Which Offensive Line Position Should The Team Draft in The !st Round in 2013?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. kirkjrk

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    I feel the team needs to bite the bullet next year and make a true commitment to strongly improve the Oline. This begins with drafting Oline in the first round. Yes there will be many stud defensive players the team could select 1st, but it's time, way past time, the team make every effort to add at least two Oline players that can contribute immediately. No more band aids like this year.

    My question is what position should the team select in the 1st round--OT, OG, C ? Also, what player would be your choice?

    My choice would be Center only if Barrett Jones is available, if not, then Chance Warmack OG.

    What's your choice?
  2. perrykemp

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    WR in the 1st round. If not, CB.

  3. RS12

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    They are going to draft a pass rusher. But a can't miss guy anywhere on the O line would help including tackle would be an upgrade.
  4. KB1122

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  5. Lonestar94

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    I would trade down and get a center.

    I wouldn't draft a guard or a RT in the 1st round.
  6. supercowboy8

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    We don't know where we are picking yet or who will be there and saying pick OL no matter what is stupid move. BPA per need. If that is a OT, OG, or C then fine. But no way would I pass on a great safety, DL, or OLBand reach for a OL just to say your focus on the OL. It's along time till the draft and a lot of football left to play.
  7. Champsheart

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    You dont draft for position, that is just dumb drafting and usually causes bad drafts. Take the best player available. That should not be hard as we will have plenty of positions that can be addressed. We also have FA.

    Spencer is on a 1 year deal, nothing behind him but JAGS. Need a pass rusher opposite Ware. We can definetly use a DE that can get to the passer.
    Safety is much needed. DT is a need. Every o-line position is a possibiliy, but obviously inside is most pressing, to many areas to just narrow yourself to what position. Draft the best player available. I think the best scenario is the BPA is an impact player that can make an immediate difference.
  8. a_minimalist

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    I wouldn't draft OL in the first. I'd save that for 2nd and 3rd. 1st needs to be FS/OLB/DE/DT. Which ever is the best player available at those positions you take. Then you grab a center in the second. We need to address the OL in FA just as much as the draft. It takes a few years for OL to really develop.
  9. burmafrd

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    unless a great guard or center prospect is clear, tackle is the only position you take in the first

    BUT we need to take a hard look at Free and decide on him at the end of this season

    So that is still a possibility

    guard or center in second round would be good
  10. Macnalty

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    My thoughts exactly we need to do an autopsy on Free and bite the bullet if the results are negative. I think it is too early to develop a draft board, yes the obvious ones are DE,Safety,OLB, in time I think another position might rear it ugly head and seek to the level of OLine. I can just see another offensive position poking its head and with time it will be exposed. I bet some of you have seen it already.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Keep an eye on WVU OC Joe Madsen. Sure I am a homer but this kid might be a good option for us vs a higher pick with the kid from Alabama.

    Whatever we do...we really need to try and find some good options at OC and OG and as others pointed out possible OT.

    Problem I have is Dallas does not invest 1st round picks in Olinemen (T.Smith being the one exception in years) and the ones they take in the lower rounds don't seem to pan out for them with Free being the only one of note and he has had his struggles.

    Might be time to check out our scouts who look at Olinemen and see if we need to make a switch on who we grade highly and also what grade (round) we give them as it seems we don't grade them as highly as other clubs do.
  12. jterrell

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    If we go 1st round OL it should be at RT.
    You can legitimately expect a r1 RT to start day 1 and for the next 10 years.

    Then we can cut Free and save cap cash.

    Costa has shown nothing to lead me to believe he can't be the guy at OC. Ryan Cook looks like a solid swing OC/OG behind him.

    Livings has shored up LG you leave RG as the position where a job can be won.
  13. a_minimalist

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    I'd rather a left tackle. If we can get a strong LT prospect and shove Tyron back to RT that would be a large upgrade. I'd prefer players who have played their position for a long period of time. Tyron's experience is at RT so a LT seems logical.
  14. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

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    Tyron will be a top LT- we just have to give him a little more time; I believe by the end of this season we will clearly see his improvement
  15. Gaede

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    Agreed w/ most, RT would be number one priority on the line followed by C. You can get a quality G or C in free agency or rounds 2-4 so I wouldn't draft one in the first (unless they're really special and we're lower in the round).

    More than likely, we'll be picking in the 10-17 range again this year, so I believe we'll have a chance at a very good tackle prospect. There's always one that is really good that scouts don't think can play LT so he falls to that range.

    However, I think we'll end up drafting a QB in the 1st. Just a feeling I have. If Romo continues to struggle and we're picking relatively high, I think Jerry once again ignores the trenches and falls in love with a glamour pick.
  16. Oh_Canada

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    If I am drafting an olineman in the first rd, it's Jones for no other reason than the guy can play virtually anywhere along the oline and not hurt you.
  17. visionary

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    Rd 1: OLB (to replace spencer)
    Rd 2: OC/OG (depending on how costa plays)
    Rd 3: NT

    but there is a lot of football left to be played so who knows

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