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Who is Bob Lilly? (Don't hurt me, please)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Tass, May 8, 2006.

  1. Tass

    Tass Lucky Devil

    2,261 Messages
    642 Likes Received
    I started watching football and being a Boys fan in 1978 when I was 7 years old, ok? Never seen Bob play but I hear his name bandied about all the time. I would just like to know about the guy as a person and a player. Thanks, Zoners.
  2. lurkercowboy

    lurkercowboy Well-Known Member

    4,114 Messages
    95 Likes Received
    He was the first draft pick in Cowboy history, tremendous player and a great representative for the team off the field. One of the all-time greats.
  3. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

    22,919 Messages
    1,018 Likes Received
    Mr. Cowboy
  4. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

    14,502 Messages
    3,696 Likes Received
    Ban him. [​IMG]
  5. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    Who is Jesus? I grew up in the south and have been to church a few times, and I keep hearing his name come up. Thanks, Zoners!

  6. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,105 Likes Received

    An all around fantastic DT who may have been the most feared man in the NFL for a decade.

    Class personified. As Rack said, "Mr. Cowboy." Our first true superstar player.
  7. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

    7,607 Messages
    110 Likes Received
    First Cowboy inscribed in the Ring of Honor.
  8. shaketiller

    shaketiller Active Member

    784 Messages
    152 Likes Received
    I wish I could post a brilliant article written many, many years ago by the great Texas sportswriter Blackie Sherrod in which the entire column was devoted to just one play -- Bob Lilly rushing Bob Griese when the Cowboys already had their first Super Bowl victory well in hand. He described how Lilly pursued Griese as if the entire season depended upon him getting the sack, which he did.

    Lilly was nicknamed Mr. Cowboy for an awfully good reason as he redefined the defensive tackle position to incorporate speed and quickness as well as great physical stength and size. Lilly was nicknamed the "Purple Cloud" when he was at TCU, but Mr. Cowboy works for me.

    Tom Landry spoke of Lilly in reverential terms, and I don't think even the very, very great Randy White managed to play defensive tackle quite as well. Lilly was the mainstay of the Doomsday Defense, heading a defensive line that was nicknamed "Willie, Lillie, Jethro and George," then later, "Lilly, Larry, Jethro and George. That was Willie Townes and Lilly at DT, Jethro Pugh and George Andrie at DE (Townes was replaced by Larry Cole).

    Lilly was an incredible football player. He did astounding things every time the ball was snapped, and it's hard to argue that he doesn't remain the greatest Cowboy of them all.
  9. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    If you didn't feel bad before - this is a Redskins fan.

    Betcha that PM looks good right about now, eh?

    (Just joshing you - go boys!:star:)
  10. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    This like asking who Ghandi is.....
  11. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

    16,183 Messages
    917 Likes Received
    Not that I want to see someone hurt you but you should probably be shot, banned and then shot again.:)

    Bob Lilly=Mr Cowboy One of the most naturally strong players of all time
  12. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

    31,365 Messages
    2 Likes Received
    Bob Lilly?????? Never heard of him...........:confused: :)

    That's why we have a board.....If you don't know something don't be afraid to ask.

    You might receive a few friendly jabs......ask anyway.
  13. mschmidt64

    mschmidt64 Active Member

    700 Messages
    25 Likes Received

    Yeah, seriously.
  14. TruBlueCowboy

    TruBlueCowboy New Member

    7,301 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Here's an excerpt I originally posted in the History Zone.

    Great story about Lilly!

    It's from Walt Garrison's autobiography:

  15. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    You bite your tongue and whip out that ban button before you get a mutiny the likes of which neither LA OR Detroit have ever seen.
  16. CowboyJeff

    CowboyJeff New Member

    1,905 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Bob's son is the spitting image of Bob circa 1975. When you look at him, it's like you're doing a double-take through a time warp.
  17. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

    7,607 Messages
    110 Likes Received
    In all fairness, I admire your boldness to breach this subject.

    Surprised and disappointed however, that you didnt at least do a little online research first.

    The question should be worded more like : I never had the opportunity to see this Cowboy Legend play, can any of you guys give me a little insight or (even better) first hand recollections of Mr. Cowboy ?
  18. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

    13,693 Messages
    413 Likes Received
    Every time I drove from college back home, I drove through Throckmorton, TX... There was a announcement board and at the top it said, "Home of Dallas Cowboys great Bob Lilly." My first introduction to Mr. Cowboy...
  19. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

    31,365 Messages
    2 Likes Received

    Sometimes we forget we may have a few younger fans that are not familiar w/some of our elite players of the past. Be glad the question was asked...it gives some of the older fans a chance to shine.:)
  20. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    LOL - He's older than me.

    And I'm giving a hard time, as I said in another post.

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