Who Is The Most Overrated Player In NFL History?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 25, 2012.

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    This is one of the worst sports statements ever made. Joe Montana and Derek Jeter are two hall of famers (jeter will be first ballot) that are arguably the best at their position ever to play their game. Back up your idiotic comment with some facts.
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    Joke post of the day!

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    Donavan McNabb.
  4. Lodeus

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    Joe Namath.
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    probobly Tony Romo. He has the best defense and best Oline in the league and everyone thinks hes so good because he puts up huge numbers with the best oline in the league. He has like 20 seconds to throw and he can always trust his secondary to defend the other side of the ball and he still cant make the playoffs ugh. Look at his center, best center in the league since mike pouncy. Ooooh and terrence newman the shut down corner makes our defense.
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    Dallas has the best line in the league, Really? He was an UDFA... SERIOUSLY...

    You have to be facetious... you must be playing the antogonist... I get that...
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    Anyone say Lynn Swan yet?
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    It's a tie IMO between Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw. If you look at everyone currently in the HOF, these two stick out like a sore thumb. They have incredibly average stats (even for the eras they played in) and neither ever had so much as one statistically memorable year (the kind that guys like Marino, Brees, Young, etc. had).

    Namath is in the HOF because of his SB III prediction (which he played very little part in fulfilling, I might add) and Bradshaw because his teams won 4 SBs (and he threw more INTs than TDs in two of those four years and threw more INTs than TDs in two of those playoff runs).
  10. The30YardSlant

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    Montana isnt overrated, but Derek Jeter sure as hell is.
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    the rapist has to be high on the list- he "won" a SB with a QB rating of like 37 against seattle.
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    .314 career batting average (over 18 year period), 5 World Series, World Series MVP, 4 Silver Slugger awards, 5 Gold Gloves, has ranked #2 and #3 in MVP voting, Rookie of the Year award, Yankee's hits record, Yankees stolen base record, 2 Hank Aaron awards, and 12 time all-star.

    If he is overrated, almost every player in baseball is overrated too.
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    Start a poll...

    Lynn Swann the most undeserving HoF'er.

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