Which college QB would fit Garrett's offense the best?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ringmaster, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Article from Oct. 29
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    It's interesting to compare your take on Glennon to all these opinions of another "talented" ACC QB with a less than spectacular 2012 numbers.

    Thomas was hyped as a top-10 selection after a year in which he completed less than 60% of his passes, threw 19 TDs and had 10 balls intercepted. Compare this to Glennon's 2012 numbers: 57.7, 30 and 14. What's the difference, Thomas' mighty 3.07 yards per carry?

    I wouldn't draft Glennon unless he slipped to the 4th round or something. We just don't need a QB that bad. But Glennon has the size, arm strength and smarts that you need in a timing-based, down the field offense.
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    This proves nothing. Sure he has the size and arm all scouts look for and will climb the board that doesn't mean he is going to be good.
    Ponder and Gabbert both climbed the board and were taken high and I wouldn't have drafted either of them.

    IMO there isnt a single QB worth a 1st round pick and not a QB for Dallas to pick in the first 3 rounds.
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    Wasn't intended to prove anything.

    Just a point of reference from a scouts view. Clearly, the guy has talent, that's the point.

    As far as Dallas picking a QB in this draft, I wouldn't bet against it.
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    How's this different than with any other player? Ryan Leaf? Heath Shuler? Andre Ware? JaMarcus Russel? Tony Mandarich? Blair Thomas?

    There are no guarantees, eh?

    I don't think anyone here is advocating the selection of Glennon, or any other QB, in the first round. I know I sort of specifically said I'd not take Glennon unless he slips to the fourth or so.

    But none of the above has anything to do with the topic of this thread, which is: Which QB in the 2013 draft class best fits Garrett's offense? And my answer, considering all the physical tools, is Mike Glennon.
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    Thanks for the info. I will try to find some video on him.
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    I hope its not in the first three rounds. Also Dallas is about to extend Romo for 3-5 more years. drafting a Qb in this draft any not looking at OL, DL, or safety would be stupid. We are just one game out of the playoffs every year. Fix ther OL, DL, and get a safety, this team can win 3 more games a year. Adding a QB does nothing to fix this team now.
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    I know what the thread is about and i don't think Mike Glennon would fit Garrett system in any way. I don't think he fits any system in the NFL these days. You have to be accurate and mobile, neither of what Glennon is. He is a pure pocket passer that cant escape pressure. With Garrett's OL he will be killed.

    But to answer the question of the thread, I have a few that I think could develop and fit Garrett's system but I still wouldn't take them due to better players at positions of need will be available.

    Mine are
    Ryan Nassib
    Tyler Wilson
    Aaron Murrey
    my wildcard is Derek Carr
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    If you believe that Romo can remain healthy for 3-5 years, then your logic is sound. Drafting a QB on day two, would be a wise investment considering the age factor.

    The interest for drafting a QB has been there the last two years, see Dalton as evidence. Those drafts just didn't fall that way.
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    I would still go after Landry Jones. I think this kid has the tools size and arm to be a solid good QB. He wasn't to long ago that he was the talk of the town.
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    Nick Florence could be a sleeper, quietly led the nation is total offense this year replacing RG3.
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    He has had every opportunity to prove he's an elite QB at OU, and he constantly chokes and sucks in big games. He's had great talent around him too every year, and he still hasn't done it. He makes poor decision and seems to always make key mistakes. He's one of the guys I really hope we don't draft.
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    I will put it to you this way. If the Cowboys are to draft a QB this year I would bet he is the target. Jerry is a business man he knows that a kid like Landry he can market. He is a high profile kid who was named after Tom Landry. The relationship with stoops the Cowboys will know everything they need to know. For the timing based offense this kid can run it. I don't see the cowboys going after a smaller no name QB in the draft. Especially considering they have a chance to get Landry. He is a good player. And has the tools and comes from a winning program. It sounds dumb but this is a huge opportunity for Jerry the marketing guru to make money and take a chance on a kid that has all the tools. It's fitting really. I have a feeling that this move has some potential to happen.
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    Geno Smith... He's got a huge arm with a lot of accuracy...
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    2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Alex Carder, QB, Western Michigan

    +A built upper body to go along with strong legs
    +Ability to move the chains with his feet
    + Quick dropback
    +Can lower the shoulder and fall forward for extra yards at his size
    +Keeps plays alive
    +Tough as nails

    +Makes quick decisions
    +If there is no play, he doesn’t force it
    +Ability to adjust offense at the line

    Arm Talent:
    +Very strong arm, can make all of the deep throws
    +Gets rid of the ball quickly
    +Can complete passes down the field, especially over the middle
    +Holds the ball securely
    +Has a high release
    +Can throw from different angles
    +Senses pocket pressure and can adjust to the pass-rush
    +Strong cross-body throws

    Carder is the type of football player that every coach would love to have on their team. Going into his third year as a starter, the under-recruited quarterback has displayed a great ability to throw a bunch of touchdowns while keeping the number of interceptions limited. Carder is always fired up on the field but remains poised in the pocket and he will do whatever it takes to get to the endzone; whether it be stepping up into the arms of a defensive end and making the throw, running a quarterback dive on a fourth-and-one or even just turning around and handing the ball off. While showing a good throwing motion, Carder could clean up his stance and be coached to read through his progressions quicker. The Kansas native is a natural leader and will have a spot on an NFL roster saved for him next season
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    Ej Manuel is a guy I've started to look at. He has a lot of potential, great arm and prototypical size. He might be a guy that can play with some more development.
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    As a "Romo-Hater" of note, let me say, if there isn't a first-rounder that you want this year, don't draft a quarterback. Wait a year. Stick with Tony one more year. Or trade Romo, go with Orton, and then get the guy you want the next year or the year after that. But don't take a quarterback just to take a quarterback or because it's time. You have to get the right one.

    Bridgewater is expected to be the #1 pick in 2014, corrrect? Why not wait?
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    We aren't going to have the #1 pick overall in 2014.

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