who do you pick in this scenerio?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by ArkCowboy, Jun 23, 2004.

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    the following players have been drafted
    1.1 - RB LaDainian Tomlinson
    1.2 - QB Michael Vick
    1.3 - RB Jamal Lewis
    1.4 - RB Shaun Alexander
    1.5 - RB Priest Holmes
    1.6 - RB Ahman Green
    1.7 - RB Clinton Portis
    1.8 - RB Edgerrin James
    1.9 - RB Deuce McAllister
    1.10- RB Travis Henry
    1.11- RB Marshall Faulk
    1.12- QB Peyton Manning
    2.1 - RB Ricky Williams
    2.2 - WR Randy Moss
    2.3 - RB Stephen Davis
    2.4 - RB Fred Taylor
    2.5 - RB Domanick Davis
    2.6 - WR Torry Holt
    2.7 - WR Marvin Harrison
    2.8 - QB Donovan McNabb
    2.9 - RB Kevan Barlow
    2.10 - WR Hines Ward

    you have picks 2.12 & 3.1
    who are you looking for and why?

    keep in mind that you already have LT on board
    and RB's are premium!

    would julius jones be a stretch at 3.1 knowing you don't pick again until 4.12?
  2. AJM1613

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    Owens at 2.12 and Westbrook at 3.1...
  3. iceberg

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    offhand you take the best qb/rb available. wr's are a dime a dozen in ffl - but you may want to consider a top d with your 3rd pick. i don't know your ffl scoring system so it's tough to say - but as you can see, rb's you can count on are hard to find.

    barlow a great pick there. i'd take him before taylor or davis in this scenario.

    offenses to look at:
    seattle. hasslebeck puts up good fantasy numbers.
    kansas city. green is always solid.
    favre. nuff said

    rb's to look at:
    portis was a buttnugget pick
    ricky williams in the 2nd?

    jones a stretch? where's jackson and k. jones going?

    wow. you got some stupid people in this league.
  4. stag hunter

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    you mean randal williams hasnt been taken yet?? :eek:
  5. big dog cowboy

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    Am I on the clock already??????
  6. TheSkaven

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    I always grab 2 running backs with my first two picks because they are at a premium. Julius Jones is not a reach here, I'd take him. I'd also consider Duce Staley (or both). There are a ton of good wide receivers this year so you can get those later. I'd go Julius Jones and Dante Culpepper.
  7. ArkCowboy

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    2.11 picked the Cowboys Defense
    i am gonna pick daunte culpepper and corey dillon
    though i thought about chad johnson and terrell owens
    WR's are easier to find later than stud QBs or good RB's!
  8. jterrell

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    Ironically I won my draft lottery and pick 1, 20, 21.

    I am taking LT too.

    After that I am going highest rated RB then QB or WR or RB again.

    I would say Julius is a nice gamble at 3.1 but is he the 16th best RB? I'd probably go Rudi Johnson or Kevin Jones. And might be tempted to take both. RBs are very hard to come by. nly 3 or 4 QBs are consistent high scorers but 20 will score decently.
  9. baj1dallas

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    corey dillon and terrell owens.

    if both available. both will generate touchdowns. lt and dillon, to and like steve smith, favre or whoever you can get at qb.

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