Who have you met?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by S. Fla Sting, Jul 1, 2005.

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    I thought this would be a cool topic, which Cowboy have you met. Explain the whole scenario, and no bullshatters. I will kick it off by giving my experience. It was preseason as the Cowboys came to Fl to play the Jags, I took my Mom(skins fan) with me to Jax. There was a lot of media for a preseason game as Emmitt was going to break the rushing record this year, barring nothing(we all knew it). Anywho the game was great Cowboys win in a competitive game. So, I decided after the game to walk around the stadium, get some pictures. As I was leaving my Mom had noticed the players were coming out, so anyhow ended up meeting T.Ham and asked him are you guys going to beat the skins (to piss mom off) and he said"We are going to whoop the Redskins ***".
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    To start off, I met Emmitt's parents when I was stationed in Pensacola and they used to let me come over to their house and watch the games with them, (that was back in 91-92), then I met Emmitt a few times after that. I met Bob Hayes, Preston Pearson, Michael Irvin, Fred Strickland, Broderick Thomas, Darren Woodson, and a few others up at a show in Somerset, NJ back in 97, I met Antonio Anderson and tight ends coach Robert Ford at the Philadelphia game later that year, I met Drew Pearson, Mel Renfro, and Too Tall in Richmond, VA back in 99.

    On a side note, in the summer of 89 or 90 I met Dan Marino at a Foot Locker in Jacksonville, and I asked him how he felt when Jim Jeffcoat sacked him I think it was just before halftime of their game and he said that he found out after the game that Jeffcoat had cracked his rib(s)... I told him that was too bad and he told me, "That's the way of the game, bro..."
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    Yea Ive kinda sorta met emmitt smith. When I was like 8 I went to Dallas to see a game with my dad and we stayed in the same hotel as them, and like at 8 am on sunday before the game I was out in the parking lot and like Emmitt Smith went to his car with a guard, and I was behinde a fence(protection purposes I guess) I asked for a autograph but he turned me down, but our convo went like this
    "Hey Mr. Smith can I get your autograph"
    'No, not right now, maybe later"
    "Yes sir, good luck today'
    so basically me and him are tight now

    He never came back out....but still hes a class act
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    I partied with Harvey Martin before.

    He had a good friend lived here( she had lived in Dallas ). He came to town to see her we all went out bar hoppin'. He was a very cool guy. I also met Lincoln Colmeman at a bar here once.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I became a Cowboys fan in 1963 when I met Bob Lilly outside the Coliseum in L.A. before a pre-season game against the Rams.

    My grandmother had box seats for the Rams so we went to the Coliseum Club for breakfast prior to the game. Since I was only 5, my dad took me for a walk after we ate and we ended up in the parking lot near the players' entrance. We were sitting on the bricks of a planter when a couple of buses pulled up and all these big guys started coming out.

    My dad was just under 6'2" and around 225 at the time so he was pretty big but some of these guys made him look small. One guy in particular was really big and stopped to talk with us. He asked me about school and was surprised to hear that I was starting kindergarden next month. Since I was so tall for my age he thought I was older.

    He asked me about football and who I liked. Since I lived in L.A. I was a Rams fan and liked Merlin Olsen. He told me he wore the same number and played the same position as Merlin. I told him I would watch for him and hoped he played well.

    The Cowboys won that game and I was hooked. Been a Cowboys fan ever since and Bob Lilly became my hero that day (hence the avatar). I loved the uniforms back then and also liked Eddie LeBaron (because he looked like a kid I guess).

    I met lots of Rams and Raiders players over the years that I lived in L.A. but Lilly was the only Cowboys player I ever met (unless you count Lance Rentzel when he was playing for the Rams and Tommy McDonald who played for the Boys in 1964 but I met him after he had retired).

    I do have a personally autographed copy of Hollywood Henderson's book "Out Of Control" but I never met him. A guy I did business with knew him and knew I was a Cowboys fan so he got him to autograph a copy for me. Pretty cool.
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    I met Bob Lilly when he owned a restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Not bad food. He was a great host, especially when he saw my Cowboys T-shirt. As nice a person as I have ever met. Hard to believe he could be so fierce on the field.

