Who is Anthony Henry?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Teague31

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    Is he the stud corner we have been looking for and the one that showed up huge in Week 1 or is he the stiff that made brandon lloyd look like jerry rice? If he is only in between we got jobbed on this one.... moss and TO the next two weeks........... :bang2:
  2. Dallas

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    So he had a bad game. He has had 2 fantastic games prior to this one. Im willing to give him some more time before saying we were jobbed. Haha...you people are really rough.
  3. Gordon

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    And Plax the week after that..
  4. ·[A]koN·

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    ... Everytime a QB from the opposite team lays back and throws a bomb, once the ball is in the air, all that comes to my mind is ''OH NO!'' . We're simply horrible on the deep pass...

    No coverage @ all.... we gave up what last week? 2 , 45 Plus TD Catches?!! and today an 89 Yarder TD. ......

    Oh noo, MOSS ALERT....ALERT...ALERT!!
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    He is a big tough defensive back who is solid in run support as well as reliable in coverage, and who proved throughout the preseason he has a knack for getting to the ball..or the guy who's got it. He's smart and competent.

    He isn't as familiar with NFC personnel as with AFC, and either today he was dinged up or he just had an off day. Sometimes an unknown receiver causes as much of a problem as a star...it takes a few meetings sometimes for a cb to know his man's tendencies.

    There are few players on the team who inspire me with the confidence Henry does, and today's miscues don't diminish that. He'll rebound.
  6. Dallas

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    SPOT ON LTN !!!

    We love ya barb... :D
  7. Seven

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    Flippin' NAILED it......
  8. BHendri5

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    Henry had a rough day on the job today. But we should be use to stuff like that. I mean it has been happening for the past 3yrs, at least, maybe 5yrs.

    He came in and in 2 weeks we saw what a real CB was like since Deion left.
    He got beat today, everyone saw it.

    Is it something to the after affects of a loss, like we experienced on Monday?
    Or, could we have been over confident, and did not see any threats of speed by there receivers per Roy Williams. Moose or the other commentator said Roy said that there was not anyone on the 9ers offense to be afraid of.

    On my way back form the bookstore after the game I was listening to Fox sport radio show, and Brian Cox was with someone name JT the Brick or he was filling in for him. Anyway a caller called in and commented on the Boys, never giving up and what he thought Parcells would do to fix the secondary, since he has played for Parcells.

    BC said that he knows that the guys were playing a quarter of the field coverage, the corners had the outside quarter and the safeties the indside, and that, that was the same coverage that they were in when Moss beat Roy and Glenn.

    That explains why Parcells was yelling at Davis, which in a way excuses Henry just a little, but not much he still should not have turned to the outside, I did not se Lloyd make an inside move, and Plus he let Lloyd beat him for that short TD, he did misjudged the ball, it looked like. because he was right there and should have intercepted the ball.

    We won, and I enjoyed the game. I like that we never give up, last season we would have packed it in when they went up 21 to 6.

    I am not worried about Henry against T.O or Burress, Moss is another story because of his speed, heck I'm worried about the whole WRs corp for the raiders, they can all get down the field fast.
  9. davidyee

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    ...to Henry is to play the physical game he is capable of. IMHO on both plays he let the WR off the line with nary a "jam". I don't think "catch up" speed is the strongest part of his resume.
  10. Hostile

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    Great post. Chicken Little got muzzled.
  11. BHendri5

    BHendri5 Well-Known Member

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    It's been awhile, LTN. I agree with you, that is a very valid point. I also think that it affected his tackling today too.
    I'm willing to bet that when we play the 9ers agin next season (maybe) Lloyd nor Battle will have such a good day.

    Both of those guys are possession WRs. Lloyd is a very talented WR I wanted us to draft him. I did not know Battle made it to the NFL, he is from San Antonio, Tx.
    You gotta like Possession Receiver who constantly get open.
  12. BHendri5

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    True, he does not have the catch up speed, once they get 3 or more steps on him. One step he is long enough to get a hand in there still.
  13. ddh33

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    I'm not trying to make excuses (because I don't think Henry needs one), but I actually thought Henry looked a little dinged up today. He didn't seem quite as smooth or fluid. On the long touchdown play, I swore that I saw him almost favoring his hammy or something. Anyone hear anything, or did it just look awkward because the defense got beat bad on that play?
  14. TroyEmmittAndMichael

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    I just hope that Henry stops biting on those double moves. I like his aggressiveness, but in this next game against Oakland, if he doesn't watch himself, Moss will take it to the house all day. I love Henry, but he doesn't have Moss's acceleration to make up for biting on the first move on a double move.

    Bottom line, I'm prepared to let Moss get something around 7 catches for 100 yards with ZERO touchdowns. Just limit the momentum changing, back-breaking, demoralizing bombs down the field.

    I hope Henry can do to Moss what DeAngelo Hall did to TO when Atlanta played the E-girls.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    Today he was

    But that will happen. DB's are kinda like records there made to be broken, or in this case beaten.

    It happens to the best, but the best forget about it.
  16. Coakleys Dad

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    Henry is a great DB he had a bad game he will be pumped up & ready for Oakland!
  17. Vertigo_17

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    no matter what - he's an upgrade over Hunter and Edwards who manned the spot in the past.
  18. Sportsbabe

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    I have another opinion about these people. I agree with you. The guy had one bad game out of 3. Give me a break.
  19. Chuck 54

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    Anthony Henry is somewhere in between....he's a good corner who upgrades our secondary, a corner who will make some plays and usually tackle better than the punk he looked like yesterday.

    However, he is limited in some areas....he's a great guy to have as your #2. He might be a decent guy to have as your #1. But he's not in the same league athletically with TNew. Expect some failures offset by solid play.
  20. Hoov

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    Henry did have a bad game all around, it happens. even his tackling was awful so i dont know if his mind set wasnt right. On that last TD the niners got it looked like he was pushing back and forth with the wr and then lost balance when the ball was in the air and he was out of position to make a jump for the ball or else fell behind a step.

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