Who is your all-time least favorite Cowboy?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 17yearsandcounting, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. khiladi

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    Is that like a Princeton mind in football? Also, what does presentation have to do with football knowledge? Must be like Garrett's 'impressive' interviewing capabilities that make him a genius coach...

    The guy couldn't read defenses on the field, chucking up INTs and floating ducks.
  2. khiladi

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    Akin Ayodele topped him in terms of sucking in pass coverage... Hard to do, but it was done.
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  3. sadams

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    Joey Galloway
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  4. Texan_Eph89

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    Antonio Bryant definitely makes the list.
  5. DWhite Fan

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    Then, by your own terms, you are slamming Jones and Parcells for bring Drew here to begin with and re-affirming my original point that they set Bledsoe up to fail...And if it had not been for Drew coming off the bench to beat Pittsburgh in the 2001 AFC title game, Brady would not have gotten that first ring...but, of course you probably don't remember that fact...
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  6. erod

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    You don't think he knows football?

    By your definition, you have to be an all-pro to understand the game. How is Belichick any good then? Parcells? Payton? Carroll?

    The guy has a brilliant understanding of the game. He just wasn't a good enough athlete to succeed.

    Would you rather have some imbecile like Irvin or Haley doing commentary? LOL
  7. NJ22

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    I think this POS is a free "man" now.
  8. GimmeTheBall!

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    Who do POS means?

    Life is cheap, yes?
  9. the_h0wey

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    Patrick Crayton. I was at the Giants playoff game we lost because of him. I think that was our year and he screwed it up. I was happy to see that he went on to do nothing when he left Dallas.
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  10. coult44

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    Then go be a fan of another team where you have fans who don't give a crap or not. Cowboys fans have always been the most loyal, hard core fans in the NFL. One man has sucked the life out of them and caused fans like you to turn on them.

    As far as this threads topic. Here are a few: Ball, Proctor, Carter, and every safety to wear a star on their hat since Woody.
  11. KJJ

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    I said it was reported they came to blows and it was by at least one source at the time. The article I posted said they nearly came to blows that's not good enough for you? You said you follow the team very closely and never heard anything about TO and Witten having a confrontation but the article I posted proves they did. Even though team sources confirmed there was a confrontation both TO and Witten denied it. Immediately after the 08 season Jerry did a radio interview with Norm Hitzges and the Witten/TO altercation as well as everything else that went down with TO during the final month of the season was discussed. Norm asked Jerry if it would work with TO on the team going forward and Jerry said he believed it could work so there was clearly an issue with TO. Jerry said he wasn't going to release him but a few weeks later a report surfaced on this board that Stephen and Jerry had a heated argument over TO and that Stephen didn't want him on the team. That argument had nothing to do with TO's age or him being less productive because he produced over 1000 yards and 10 TD's in 2008. The argument had to do with team chemistry and TO being a distraction.

    Jerry denied that Stephen was lobbying to cut TO. When TO was finally released after weeks of speculation Jerry said his release had nothing to do with any issues with him but that the team wanted to go with their younger receivers. LOL Jerry wasn't about to admit the real reason he cut TO he made no mention about wanting to go with his younger receivers during interviews immediately after the season. The Cowboys ended up replacing TO with Patrick Crayton who was a slot receiver and Roy Williams who was a #2 receiver to start the 09 season. In 08 Crayton and Roy Williams combined didn't put up the yards and TD's TO did. Miles Austin wouldn't have never gotten an opportunity to start during the 09 season had Roy Williams not gotten injured. TO was released because he became a distraction like he did in SF and Philly. Things would start off great with him initially then rifts between him and his QB's would occur. He was having a rift with Romo because he thought Romo and Witten were holding private meetings excluding him.

    After TO was released he made some comments that weren't exactly flattering about Romo. Prior to the Cowboys/Eagles matchup in the season finale this past season TO said on NFLN that he thought the Cowboys had a better chance to win with Kyle Orton at QB which proves he's still harboring ill feelings towards Romo. It's normal for a WR to want the ball but when they require a certain number of catches each week to keep them happy and begin having issues with their QB when they're not involved enough that's not healthy for a team. The Cowboys entered the 09 season wanting Romo to spread the ball around which was another indication that he was having to force balls to TO to keep him happy. We see it all the time on video of TO looking in the camera yelling I LOVE ME SOME ME because he was a ME guy not a team guy.
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  12. KJJ

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    If you're going to dislike a player for moving on you could include a lot of former Cowboy players. The NFL is a business and players come and go. Norton was an excellent player for the Cowboys who made one of the great plays in SB history a goal line stop that prevented the Bills from scoring a TD in SB XXVII did you forget that play? I have no issue with a player moving on in free agency due to a better offer. They have to think about their future because once a team is done with them they're kicked to the curb. There's very little loyalty in the NFL.
  13. Arkyvarminter

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    Deion Sanders by a mile..........
  14. JackWagon

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    Deion or Pacman Jones ... its a tossup.
  15. DMAC

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    Tony Romo. He has single handedly kept us out of the playoffs for years. Not that it's his fault, he is what he is, but we should have traded him 5 years ago and signed a QB that can win. not choke.

    Carry on.
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  16. Seven

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    Barbie Carpenter,Marcellus Wiley and Pacman.

    Wiley was a theif. Admitted as such on espn. Said he knew his tank was empty but bilked jerry out of the cash. Complained the whole time he was here too.

    Barbie was a straight up wuss.

    Pacman. Pffft.......
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    Deion Sanders

    It's not even close.
  18. nathanlt

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    You are a true Cowboys fan, I simply could not agree more with what you said.. Terrell Owens is an idiot, and Jerry is a bigger idiot for signing him afterwards.
  19. WPBCowboysFan

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    This is a good choice. Also it would be any Cowboy that went to the Redskins by choice.
  20. WPBCowboysFan

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    Im certain you will be the only Cowboys fan to list Bill Bates as your least favorite.
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