    I knew Mike Lucky, a backup TE, while he was playing for the AZ Wildcats. Very good guy. I miss him being on the team until I realize Jason Witten took his spot.
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    I met and played football with:
    CJ(Carl Jr) Richardson
    Damien Robinson
    Jessie Armstead
    Kevin Williams(Cowboys WR)
    Greg Hill(family friend)
    Bam Morris
    Marcus Coleman
    Zach Thomas
    Byron Hanspard
    et al.

    Met as is in sightings/signings:
    Randy White(His barbq place is near me and my mom lived out there when nothing else was out there).
    Troy Aikman and Leigh Steinberg
    Bill Bates
    Tony Dorsett
    Hollywood Henderson
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    Honestly though, Michael Wiley used to live on the same street as me... about 7 houses away

    I went to his house one day and chit chatted for about an hour.. he almost broke my hand with his firm handshake
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    I've met the Cowboys who are ex-Patriots on the team. Drew Bledsoe once gave an impromptu workshop for my summer students (Japanese high schoolers preparing for a year long home stay with an American family), showing them how to hold and throw a football. It got written up in the local paper.
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    Cowboy fan since 1965...I was lucky enough to attend several autograph sessions which included many of the old and new (at the time) Cowboy GREATS!!! I met and have autographs of the following Cowboy LEGENDS!!!!

    Coach Tom Landry :lombardi: Seemed in awe of all the fan attention

    Coach Barry Switzer :shootfoot Very friendly, sportin his SB Ring...flirtin' w/the ladies

    Troy Aikman:bow: A little ...standoffish

    Emmitt Smith:a-team: Good guy...playing with the kids

    Charles Haley:chopchop: Very serious...never cracked a smile...can't imagine lineing up against him

    Harvey Martin:clap: He was WAAAAAAAAAY Cool!

    Randy White:strongarm Bit of a character

    Ed "Too Tall" Jones:yourock:Very talkative, very obliging...I spoke with him and Preston Pearson for about 1/2 hour...talked about the Landry days

    Preston Pearson:bravo: See above
  11. Rocco

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    I worked at Reunion Arena for a season when I was younger. I was one of the guys that would stand at the top of the stairs and hold the sign up so no one could pass till the action stopped on the ice during the Stars games. Anyway, I was standing there once holding the sign up and paying attention to the game, not who was behind me. When the action stopped I put the sign down and turned around and discovered a ginormous Kevin Gogan (the guy's head is as big as my torso, and I'm no runt at 6'2"), a pretty nerdy looking Bernie Kosar (but with a very hot wife), and Daryl Johnston (who was way bigger in person than I thought he'd be) all standing behind me waiting for me to let them go down. They all turned out to be nice guys, but it's still funny to think here I was this punk teenager holding up all these giant NFL ballers..
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    I meet Tony Dorsett in the airport in Midland/Odessa. We were both waiting for the same late plane. It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week; not a busy time at that airport. It was just him and me for about 30 minutes then a couple of other guys came along and we all sat and shot the breeze for another hour and a half or so before the plane arrived. He was very cool and we had just a normal conversation about lots of stuff, he was in town for a charity softball game and he was showing off the new softball glove he had bought for the game. We of course talked about the team some, we both checked out a good looking young flight attendant that walked by and chuckled about that LOL, it was a really great time for me and a great memory.

    I meet Roger Staubach in another airport in Dallas once; he was just standing around waiting for his plane to board. I said "hi" and told him that he was still my favorite Cowboy (he had been retired for several years). He just laughed and said thanks, he shook my hand and I went on my way since I didn't want to intrude on his time but he was pleasant and friendly.

