News: Who is better than Romo? Many, but we narrow it to six

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Arch Stanton, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Who is better than Romo? Many, but we narrow it to six

    By Adam Rank

    Let's see if I have this straight, we are heading into Week 5, and this being an odd-numbered week, we are bashing Tony Romo? Well maybe I will just follow Deion Sanders' lead. Here is what the recent Hall of Fame cornerback said about the Cowboys' starting quarterback.

    "Sooner or later, we've just got to quit guessing and assuming that this guy is the guy to get you over the hump, and say, 'You know what? This guy is always going to be great statistically, but he's not that guy that can take you to where you want to go.' And that's the Super Bowl," Sanders said Sunday on NFL Network. "I'm sick and tired of it. I am. ...

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  2. RXP

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    As a Cowboys fan, I find it very hard to read this stuff. It's all BS.

    But only Romo can change the perceptions that are out there. TO many, he's a loser. And only winning will change that.
  3. dfense

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    That's just plain a plain dumb article.

    My daughter can write a better article.
  4. adbutcher

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    Very true. Romo got to stop giving the fools ammunition. However, Red better start running the ball more. Romo or any QB should not make a habit of passing the ball more than 40 times a game.
  5. Reality

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    Might as well be an article entitled .. "Who is better than your significant other? Many, but we narrow it .."

    These kinds of articles are written for one reason and one reason only. To strike a nerve (good or bad) with Cowboys fans so they will read it and more importantly, tell others about it.

    Who cares which quarterbacks are better than Romo? Last time I checked, those quarterbacks are under contracts with other teams.

  6. ejthedj

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    This is a joke. Someone should fire that guy
  7. Aikbach

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    Didn't read it, i'll assume the usual suspects: Brady, Peyton manning, Rodgers, Brees and Roethlisberger were the one's mentioned, maybe Phillip Rivers or Matt Ryan was thrown in there too.
  8. Gibby!

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    Completely the opposite type of list. The #4 was pretty funny though. I will give him that.
  9. dadymat

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    nope , this guy is a crack head

    Mcnabb, hasselback, Gerrad, Mcgee, Orton, and Mallet

    according to him these are the QBs we couldve had this offseason who would have been better....:abuseme:
  10. BHendri5

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    No one

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Why? They told him "since the Cowboyd lost your assignment is to write an idiotic anti-Romo article" and he delivered. Thay'll probably give him a raise for doing his job.
  12. Lodeus

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    :lmao2: Good read
  13. RESIN8

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    I don't know who is worse. The guy writing this article or all the people who believed Tony Romo was better than A Rodgers.
  14. w8lifter

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    The only thing I can assume is this writer is trying mimmick Skip Clueless (Bayless) with shock stories that get readers upset.


    If this clown actually believes that dribble, he is a ****ing MORON.

  15. pancakeman

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    I'm not even going to give them the benefit of my click.
  16. tyke1doe

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Everyone gets riled up over these type articles.

    Here's the deal:

    a.) If Tony Romo leads this team to the Super Bowl, then he will likely silence all his critics.

    b.) If Tony Romo does not lead this team to the Super Bowl, we will forever hear about how much of a choker he is, unless, he NEVER makes a mistake from here on out.

    I don't know why we constantly get upset over these opinions, as if we're going to change them. Winning is the only thing that changes opinions, and even then, it doesn't for the absolute extremely stubborn among us.
  17. boysfanindc

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    Pretty Rank article by Adam Rank.
  18. Doomsday

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    Nice article, the same Orton who just went 6/13 for 34 yards and an interception is better than Romo. Orton wouldn't last 2 weeks if he faced 1/2 the criticism that Romo does.

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