Who the Hell is Mel Kiper - Top 10 Draft Day Moments

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Kilyin, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Really don't like Kiper, so I enjoyed this.

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    How in the world does Trent Dilfer's SB victory 'vindicate' Kiper?

    Best defense in the NFL since the '85 Bears that went against a lame duck Giants and squeeked thru in the playoffs because their offense was terrible. Meanwhile Harbaugh led the Colts the AFC Championship game where he was a main factor for that. And Alberts was a great collegiate player who flamed out because of injuries.

    I think Kiper has done a lot of great things for making the draft what it is today. I think he's mediocre in assessment, pretty good in acquiring information and average at deciphering good vs. bad information.

    But it's preposterous to think that Kiper won the argument. Just like he was years ago when he and Merrill Hoge went after each other when Hoge said that USC WR Mike Williams and QB Matt Leinart were not worth first round selections.

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    Yeah. Dilfer isn't gettin that SB in Indy.

    I liked the video. Never seen it before.

    I don't care either way about Mel. He's plugged in to the league but his record is far from sterling. I wish you could get previous 1st round drafts on download. Cut out some garbage time between picks and show Mel's commentary. It's easy to remember bad picks when you're wed to the player. Doubtful anyone remembers what Mel says after a week.
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    One thing they miss out on Mel is that Mel hated the Colts. Mel got into the league thru Ernie Accorsi (Mel is from Baltimore). Accorsi worked for Bob Irsay, one of the worst owners in the history of sports. Accorsi and Irsay didn't like each other and at that time Irsay was the owner of the Colts. Typical ESPN conflict of interest stuff.

  5. DFWJC

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    That was a long, long time ago.

    He was the first and has made a 30+ year career out of it.

    I think what Kiper did was bring the draft out in the forefront.
    Those of you who don't recall the draft beforehand (or you were not living yet) have no idea what a non-event it was. It certainly was not televised.

    The guy had a passion for scouting players and gathering unreal volumes of data on players so obscure that, in the early years, 20% of the GMs and scouting departments had not even heard of some of them.

    This is NOT to say his evaluations were correct. But the fact that he could tell you very scouting fact about a a running back from Western Kentucky or Campbell College, when most scouts had never even heard the player's name, was a bit intimidating.

    The hit rate on draft picks was very low--even inthe early rounds--in the early years.
    It was not uncommon for him to have a far higher hit rate than the norm.
    I think in this higher tech age, all the teams have caught up and surpassed the Kipers of the world. But that was not always the case.

    Of course, as brash as he was at time, any GM would rightly not take it well if this kid criticized him. It made for good TV though. And 30 years later, the draft is a huge event.

    Later, he got humbled enough that he toned it down a good bit.

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    Well, I for one, do believe that Kiper was way more right then he was wrong there.

    Dilfer may not have been a HOF QB but, he did have an NFL career, he did have a Pro Pro Bowl year and he did win a Super Bowl.

    Tev Albert's career, the 5th over all pick in 94 consisted of the following:

    Games played 29
    Games started 7
    Tackles 69
    Forced fumbles 3
    Interceptions 1

    Not much to show for the 5th overall pick.

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