Who would you choose for the Cowboys pick if the draft goes like this? (NFL MOCK)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Apr 7, 2007.


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    I'd trade down and not think twice. However, if I had to pick somebody, it would probably one of the following depending on our board.

    Joe Staley
    Robert Meacham
    Chris Houston
    Justin Harrell
  2. T-New41

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    Yes. After we trade out of 22. The only problem with trading down is, we would need someone else to fall in love with a prospect and be willing to trade with us. This is a deep draft, many teams might just want to stay where they are and get a good pick at a lower price than at 22. To get another 2nd or 3rd, we will have to drop out of the 1st, like the year we traded with Buffalo.
  3. IndianaCowboyFan

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    What are the opinions of the depth of next years draft class? If either the cb or wr is superior or inferior to this years class that would play a big part in deciding this year who the Cowboys pick. I would prefer to see us go with a cb.
  4. Bob Sacamano

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  5. Bob Sacamano

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    I like your thinking
  6. cobra

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    Trade down

    No to Moss
    No to Jarrett
  7. CowboyWay

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    I think we take Meachem at 22. This draft is pretty deep at the safety and CB spots. In the second round take the best player either safety or CB there. Don't forget, many teams might shy away from a player like Merriweather because of his behavior. Don't be shocked if he lasts till the middle of the 2nd round. If there isn't anyone good there, there should be a quality guard still available.

    Rember we have a boatload of second day picks. Package a few up to move up a few spots in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Just stay away from Jarrett, thats really all I care about.
  8. Silverstar

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    Simply because he shouldn't be there...and he won't be there.

    I would normally pick Moss, but I thinking Moses in the 2nd round is a better value anyway.

    I don't even want to draft a WR on the 1st day


    1. Lower picks like Crayton and Colston quickly come to mind among many others.
    2. Jones will be shelling out about 20+ million in contract/bonuses this season for Owens and Glenn alone!
    3. With young talent like Crayton, Hurd, Austin, Rector, Urban and newly signed Jamel Richardson, there's simply no urgency to draft a WR early.
  9. CrazyCowboy

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    I agree with you 100 percent.....
  10. RealCowboyfan

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    I do like Houston. He shut down Meachem and Jarrett with no problem.
  11. Tristan

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    Jarrett, since Ginn is gone.
  12. HardHittingRoy31

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    I'd pick Aaron Ross or Micheal Griffen.
  13. jobberone

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    If you could draft a Roy Williams who can cover would you pass him up? Would you pass up the next Woody?

    Nelson is as close to that and being a no risk pick as there is.

    Since he is all that he will not be there at 22 though. If I thought I could trade up in the second to get Meriweather then I'd take Meachum.

    Just say no to Jarrett.
  14. FuzzyLumpkins

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    hear here!!!!
  15. ajk23az

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    im jw but why would the cards take peterson if they just tied a ton of money into edge?

    anyways---i would take meachem or nelson...probably meachem bc we are getting progressively older at WR
  16. RealCowboyfan

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    Dwayne Jarrett
  17. AtlCB

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    BPA - Reggie Nelson
  18. dalboy

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    JOE MOMA joking probally the wide out from Tennesse.
  19. CCBoy

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    My trio to take at the #22 pick, are Moss, Nelson, and Meachem....that, or trade down and take Justin Blalock as the first pick....
  20. RealCowboyfan

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    I figure we probably could trade down anyways and still get a good player.

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