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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NYCowboy22, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. NYCowboy22

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    That a healthy Julius would have ran all over the Giants today? On more than one occassion I remember saying to myself "Julius would have broke loose". It's ok though, we got the win and hopefully Julius will be well rested and ready to go against Seattle. Lets see if he can top his MNF numbers against Seattle last year.

    BTW I thought MB3 showed a lot of promise today.
  2. roughneck266

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    MB3 didn't do a bad job, he just wasn't turned loose, or at least that's what I was thinking when I was watching, but you are right, JJ woulda spanked their hinies!
  3. wesleyc288

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    i think MB3 played well, he runs hard...... has anyone noticed that since the raider game when it was 3rd and 1 and he tried to break it to the outside and parcells jumped on him.....he has suddenly become a north-south runner....
  4. Da Hammer

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    Maybe, he did ran over them last year. But it doesnt matter, we got the win
  5. montgod

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    My thing is....who is the backup rb? What happened from last week where Thompson gained 75 yards and was a significant factor in the win to only getting three carries?

    I am not complaining though cause a win is a win but I would think that the running game maybe a bit more consistent if BP would give a rb enough time to show his stuff and get in a groove (This I believe is also the case w/lineman who get a feel for how a rb runs and how best to block). I wasn't thorougly impressed with Barber but I didn't see where he warranted playing over Thompson. Shoot...I didn't see where A. Thomas warranted playing over Thompson. However, A. Thomas is the vet and doesn't fumble so that probably was the case.

    Oh well, not frustrated or anything because its better to have the problem of numerous good rbs, then not.

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