    I meet Hershal Walker and Bill Bates at separate autograph signing sessions when they were each promoting the grand opening of some store or other. I didn't really get a chance to talk to either of them beyond the usual "Hi, how are you" stuff you get at those things.
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    I met Greg Lloyd when he was a Pittsburgh Steeler. He got knocked on his a** by Larry Allen in Super Bowl XXX. Does that count?
  14. Zaxor

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    Sorry no Cowboys (er Dallas Cowboys I meant)does Royality or Presidents or Congressman or members of Parliment along with Generals count...met very many of them
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    I've met Emmitt hundreds of times. We attended the same middle school ,Brownsville Middle,here in PCOLA. He went on to Escambia High and I went to Pensacola High. Also met Micheal Irvin at a store here that Emmitt use to own.And Tony Dorsett
  16. jterrell

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    Title is just, "who have you met?"

    Fill us in on good stories, sounds like you have plenty.

    Dirk is an uber Dallas star; perhaps him.
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    Have met many cowboys over they years..most memorable is Landry when I was 14. A buddy of mine heard he was goign to be down in DC at a bookstore signing his new book (this was after he retired). so, we made the hour metro ride down there and got him to sign a couple of football cards for us. got a picture, but lost. I still have the card to this day as it is one of my prized possessions.

    Other Cowboys I have met (mostly at the hotel whenever they come to play the here in DC or down in Big D include..

    Larry Allen
    Jimmy Johnson
    Dave Campos
    Avezzano (let me try on his SB rings)
    Bill Bates
    Al Singleton
    Erik Williams
    Mark Tuinei
    Calvin Hill
    Randy White
    Mel Renfro
    Bob Lilly
    Jay Novacek
    Alvin Harper
    Kevin Williams
    Tony Dorsett (Have a picture of him holding up my license plate-"H8DSKNS"
    Ron Springs
    willie Blade
    Nate Newton
    Kevin Gogan
    Derrick Lassic
    Tony casillas
    Russell Maryland
    Leon Lett
    Larry Brown
    Shante Carver
    godfrey Miles
    Robert Jones
    Fred Strickland
    Erk Bjornson
    Chris boniol
    Billy Cundiff

    Thats all I can remember for now. Meeting Irvin and Emmitt next week at a Sports Memorabillia Show. Going to get them to sign the a couple jerseys for my collection... :laugh1:
  18. Irving Cowboy

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    That must have been at the grand opening of his store, that was about in September of 92, because it was just before I transferred from there... I remember Tony being there because he autographed a picture I took of the Cowboys offense at a game in Philadelphia in 1987, (the run-up-the-score game where Randall faked the knee). I used to live over off of Fairfield and right down the street from Escambia high, and wondered why once I started going to his house that he would travel all the way over there when PHS was just around the corner...

    That grand opening was nice though... I remember the line going all the way down in front of all the other shops... Emmitt's dad saw me and got me to the front of the line. I haven't talked to him or the rest of his family for quite a few years though.
  19. ravidubey

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    Wow. That must have been impressive. Too Tall Jones was the most underrated DE I can think of. Talk about dominant!
  20. WoodysGirl

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    Saw Rob Horry at the club once while he was still with the Rockets. Does that count?... :)

    How about seeing Carl Lewis at a Bennigan's a few years back. I was eating and wasn't about to interrupt my grub session to shake his hand.

    During my journalism days while I was in undergrad, I interviewed quite a few celebrities or "important" people. Most of it was fluff pieces, but the people were interesting. Didn't get on the Sports beat. Kinda wish I did now, cuz many of my "celeb" sightings were sports-related.

    Was at a celeb party and I stood behind the group Salt N Pepa. Noticed Spin's pager and told her she needed to put it up before she got jacked... lol Chatted w/one of the girls from the R&B group SWV at the same party. Got invited to the hotel room of K-Ci and Jo-Jo. Nope I didn't go.

    Was backstage at a Puffy concert before he blew up (early '90s, maybe '94-5), trying to get interviews of his artists. He and Biggie blew right past me while I was trying to get their attn. Only interviews I could get were the local cats who were opening up the show.

    I went to a Tavis Smiley book signing where he spoke and signed copies of his books. I got an autograph.

    Took a pic w/Susan Taylor Editor in Chief of Essence Magazine and her husband at her book signing a few years back.

    I went to a breakfast luncheon hosted by the Urban League for Rod Paige down here while he was still the HISD superintendent.

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