News: Who Really Runs the Offense, Garrett or Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Weird title. I guess this is what DC was thinking when he named it, because they talked for maybe 10 seconds total about Garrett.

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    Dukes made a collosel arse out of himself insinuationg that Romo does not respect the game.

    By th way, by far, the biggest CHOKING QB last Sunday was Ben Chokethisburger in Pittsburgh. How come this round table of of egomniacs never asked the question "Do you trust rothlisburger with the game on the line"? Beacause the only correct answer there is "not without that defense".

    Jamie Dukes closes the segment by talking up Romo's accomplishemnts in the regular season, then goes on to talk about how Hall of Fame jackets are earned in the postseason. So I expect in the next segment for Dukes to invite Dan Marino to the show to ask him to turn in his yellow jacket.

    What a TURD! :rolleyes:
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    again, only the games Romo losses are important.

    Any games that Romo wins are ones "he suppose to win".

    Selective memory.
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    im glad the video pic is of i know not to waste y time watching it...
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    Why is it everytime there is a question about the Cowboys are a Cowboy player that a segment of the fan base likes they start pointing fingers at other teams and players? What Ben did this weekend had nothing to do with Romo, and I'm sure in articles about the Steelers they are commenting on Ben not taking care of the ball and not saying everyone should be focusing on Romo.
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    Its called a comparison of similar situations. Ben's performance this weekend has nothing to do with Romo's beyond saying that it was much much worse in a division rivalry amongst teams that are constantly vying for control of that division.
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    that was a great candid discussion. i loved it. thanks for the post.
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    Thats bugs me so much.
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    Kind of an awkward video title from the discussion.

    Maybe 2% revolved around the title.

    I thought what Deion said was reasonable. He's unsure if Romo can lead the team to a Championship, I see nothing wrong with that.

    Jamie Dukes and Marshall are hoping he can't more than actually think he can't.
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    On the nosey. The persecution complex held by some around here borders on the absurd.

    Oh and btw, Ben gets a few mulligans cuz ya know, he has won the big one...more than once.

    I'm not big on knee jerk negativity....but this stuff is every bit as annoying

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