones Family.

    He's an owner. Just one of the lucky 31 people rich enough to buy into the cartel. I don't get why people are mesmerized by that.
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    I will rest my case on the undeniable fact we aren't even the most accomplished team in our division. I think we all agree on Yay, we aren't the Browns, and the list does not change materially including them, any more than it does by including Rams (2 appearances, 1 win).

    I am not specification searching, because if I was, I'd re-weight the data to show our complete and utter impotence over the last 10 years. Or point out the percentage of the US population who have no living memory of a Cowboys championship (25%). But then, that'd probably be about the same effort as hog-tying Jones and tossing him in my trunk, so I want to make sure I direct my efforts in a more rewarding endeavor.
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    I can't stand Jerry. I would love to live in that parallel universe where there is no Jerry. Those long ago SB's were great I guess for those that can remember them but I've never read anything that will convince me that wasn't due to Jimmy.
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    Lets make a Landry/Johnson thread and compare that to the last 18 years too.

    Then we'll do a Satubach/Aikman thread followed up with Texas stadium/AT&T Stadium.

    Would it be fair since the above mentioned haven't ruined the team and are GONE?

    I think we still have like 492 coaches left out of the '500' that can take this team to a superbowl tho.
  14. Seven

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    Didn't you READ the OP?

    We have the bestest stadium. It guarantees wins, BABY!!

    Of course we lost the first game there............but we got chicks dancing on columns, twelve dollar beer and 16 dollar sandwiches.
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    Ain't nothing like a Jerry Jones apologist.

    and what is even funnier is he almost did it again under Parcells. Bill builds a winner.....and as soon as Jerry has a new shiny toy to play with he thinks he can put the finishing touches on it by signing the franchise killer T.O. And ends up running Bill out of town because of the circus atmosphere.

    Question is can Jerry find another sucker to build him a new toy? Because this one is just about too old and broken down.
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    The problem with this thread is simple.

    It is a tale of at least 3 era's (actually more but these 3 will make my point).

    1. Organizational low
    2. The rise and domination
    3. Delusional timeline

    Now, because 1 and 2 netted some real good fruit. We are asked if we still like that Jerry bought team for 1 and 2 and eating the rotten fruit that is 3 now.

    So, it is better to have eaten good fruit than to have eaten rotten fruit for 25 years plus straight.

    Did i mention that this was a good thread. Oh yeah, i didnt.
  18. Mr Cowboy

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    Perhaps the alternative would not be a Bum Bright clone but maybe a Robert Kraft/Peter Holt type. You know the type that relishes winning above all, and hires the very best there is to ensure this. Maybe the alternative would have looked at the past at the 20 straight years of winning seasons, 18 of 20 years in the playoffs, and bring that back.

    The Cowboys were America's team long before Jerry arrived and were the TV spectacle of that era just like they are now. To believe that no one but Jerry as owner would have brought us 3 of 4 super bowls in 5 years, is just stupid. Perhaps another owner brings Jimmy Johnson and gets out of the way and wins 5 straight, or 8 out of 12.

    I think Jerry is a great owner, and should be just that, the owner. He can market his team, his stadium and his brand all he wants. But he should hire the very best to run the football operations.
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    Great post.
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    15 straight super bowls won with nothing but offensive guards and defensive tackles on the roster, Go Cowboys.

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