Who would you have picked if you were GM?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wimbo, Apr 28, 2012.

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    No trades. You can't pick someone that was already picked prior to these draft slots. If you were the GM of the Dallas Cowboys, who would you have taken in this draft as it unfolded? As you consider each pick, keep in mind that you would not have the benefit of seeing the rest of the draft if you were picking in real time. Just curious who people would have picked. I think it will be fun to look back on this thread in a year or two & see how we fair against the Dallas braintrust. Here is mine (this was harder than I thought it would be):

    1(6): Morris Claiborne
    3 (81): Brandon Thompson - DT Clemson
    4 (113): Orson Charles - TE Georgia
    4 (135): Terrell Manning - OLB NC State
    5 (152): Marvin Jones - WR California
    6 (186): Brandon Washington - OG Miami
    7 (222): Alfonzo Dennard - DB Nebraska (yes, I know about his issues. But he was once considered a 1st or 2nd round pick... 7th round is where you can take a chance like this).
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    You said no trades, then you took Claiborne:eek:

    Did you mean that after we traded for Claiborne, no more trades?
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    1(6): Morris Claiborne
    3 (81): Brandon Thompson
    4 (113): Josh Norman
    4 (135): Jonathan Massaquoi
    5 (152): Danny Coale
    6 (186): James Hanna
    7 (222): David Molk
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    1 (6): Morris Claiborne - CB, LSU
    3 (81): Alameda Ta'amu - NT, Washington
    4 (113): Orson Charles - TE Georgia
    4 (135): Josh Norman - CB, Coastal Carolina
    5 (152): Danny Coale - WR VA Tech
    6 (186): Billy Winn - DE, Boise St
    7 (222): David Molk - C, Michigan

    And priority UDFA Case Keenum - QB, Houston :laugh2:

    That said, I like our draft. A lot of the players we selected would be the next guy after the guy I have above. Hanna especially might be great value. Matt Johnson wasn't on my radar but his highlights and production are very appealing.

    The 7th rounder was the only guy I don't see having a role. There were about 17 other guys drafted after him I feel would have been better.
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    Yeah that what it appears to be what he's saying. With Dallas' picks (the way they actually ended up after Claiborne move) who would you have selected. The "no trades" is to avoid people shuffling around the picks to make it a different situation. This way we can compare apples to apples. At least that's how I'm reading it.
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    bingo. I was kinda surprised as I went through this exercise... I thought I would address the OL problem, but there were not a lot of options to do that.

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