Who Was the Most Accurate NFL Draft Expert This Year?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Probably me.

    Maybe Mel.
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    I've never cared about who can get the most picks correct. That means nothing to me. I'll find out the picks when the time comes. I'm more interested in who can hit on projections of players more than the others. Whose got the best batting average on who can play at the next level and who can't?
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    It's entertaining watching you only acknowledge criticisms that you know you can rebut. You sure will crow about what you have gotten right though.
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    As the article talks about, its not really about mock drafts. Its about the top 100 boards. Which is basically the forecast for 1st 3 rounds.

    Goose Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News used to be the best at guessing the top 100. He had sources with so many teams and in the industry, he would actually be able to get information about alot of team's boards. He would then put together his top 100 based on that information.

    The year we took Robert Brewster, he had him in his top 100. Nobody in the country had Brewster rated that high. Most didnt even know who he was. But Goose's source with the Cowboys kept bringing up Brewster. He knew we wanted him in the 3rd round. Cowboys got him at pick 75.

    The top guy this year was Bob McGinn who writes for a Milwaukee newspaper. He is really tuned into the draft. He got 87 out of the top 100.
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    Still has Mayock up there with good scores. He's been my favorite draft guy to listen to on television for awhile now.

    Will have to pay more attention to McGinn's work online next year though.
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    getting a mock draft correct is more about throwing **** up against the wall and seeing what sticks, some journalism goes into it, but there's no way to know what 32 teams are truly thinking. And that's why.....idiots.....always bash Mel, saying he sucks, because when it comes to mock drafts, he's not more accurate than anyone else.

    But when it comes to player evaluations, he's typically right more than he's wrong.
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    I heard Mayock interviewing Bill Belichick during NFLN's draft coverage. Belichick complimented Mayock on the job he does and I think he was being sincere. If Belichick respects Mayock's work, that's good enough for me.
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    Belicheck was Mayocks DB coach when he was drafted, I believe. They are good friends, no way he cricizes him on TV. Just like Mayock didn't criticize him for drafting an UDFA in the 3rd round. Which is where most folks had the Rutgers safety.
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    Most of the lists are where the author ranks the players value but not where they expect the player to be drafted. Many lists had Warmack at #3 but the same analyst had him 10 or more picks later in their mock drafts.
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    You can't be serious? Your opinion makes Jerry look brilliant.
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    Here is the list of the top pickers


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