Who is advising Andre Smith?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Goldenrichards83, Feb 21, 2009.

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    You know that sound it makes in a cartoon when a bomb is dropping?

    I can hear it now. Only it's this guy's draft status, not a bomb.
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    Posted by Mike Florio on February 21, 2009, 9:25 p.m.

    As if the bizarre departure of Alabama tackle Andre Smith from Indianapolis didn’t raise enough questions about his pro prospects, some of the things Smith did and said in Indy might have done even more damage.

    According to Tony Pauline of SI.com, Smith had a bad round of interviews on Friday.

    “Smith’s interviews with teams have been going horribly,” Pauline reports. “He’s been inappropriately dressed and has been giving a number of conflicting statements as to why he was choosing not to workout at the combine. Several offensive line coaches have already suggested Smith be removed from their team’s draft board and there’s no doubt his draft stock is falling.”

    Though high-end tackles create a lower percentage of busts than positions like quarterback and receiver, few tackles have had such a bad experience at the Scouting Combine. As a result, anyone who recommends that the team use a high first-round pick on Smith need to have a high degree of job security — or needs to be right.
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    Looks like he could be available late in the 2nd round!
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    that's a stretch don't you think ?
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    Don't we have enough Boneheads on the team now? Enough types that require motivation?
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    No matter how bad his combine was, I imagine scouts will love what they see on film. He might not be the first tackle taken, but there was a good chance he wouldn't be before. Monroe and Jason Smith are both equally excellent prospects. Andre should still go very high, and I think he'll be a very solid LT. If you skip filling a hole at LT because you didn't like the way a player came off in an interview, you're probably going to be looking for a new job in a couple years.
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    The guy bailed on his team before the 2008 Sugar Bowl by violating team rules and getting himself suspended. Now he bails on himself by being too lazy to get in shape for the biggest job interview of his life, so he just walks without telling anyone? Dude is 22 years old and he can't drag his sorry butt to the gym and get in shape? NO THANKS!
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    Last I heard, training camp isn't next week. He still has time to get in shape by his pro day. I got the impression that he didn't want to workout because he wasn't in his best shape, not because he was out of shape. If he feels like he can put on a better show at his pro day, why bother working out at the combine? I'm sure if he would've worked out, he probably would've been better than most of the lineman who did workout. He's got talent, and that's not something everyone is born with.
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    That's irrelevant. The point is this guy wasn't prepared for what amounts to the most important job interview of his life. Not only that, but he left the interview before it was officially over.

    His physical condition at this time isn't the point. His attitude is what the problem is.

    And if he's not in shape now (for the biggest job interview of his life. An interview that is literally worth MILLIONS of dollars) what makes you think he'll be in shape AFTER he gets his money?
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    5th round gem???:D
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    The whole process is the job interview. Top prospects often wait until their pro day. When you have a highlight reel that compares with Andre's, I'm sure it will weigh more on scouts opinion of him than how he looks in shorts and a t-shirt. The only mistake I can see that he made was by not knowing the proper way to make it known he wasn't participating. The process has shown some maturity issues, but I think that was expected. I'd still take him on my team in a heartbeat, though I'd rather have Jason Smith.

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