Who have you met?

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    No major talents like the rest of ya, but here goes. Went to HS with Irving Fryar in NJ. He was a sr. when I was a freshman. He never seems to standout in the games. He was recruited more on his athletic ability than his on the field performance. Played in several pick-up hoop games with Alonzo Spellman. (he also went to our HS) What a body, all natural not an ounce of fat on him. After one of the games he dominated, I asked my buddy "Why don't he play on the HS team" he said "he will in two years, he's only in 7th grade! Lastly, I played in a highly competitive "rough-touch" league with Leroy Harris (dolphins & eagles). Although several years removed from the NFL and not looking imposing he was a dominant player. He was our QB and threw ALL passes end over end. But he could scramble. Great speed & shakes for a former FB. On defense he played FS and had several KO's (literally) on the many of the young, brash, WR's that promised to toast him. He was a cool guy and we had a blast.
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    no cowboys, but i attended a pro am golf tourney in Greensboro NC when I was a kid. I met Jim Valvano, Dean Smith, Willie McCovey and M. Jordan all in one day. Tipper Gore used to do volunteer work at the shelter I worked at in DC. I met her one day without realizing who she was. Super down to earth woman. Works VERY hard to help veterans who are down on their luck. I've also met Dave from Widespread Panic and Dave Matthews.
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    The person I met is my cousin's b/f. He is Joey Galloway. I know he didn't contribute to the 'Boys, but he is really nice. I met him when I went to Tampa w/ my cousin. We went to his appartment (he didn't have a house b/c it was still being built). That night, we went to the mall, at dinner and it was nice. He as a Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition. He may have not contributed to the "Boys, but he is really nice and cool. That is the only Cowboys player I have met.
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    Cowboys I have actually met and talked to: Drew Pearson (in NYC of all places), Too Tall Jones and Tony Dorsett (Schuck and Jive in Addison), Randy White (his barbecue place in Frisco), Darren Woodson (The short lived Blind Lemon Art Bar in Addison), Shante Carver (some club in Dallas, he actually gave me a tequilla shot) and Dave Campo, Steve Hoffman, Jerry and Stephen Jones (training camp in Wichita Falls). Most notable non-Cowboy was Lawrence Taylor (The Bone in Deep Ellum). By far Darren Woodson was the nicest, I actually had about a five minute conversation with him.

    Guys I saw and did not talk to: Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Leon Lett, Bill Bates, Steve Buerlein, Mark Stepnoski, Daryl Johnston, Dat Ngyuen and Dan Campbell.
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    This girl i recently met hangs out with Matt McBriar all the time, so if me and her become friends, I will probbaly meet him.
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    when I was like 8 I got to go to some banquet for the NFLPA. Met a bunch of guys there, most memorable was Kevin Greene (still had the long hair then). I got him to take a picture of me and two of my buddies and he's giving one of them bunny ears, still have it around somewhere. Met a couple other NFL guys here and there, no cowboys though.

    Famous people i'm related to:
    Eric King - Cornerback drafted by the bills this year, my cousin
    Tanyon Sturtz - Closer for the yankees, cousin
    Pam Cioffi - Former ranked pro tennis player, cousin

    Famous people i've met
    Bill Clinton - bigger in real life than I would've thought, very friendly and gracious.
    Mike Tyson - met him in a bookstore at White Flint mall, about 2 hours before he got in the car accident and beat the guy up and got sent to prison for a year
    Chelsea Clinton - met her at a roy rogers when i was maybe 9
    Al Gore - played lacrosse against his son in high school. He went to the bathroom in our gym during the game and this sorta crazy kid i went to school with went to the urinal directly next to him and tried to strike up a conversation and ended up being "escorted" out of the bathroom by SS guys
    Pierre Salinger - Kennedy's press secretary, interviewed him in 8th grade about the assassination for a school project (he thinks the mob did it, had a pretty interesting anecdote to back it up too)
    Pat Sajak - huge jerk
    George Tenet - former director of CIA, son was on my lacrosse team
    Tom Ridge - director of homeland security, kids went to my high school
    Bob Woodward - family friend, been to his house a few times. nice guy, very friendly

    I had an opportunity to meet Colin Powell, my sophomore year I got selected to be part of a group of kids from area high schools to interview him. The interview, unfortunately, was scheduled for September 12th, 2001. Guess you can see why that didn't work out.
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    I got Mel Renfro's autograph as a kid, when he was at an H.E.B.
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    Hummm. Who have I met… and what happened…..


