Who isn't giving up on the season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Honestly, I don't get threads like these, at all. We're in contention for a playoff spot....until we aren't. It's not something to prepare yourself for emotionally. All you do is watch the games. We're beat up, and we just dropped a game we couldn't afford to drop. So did everybody else. It isn't a fan-card check moment. And I'm not a happy fan for thinking we're contending for a playoff spot. We simply are. Understanding that doesn't make me a homer. And it doesn't put me at risk for having my feelings hurt later. I'm a big boy. I understand how NFL playoff seeding works. And I've seen enough games in this league to know what a difference four or five weeks actually makes.

    You'd think we'd all be aware of that by now. Seriously. No? What am I missing that this stuff is an open debate? Is it really just boiling down to people who are depressed about the team wanting the people who are excited about it to feel the same way they do? And vice versa? Even though both sides really know they have to just wait to see how it plays out? Because that seems pretty silly.
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    1 in 175,223,510.00

    Is it that bad? lol

    EDIT- Wow. Im never buying a POWERBALL ticket.
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    There's competing, and then being or becoming more competitive than we already are within the sheer nature of the contention.

    I get what you're saying about the OP though. I was just adding to it.
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    The bickering and animosity has gotten worse over the years, and will probably continue to get worse as long as the team remains mired in mediocrity.

    There are two warring factions on this board. They're often referred to as the realists and the happy fans. I call them the cynics and the super fans.

    Whatever you call them, they both have the same goal: protecting themselves emotionally from the constant disappointment that this team brings. However, they go about achieving this goal in starkly different ways, and that's the source of the animosity.

    Cynics protect themselves by always expecting the worst, and they tend to lash out people who give them reason to not expect the worst. After all, if they aren't expecting the worst and the worst comes, they might be disappointed.

    Super fans have a much different way of protecting themselves. They take their team's struggles and use them as an opportunity to show everyone what a loyal and true fan they are. Unfortunately, they tend to attack posters who don't meet their lofty criteria for true fandom. This often puts them at odds with the cynics.

    I, for one, can't wait until the Cowboys start winning again because wins whitewash the differences between us.
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    lol I can somewhat relate. You probably cant see it but I have a cool little WARNING GRAPH thingy under my avatar. The general sports forum where I post most often allows absolute slashing of other members and very little is bannable.Though there is no almost no fighting among fellow Cowboy fans. I like this forum and that it requires restraint. There are some really old school guys here that have amazing memories of all but forgotten games and tidbits of Cowboy trival that is mindblowing.

    No doubt. the heated back-and-forth exchanges is all related to everyone having too much emotionally invested into a team that plays on TV.
    The gods need to relieve the tension with a Super Bowl

    Yeah Ive noticed that when someone starts a post with "Im a realist" they are about to explain how the Cowboys suck.
  6. CowboyMcCoy

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    ...and then some of us are more accepting of each others differences. Scipio is much different than I--not that there's anything wrong with that--but we still manage to get along quite well. :D


    Seriously, there is a certain level of comradery even between posters who vehemently disagree. TTexasTTtick around long enough and you'll see.
  7. CowboyMcCoy

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    Don't forget, some of us are happy fans and realists.... :)
  8. T-RO

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    No. It's time You need to go away, fan nazi.
  9. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I haven't given up...No matter how ugly it was to be in the situations they have been in the last 2 games with injuries all over the place & a poor 1st half, I witnessed a team that hasn't and won't quit, battling back 2 weeks in a row.. If we can at least get Murray/Rat/Lissemore/Miles/Smith back this week, I feel Sims/Connor can be decent enough to make plenty of stops week after week. I would rather this thing turn around and have some meaningful football to come, so I gotta try and be a little optimistic. Especially looking at the schedule, I see very winnable games & I think we can match up with any team, just gotta get that W
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    Honest question. What has any of these players done for you to have faith in them? They have stumbled and crumbled in every big game they have played in. There is some talent on this team, they have never played up to their potential. You can't blame just Garrett. Some of these same players quit on Wade. When a player quits one time, they will do it again. This team has problems winning two games in a row. I don't have faith in the players, coaches or front office at the present time. They have done nothing for me to have faith in any of them.
  11. jnday

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    The only people that I have seen that thinks Dallas is in contention is the Jones family and Cowboy fans. I know you like to take the wait and see approach on most things, but this team has played poorly even in the games that they won. The first game of the year was their best game and things went downhill after that game. The bottom line is that this is not a good team.

    There are some things that can be predicted with ease. We debated the oline early this year and you said wait and see. Now you are saying that fans should wait and see it this is a playoff team. Both of these topics are some of the ones that are easy to predict.

