Whoever loses next week's game with the Eagles is done

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by muck4doo, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. rickjameschinaclub

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    They also won a couple of very close games against teams they should have soundly beat.
  2. Star4Ever

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    This ^
  3. viman96

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    Do you think Dallas will finish 7-1 on the season and finish 10-6 overall?
  4. Star4Ever

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    I would so love to be wrong, but I don't see this team picking itself up off the ground. Not because they aren't capable, but because they're too stupid, undisciplined, and poorly coached. Barring all the self destruction, this could be a contending team. Barring balls, my uncle would be my aunt.
  5. viman96

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    Who sees 7 wins below? Or even 6 wins?

    @ Philadelphia
    @ Cincinnati
    New Orleans
    @ Washington
  6. RXP

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    Sadly, I agree. I've never seen such a stupid and undisiplined team in my life, with the possible exception of the Cowboys last year (see the Arizone game). Their penchant for self-destruction is unparalleled.

    The things that are wrong with this team is fixable, yet they don't get fixed. That's the most frustrating part.

    If the poles reverse, the sun start rising in the west and the Cowboys become a smart, disiplined team, I could see this team going 7-1 or even 8-0.

    Unfortunalely, I don't see any of these things happening.
  7. Risen Star

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    You can stick a fork in both teams. This is merely a battle of pride. I'm sure the players believe they're still in it but neither team will be in the playoffs.

    The reason isn't the 3-5 record. Both are fatally flawed and incapable of going on a run.
  8. Hook'em#11

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  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Eagles look done already. We may win a blowout this week as they implode. It's going to be one of those games where the Eagles wish they were on the road instead of at home.
  10. Coy

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    Win win for me, Cowboys win and we still have a fighting chance of getting to the playoffs with 5 out of the last 7 at home.
    Cowboys lose (although I never want them to lose) we are one step closer to getting rid of JG and hopefully bringing in a a guy who can actually coach.
  11. McLovin

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    I dont see victories over Was and Cincy
  12. StarBoyz83

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    No murray again vs eagles gonna be a tough game. I just dont know if the boys will win. Cant win games on fgs alone
  13. nake

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    The Eagles are going down, and the fans will be calling for Vick's head after the game. I can't wait.
  14. dallasdave

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    Better turn them over because one side is overdone.:laugh1:
  15. bigdnlaca

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    Yeah, like they are playing much better football than the Cowboys. Didn't Was just lose to Carolina? Didn't Cincy lose to the Browns?

    All games are winnable, it is up for the Cowboys to make it happen. Maybe the only team(s) where the Cowboys have to play A+ football are the Steelers and maybe New Orleans depending on what their record is. The rest of the games are winnable even if the Cowboys don't play their best football.
  16. jday

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    I watched the game last night and felt a bit encouraged by the Cowboys chances against the Eagles. Trouble is, last year the Cowboys were the one team the Eagles actually looked really good against. So I'm not really sure what to expect.
  17. RXP

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    The problem with this is that the Cowboys are terrible at home. They play better on the road. The Cowboys have no home field advantage.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    We are already done.

    The Eagles probably thrash us.

    There is NO WAY we pull a Giants and go on "a run".

    We dont have the makeup in any way, shape or form. Someone, Jerry, would literally have to sell his soul for that to happen.
  19. Nirvana

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    Just accept the fact this is not a team destined for greatness this season, and enjoy each game for what it can bring and look forward to the draft.
  20. Coy

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    You are right but hey, I can dream right?
    After this week, they are playing the Browns, Redskins, Eagles, Steelers and Saints at home, they should at least win 3 and probably 4, if they do ( that's a big IF) they will be in the hunt.

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