who is Reality?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Jul 18, 2009.

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    The most interesting man in the world?
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    ....Stay thirsty my friends.
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    Wow...I'm way behind. For some reason I just always thought Hostile was the one who started this website. I didn't realise someone else had started it.
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    Man, you ain't never lied! :laugh2:
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    bob I found this link for you and I think it would help you:


    some really special people on there, really special.
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    Reality-- what a concept...

    Just ask Robin Williams...
  8. poke

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    he must be a really famous TV actor because every day i see ads to watch
    this new Reality show or that new Reality show.
    he has even spawned a new genre of TV called Reality TV.
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    Reality does not own a watch.
    He decides what time it is.

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