    Players / Coaches / Staff:

    Tom Landry – I was a baby, so I don’t remember
    Roger Staubach – I was too little to remember
    Don Meredith – I was a baby, so I don’t remember
    Other 60 era Cowboys were there but like I said, I was a baby

    (All three of the men above came to the hospital I was in after having major brain surgery following an auto accident. . I wasn’t suppose to make it through the night. Tom Landry held me and said a prayer for me).

    My grandpa use to tell me that Tom’s special prayer helped me make it through the night and recover. He said that Tom had God’s ear

    Drew Pearson - Met at the Cowboys / Eagles game when Tex Schramm went into the Ring of Honor. Chad (trickblue) and I went to that game together. Was a great game. We kicked their butts so bad…It was my first Cowboys game and first trip to the Texas Stadium. That kick off return touchdown in the first few seconds of the game was an awesome thing to witness. I got Drew’s autograph and Chad got a kick out of Drew being a bit grab happy when he signed my shirt.

    Eugene Lockhardt – Also met at the Cowboys / Eagles game when Tex Schramm went into the Ring of Honor. He was a bit grab happy too when he signed the other side of the chest area of my shirt.

    Stephen Jones – Met at the Cowboys / Eagles game when Tex Schramm went into the Ring of Honor. Chad and I chatted w/ him over drinks and cigars… and no I didn’t smoke one.

    Crazy Ray – at the Cowboys/ Eagles game also

    Babe Laufenberg (sp) at the Cowboys/ Eagles game also

    Other Celebrities:



    Dale Earnhardt Jr – Got a birthday hug and kiss from him at Fandango.. Such a little hottie
    Michael Waltrip – Got a birthday hug and kiss from him at Fandango. He is one of the funniest men I have ever talked too.
    Kyle Petty – Chatted w/ him while he showed me to my seat.. Really nice guy
    Bobby Labonte – came over and told me my son looked cute in his Bobby Labonte outfit at a signing in Oregon. My son was 4 and had a racers uniform and helmet on… I made the uniform.


    Chris Bosio – Went to school w/ him – huge JERK! Really really huge Jerk!!!


    Gerald Willhite – Denver Bronco - knew him through his brother Kevin– Nice guy – big ego
    Kevin Willhite - Grew up with him. He signed to play pro football but tore his hamstring while at Washington – GO HUSKIES!. He was Sports Illustrated high school athlete of the year and decade for football and track. He wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy.
    Joey Harrington – Met him through my late husband when Joey was in high school and had just excepted to go to Oregon – GO DUCKS!!!


    Garth Brooks – It was at the beginning of his music career and he tried to buy my 64 Pontiac LeManns from me… I wouldn’t sell it. He asked if I knew who he was... I said no.. he said that he was Garth Brooks.... and I said "is that suppose to mean something to me"... he left and my co-worker smacked me in the back of the head for being stupid and not knowing who Garth Brooks was.

    Tom Petty – saved me from getting crushed by the crowd at Day on the green concert. He stopped playing when he saw me get pulled down by some guys. Had security get me and bring me on stage. I sat on the speakers on stage for the rest of the day. He sang “Don’t do me like that” and “Here comes my girl” to me. Probably didn’t hurt that I was wearing a string bikini and was 19. The concert was on MTV and they interviewed me about my experience w/ Tom Petty.

    Foghat (Rock Group) – I didn’t believe they were Foghat when they walked into a Yogurt shop I was working in. They spent 30 minutes trying to convince me and then gave me front row center seats to the concert that night. They told the audience about our conversation and put a spotlight on me… they got a good laugh out of it and I got 2 free tickets to that concert.

    Willie Nelson – Who hasn’t met Willie???? very much a people person.

    I'm still trying to meet Jay Novachek!!!!!

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