Who would you have drafted?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JonJon, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. JonJon

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    If you had the opportunity to reverse any draft pick from the last 3 drafts, by taking someone else that was left on the board when it was the Cowboys turn to pick, who would it have been?
  2. Tio

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    Al Johnson for Anquan Boldin...
  3. Qwickdraw

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    I completely agree with Tio.

    Boldin for Johnson.
  4. TheKey

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    Carson Palmer
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    "by taking someone else that was left on the board when it was the Cowboys turn to pick"

    I don't think Carson Palmer was sitting there on the board when our pic came up.
  6. wileedog

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    Rogers for anybody.
  7. Mr Cowboy

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    Max Starks, (PIT, 3rd RD, #75) instead of Jacob Rogers, (DAL, 2nd RD, #52).
  8. AbeBeta

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    yeah, that one looks good now. but remember -- OT in that draft was odd. after Andrews went at 16 no one was taken until Rogers at 52 -- then no one until Stark at 75. That tells me that there wasn't high rated talent - and that we reached for need. Nick Hardwick went at 66. That would be my choice.
  9. JonJon

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    Here are mine:

    2004 draft

    Round 2 - CB Joey Thomas (round 3) instead of Jacob Rogers, but I understand why we went with Rogers, because I believe Parcells thought Thomas would still be available when our 3rd round came up and we needed O line help badly. We still almost got Thomas again this season, but the Saints snatched him off the waiver wire. In hind site, the obvious correct pick here should have been Nathan Vasher (round 4) instead, but at the time, I thought Thomas was the better corner. I also think Parcells had his eye on Vasher, but he went early in the 4th and we ended up with Thornton.

    Round 3 - QB Matt Schuab instead of G Stephen Peterman

    2003 draft

    Round 2 - I also thought Al Johnson was a reach and we could have gotten a solid starter on day 2 of the draft, and Boldin would been the obvious replacement here. Also, looking at the draft results, S Michael Doss and LJ Smith were still on the board at the time. It's a good thing we lucked out with Witten in round 3.
  10. neosapien23

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    No one knew Boldin was going to be that good. To fault dallas for not taking him would be ludicrous. Al Johnson had a great combine while boldin turned in a slow 40 time. I would have taken either Cory Webster or Kalif Barnes instead of Burnett and I agree with you on the Rogers pick. Peterman was a beast in college and had no injury concerns. The injuty his first year was a fluke. Lets give him a chance this year.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Oh that is easy...I would have only drafted the Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the years for each season....only players I knew would make the pro bowls....only the players that I knew would be great players. I would never draft anyone that would become a bust, I would never draft anyone that would become an injury person, I would never draft anyone that would become a character problem.

    So yes this is easy.

    Now...the hard part, is finding those players BEFORE the drafts are over.

  12. gbrittain

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    OK, Understand the question but I like to buck the rules a bit. I am going back a little bit further than 3 years.

    I am going to say in the 2000 draft I would take Tom Brady instead of Mario Edwards.

    Now in the spirit of this thread, it has already been said, but Anquan Boldin would look good in the Blue and Silver.
  13. arglebargle

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    Yeah, my 20/20 hindsight drafts are always amazingly good!
  14. Sitting Bull

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    I know Al Johnson's stock is down but at least he's been on the field for us. Jacob Rodgers was a reach when he was drafted and is the busted pick you have to do over. Cards DT Darnell Dockett was taken 12 picks later. The rap was that he was dumb as a box of hammers. But, in hindsight, so were we for passing on him.
  15. Chuck 54

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    2005...no change


    Has 1 single pick proven anything yet? Julius Jones, Jacob Rogers, Peterman, Thornton, Ryan, Nate Jones, Crayton, Reeves.

    Sorry, that's proven to be as bad a draft so far as JJ ever had before Parcells. Crayton and Reeves are bit players at best...Crayton disappeared the entire season after returning from his injury...why? he's the type of player with bad habits who needs constant practice, according to Parcells...that's no glowing endorsement, and he should have had tons of opportunities as the 3rd receiver...I see no reason to suspect he'll be a starter as a #1 or #2 some day. half of the draft from only 2 years ago isn't even on the roster anymore. Julius, for all we hope to see of him, hasn't proven he can be a full time starter...injuries, injuries, injuries. You can't have a RB like that in the NFL...another part time year from him and it will be time to look for a full time star RB in the draft again. He had 1 good game this year.


    I'd have taken Leftwich over Newman....I'd have been happy with Henry, Ty Law or someone from FA, and Leftwich as my QB this year and for the next decade.

    Anyone over Johnson (2nd), Tucker, Z. Smith, and BAtes.

    All things considered, it's a good thing Parcells listened to his scouts and had a great draft this year because his first two drafts really sucked.
  16. Double Trouble

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    Wow. 2003 sucked.

    Three years in, Leftwich has yet to prove he anything but an average QB. Johnson, I can agree with, but at least he's still in the league. The 3rd rounder in '03 has been a probowler, and the 4th rounder played near a probowl level for the last 2/3rds of the season. We should only hope our drafts continue to suck like this.
  17. GoCowboysGo

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    Leftwich over Newman.

    I couldn't believe it when it happened. I knew it would happen, but I knew, surrounded with a good offense, that Leftwich could be a pro-bowl player. He is really smart, a great pocket passer with a little mobility.

    But someone wanted Quincy Carter instead. Carter the QB that we had to dumb down our offense because he could't handle the complexity. WOW!

    This one, to me, ranks as one of the all time worst. That's saying something considering Jones' penchant for *** up drafts since Jimmy left.
  18. Ashwynn

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    When did Gallery come out. I remember when he was drafted. I thought he would be so awesome on our line. I dont remember the year and who we eventually picked. but so long as its not Newmans year. I think I would have taken Robert Gallery over whoever we picked that year. I would hate to give up Roy, but Gallery would have been a better help to us this year for sure then Roy was. Not that Roy was bad, but he cant play Oline.
  19. gbrittain

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    Robert Gallery came out in last years draft. He was picked right after Eli Manning. No shot at Robery for the Boys since we were picking #22.
  20. The30YardSlant

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    2003, Ed Reed over Terence Newman

    Newman is good, Reed is the best DB in football

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