Who is up for a thread on DeSean Jackson's Gang Ties?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Kaiser, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Why would Chip want to ditch that production? Posters are saying "just" to swing his bat? That doesn't add up. I'm sure the truth is somewhere in the middle, but @ the least, DJ is a crab wannabe which is even worse (in my book).
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    I think there were several factors involved. First, Desean Jackson's off the field activities and lack of discipline towards team activities (being late, insubordination, etc.) Secondly, his contract and base salary this year were bloated - about 10 mill in base salary this year, and more next year, yet Desean was complaining and wanting a better contract. Thirdly, the poor image that Desean Jackson had brought on himself and thus to the team. Fourthly, the ability to replace his production through a deep WR draft, including players that are Jackson clones.

    The Eagles used the media to try improve their image on this - to be out ahead of a potential threat to the club. They really had just given up on trying to trade him for a draft pick. It ultimately came down to Chip Kelly and his dislike of the player because of his effect on younger players in the locker room.

    It's a great break for the Cowboys and other teams in the division. To sign him to our team would make our games against them that much more winnable. Having him and Dez on the field would be quite a force. The price will be more than we can comfortably afford, however.
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    Exactly. I think Desean was a locker room problem and was missing practices and all of that, but his performance was so high that he could technically get away with it. When lesser talented guys started trying to adopt his attitude, it becomes a problem... so they found a nice angle to release him.
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    I am not defending him. He is a grown man and can make his own decisions. If he wants to run with gangs and the kids he grew up with then that is his call. I am not going to hold it against him. Until he does something to the contrary I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    He is a gifted athlete who is having difficulty distancing himself from the neighborhood and friends he has spent his whole life around.

    If he is indeed a Crip or a wanna-be that alone does not mean that he cannot be a bright individual. Questionable decision maker, yes.
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    More like an idiot
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    In order to have "difficulty distancing yourself" from something, you first need to TRY distancing yourself from that thing.

    Not only has DeSean Jackson NOT tried to distance himself from the Crip gang, he's done the exact opposite!!!

    Stop trying to paint this idiot as some poor, lost soul who's trying to leave the gang world behind but can't shake the streets. You should save that empathy for a kid who actually deserves it.
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    I agree 100%.

    The Eagles were planning on dumping him for a while. It was reported that Desean shows up to practices literally on the dot, as opposed to earlier like other players, and as soon as practice is over hes out the door.

    A friend of mine is actually friends with Deion Lewis (RB who was on the Eagles but now in Cleveland) and has been around Desean, Shady and all those guys. Before everyone chimes in with the "I'm friends with the brother of so and so who knows so and so", Deion Lewis grew up in my city and actually came back recently with Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie.

    But anyway, Desean has always boasted about not having to practice and still being able to 'do his thing' according to my friend. He's always had the mindset that 'whatever you have to train to do, I can do without much effort.'

    What's also interesting is that when Dez was sporting the "Lazy, but Talented" Nike T shirts a couple years ago, Desean was the only other person I've seen wearing that shirt.

    Chip is a firm believer in his system which includes having a positive work ethic. His conditioning program alone requires much energy and Desean wasn't fitting the mold. The whole "painting him as a thug" thing is just trying to deter the real reasons they released him as this was coming for a long time.
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    Chip and company probably felt that things were not going to get any better and as Shakespeare has said, if it is to be done do it quickly.
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    He is "having difficulty distancing himself" from friends who are "having difficulty distancing themselves" from committing murder.

    That's what ivory tower eggheads call "a big effing problem".
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    not whining....but whatever...
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    Gang activity????

    Sorry this seems like BS. There has to be a whole lot more to this story for the Eagles to allow this type of business to go public. If not, I think it's deplorable to say the least on the Eagles part.

    I actually never cared for Desean much but i don't agree at all with how the Eagles and some media outlets are handling what appears to be a non - story.
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    Chip Kelly is an arrogant ahole and I can't wait until this blows up in his face.
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    Of course there is more to the story. If there wasn't they would not have released him.
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    I don't think the gang ties had much to do with his being cut. I also don't believe the eagles started the gang rumors, those actually started the day after he threw that gang sign at Dhall.

    I think the move was more about his commitment to football in general. Eagles have bad experience with players who wanna-be rap stars and other moon-lighting distractions. By all accounts DeSean didn't buy into to Chip Kelly's program, and I think his on the field antics might have soured Chip too. He wants the offense back up to the line to keep that tempo up, not off throwing sets at the other team or one of the circus stunts DJax pulled.

    I'm not happy about the move though and I do think the offense will be less explosive. I also hope he doesn't sign with the 'skins, but if it comes to pass I won't lose any sleep.
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    Also, no one's accusing Jacc of gang activity, at least not that I'm aware of. He affiliates with gang members though and adopts a gang persona. Theron Shakir was charged with a murder, and recorded for Jaccson's record label. I'd prefer football players to stay out of the rap game all together and concentrate on football, the fact that some of their fellow rappers will be gang members well no sh__.
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    I'm a little behind. Haven't been following sports news this week. Why exactly was he released? Because he took a picture with a few gang members? I feel like the majority of NFL players have some associates who dabble in the dark arts. There has to be something more to this story.
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    Kansas City needs a receiver.

    Andy Reid knows Jackson better than anyone.

    Reid didn't even pick up the phone.

    Case closed.
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