Which site has the best Cowboys info***VOTE***

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Yeagermeister, Sep 1, 2006.

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    It doesnt really matter bro. Its all good. I did do all the setup for the protal and all the forums and the domain to - once I left they hired someone else to take care of things around the site. The domain and the name were my ideas. DCC almost didnt get named that because If I remember right SBK didnt like the name.

    It was a joint venture. EZ is just a kid. He gets all worked up. He wants the light. Whatever light that is. I just wanted to post that I thought it was cool SI mentioned them.

    But this is how it works over at DCC. Ill say this cuz I was ticked at the PM I just got w/ EZ blabbering like an fool.

    They have multiple accounts here and feed this sites new back to DCC. When something comes up here - its posted about 5 minutes later at DCC. Thats how it survives and thats how they did so well from the the start.

    Anyways----Im out...I could care less if folks believe me. Like I said - just thought it was coo.

    I voted for the Zone - about a half a dozen times. :bow:

    Hands down the best place on the net for anything related to the Cowboys.



    A.K.A - Spyder
  2. Crown Royal

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    Oh snap, validation!
  3. Cajuncowboy

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    Wow! They should just shut that site down and simply put a link to this site up in it's place.
  4. theogt

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    Throw in a few "ayuhs" and that's basically it.
  5. DBoys

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    No reason not to believe you I think the mods should check it out.
  6. superpunk

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    It's unfortunate that this board isn't listed.

    We have freaking Dancing Jerry.

  7. dguinta1

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    wo0t! Go cowboyszone!:starspin
  8. 2233boys

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    Wow you are easily impressed and duped.
  9. TheEnigma

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    Either you didn't detect his sarcasm, or yours was well disquised.
  10. CowboyMark

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    No love for the following websites.

  11. Rack Bauer

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    Understatement of the millenium.
  12. Cajuncowboy

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    Wjen does this poll close? And how can you see the write in results?
  13. Lynyrd

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    DCC is a good site, however the mods rule with an iron fist. You have to have a group think mentality or be banned. I corrected a mod on a thread and was banned the next day. I wasn't able to get the admin to respond or explain. I think any board that bans users that don't violate the rules is lame, therefore they do not get my vote. I submit CZ!
  14. Lynyrd

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    They used the multiple accounts to lay into this site and it's users as well.

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