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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcjules, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Before all the questions were answered a few weeks ago with Parcells returning, some not all, were hoping he would go....with a look around the league these days I was just wondering what a Dallas fan would say at the annoucement of Eric Mangini, Brad Childress, Mike McCarthy being annointed the new HC....late rumors have Payton going to the Saints and some guy named Rob Marinelli (D Line coach at TB) being mentioned for Detroit....

    The posts would be endless with these guys being introduced by JJ.....

    Which begs the question who we will get 2-3 years from now.....
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    Jerry will dig to get his next HC... I bet he does some recon work in the college ranks for his next one.
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    I would have been ecstatic had Jerrah introduced us to Mangini as our new HC. He is exactly what I would be looking for; a young energetic guy with experience in a winning program and having worked with winning coaches. Also he was a defensive coach and for some reason defensive coaches seem to make better HC's.

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