    You may not be a homer, happy fan or whatever, but you share their viewpoint. Only seeing the positive view or waiting to see what happens and defending some of the teams stupid moves are a sure sign of sunshine pumping.
  12. Idgit

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    Whoa, now. I told you to wait-and-see re: the OL, and it turned out you were completely wrong in your take. Be honest, at least. The concern--and by 'concern' I mean 'source of constant, never-ending multi-threaded teeth-gnashing gibbering angst around here was Phil Cost and the OC position. It was not having a backup C. It was were-we-going-to-spend-$50M-on-a-FA-OG, and I-hate-the-FA-OGs-we-signed-they-can't-play. It was I'm-not-worried-about-the-tackles.

    What we got, instead, was solid play at LG, remarkable play from Costa in basically a single game. We ended up with a serviceable veteran C at a reasonable price who held up adequately under very difficult situations, a RG who missed camp, had surgery, started poorly, and has leveled off into an adequate player. And a disappointment at LT and a confusing hole in need of an immediate upgrade at RT. I was right to tell you to wait and see what you were going to get, because it was very, very different from what you expected. Just because you were overwhelmingly negative in your position to start with, doesn't mean you get to take credit when things turn our poorly for completely unrelated reasons. Accuracy matters.

    As to 'only seeing the positive,' I know some posters who don't pay all that close attention think that...because I aggressively defend the team from arguments I think are weak or, in some cases, beyond stupid. There are a lot of them (stupid arguments). But I've got plenty of criticisms about this team. I've been on turnovers forever, because that's the real reason we're in the position were in again this season. I'm critical of the coach when it comes to the penalties and clock management. I criticize the red zone running game efficiency (though not the play calling), our WR's route adjustments and focus, roster decisions like Derrick Dockery who can't pickup a single stunt or handle a delayed blitz. Our QB play at times this year has not been good enough. There are a lot of things about the team that I don't like or that I recognize need to be done better, and I'm not shy about sharing it. It just gets ignored in the cacophony of complaints about anything and anyone that moves around here.

    What I don't agree with is the idea that, because some things aren't good, everything must change. The fact is, we're a ~500 team, in a league where the difference between ~500 and championship contention can be 20-25 plays all season, and where an 8-8 record is not necessarily a median record. Sometimes, you really do have to be patient to see what's going to happen because the intervening games affect the season. Otherwise, you end up freaking out early about your OG positions, and it ends up being the OTs or the ILBs that get you killed in the win-or-go-home game in week 17, and we all look back on your early hysteria and tease you about how silly your posts look in retrospect while you're taking a victory lap for being pessimistic for all the wrong reasons and hoping nobody notices. Nobody wants to be that guy.
  13. Mansta54

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    It would be RIDICULOUS to give up on this season, we're right in the thick of things and this is a week to week league. I WOULD NEVER THROW IN THE TOWEL!!!!!!
  14. poost

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    Well if you really think about it. The playoffs start this week for the Cowboys!!!
  15. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Yep, can't get much more clear for the players to make every snap count from here on out
  16. Funxva

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    I have not given up on the season. I will root for the team each and every game.
  17. jnday

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    We debated Costa and I still stand with my position that four linemen needs replaced. I.was not in favor in favor of signing any free agent linemen. I want the line drafted. The line ended up a mess. I was wrong about one thing. Romo hasn't got injured, yet.

    The line is the main reason that this team will not reach the playoffs. Injuries and turnovers have hurt, but several more games would have been won with decent line play. As I stated earlier, there is no need to wait and see what this team does. It is over and has been for a while.

    As for being negative, I sure am. Being a Cowboy fan for over 40 years and seeing the sorry level of play the last several years, tends to make me that way. There are several posters on this board that could do a better job running this team than the current GM.
  18. Ultra Warrior

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    I'm not giving up on it. So long as there's a chance, no matter how small or how unlikely, I'm still pulling for my team til we win the Super Bowl or we're eliminated. :starspin
  19. panchucko

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    Never quit, if the boys get mathematically eliminated, I will still root for them to be spoilers, Stealers, Saints and Redskins maybe playing for their playoff lives.
  20. CowboysPhan

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    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! I think this is exactly what is going on here, and why there are so many posters sniping at each other. Misery loves company, and so does optimism. When anyone feels very strongly about something, they naturally want others to share in their feelings, and when they encounter people with the extreme opposite viewpoint it just annoys the bejeebers out of them. This is true of people on both sides of the spectrum.

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