Who's Better: Julio Jones or A.J. Green

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by realtick, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Right or wrong, these two receivers have been compared to one another since they first arrived on the SEC scene in '08. Both are uniquely talented and possess tremendous skillsets.

    So, the obvious question remains, who is better, or more pointedly, who will make the better pro?

    Here are my thoughts:

    Julio Jones - At 6'4" 220 lb, Jones is typically bigger than every defender he faces in the secondary on Saturdays.

    Jones' college career and ability has reminds me a bit of former no.1 pick and USC Trojan, KeyShawn Johnson.

    Like Johnson, Jones is a rugged and physical player who utilizes every bit of his size advantage when shielding himself for a catch, going over the middle, or blocking in the run game.

    Both players provided a deep threat dimension in college, but like Johnson I feel Jones will make his money moving-the-chains on short to mid-range routes in the NFL. Jones has adequate speed, but is not going to wow you in a foot race.

    A.J. Green - The first thing that pops out to me when I watch Green is how lean and fluid of an athlete he is at 6'4 212 lb. He screams Charles Rodgers (former Michigan St. phenom) to me in a good way.

    People looking for Green to be physical presence like Marques Colston or Larry Fitzgerald or going to be mistaken. Green is going to make his mark running in straight lines (vertical & deep slants, et cetera).

    His game reminds me of a Antonio Bryant, a player much shorter than he is. That's because Green's game is that of a smaller framed player.

    Like Bryant, Green has quick feet and gets to top speed in an instant. He also is adept at leaving his feet, going horizontal and making a play on the ball. In contrast, Julio Jones is much like Roy E. Williams in that if you throw him an alley-oop, he'll sky for the ball, but don't expect him to lay-out for many throws.

    I expect Green to time out well at the combine and that may simply be enough for speed-thirsty teams to rank him ahead of Julio Jones and others.

    The question of who is better is a matter of what a team is looking for. I like both players, but I think they've both been vastly overrated in most mock drafts I've read. I see both as 1st round quality receivers, but nowhere near the Top 5-10 range I've seen them placed in.

    What are your thoughts?
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    AJ Green is the better prospect.

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