Whitney Mercilus at #14

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Outlaw Heroes, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Good post. I really like the 4 guys you listed. I'm a little leary about Ingram's lack of height and arm length. I have no doubt that he is a very good football player who could be used in a variety of ways, but I wonder if long-armed NFL tackles would just be too much for him to handle. As much as I'd love DeCastro, I can certainly see the logic in going for a pass rusher first - especially if DeCastro has been drafted. I agree that we really do need a pass-rusher opposite Ware. I'm starting to get on board with a trade down. I think if we have 1 late first and 2 seconds we can get a pass rusher (McClellin, Irvin) OL (Konz, Zeitler, Brooks), and DB (Gilmore, Boykin, Minnifield etc.)that can all contribute in 2012. The guys in paretheses are in no particular order just players that have all been mentioned as possible late first to late 2nd rounders. If we came away we 3 of the guys that I put in parentheses, it would probably be a pretty good start to the draft.
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    I like Cox a little better, because I think it's harder to find pass rushing 3-4 DEs later in the draft, but I would have no problem with Mercilus at #14. As stated up thread, having just one threat at pass rusher at OLB completely defeats the purpose of playing a 3-4.
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    we need OL, Pass Rush, Secondary and TE help from this Draft and outside of that probably a Punt/KO guy like a Percy Harvin or similar.

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