Why all the Gruden love?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hussein, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hussein

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    I have no idea why so many people are in love with this guy. Ever since his SB win (granted he won one), with a team assembled by Dungy, he has a record of 45 - 51 with 2 wild-card losses in the first round.

    That doesn't scream overwhelming success to me. No other team seems interested in him - so why should we?

  2. iceberg

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    cause he's a shiny object people will equate to instant success.
  3. TheFinisher

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  4. newlander

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    ......he's pretty comfy in the broadcast booth too: he isn't going anywhere IMO: he can stay at espn for another 10 years plus if he keeps his nose clean. Make a mil per year plus endorsements and work 80% less hard than he would as a HC. Jimmy and Cowher found out the same thing: it's easy money and head coaching is a hornets nest.

    .....I think JJ goes to Holmgren when it's over and done with Red: doesn't matter if it's this offseason or next: he's been enamored with Mike for a LONG time. And as we saw yesterday, age isn't a hurdle with Al Jr.:laugh2:
  5. CATCH17

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    I'm not a big fan to be honest.

    His offensive schemes are just as bland as Jason's.
  6. CashMan

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    I am not a fan of Gruden, but he wants to work hard. He sleeps something like 3-4hrs per night.
  7. CATCH17

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    Agreed but if you have a quarterback you should be able to get better success than Garrett has gotten.

    But since we don't play to win until the game is on the line he has a 500 record.
  8. CATCH17

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    I don't doubt that Garrett works hard. He's just not that good of a coach unless he can out athlete the opposing team.
  9. yentl911

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    I think that Gruden could do a lot with this offense. He has never - as far as I know - even had a decent QB on one of his teams and he has still won. He has a bit of swagger/attitude about him and I like that as well.

    He has a really good offensive mind and I think he and Romo would be outstanding.

    I would love him to come here as OC - I know it would never happen though.
  10. Venger

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    I absolutely do not want Gruden. Everything I hear from him in the booth reinforces that opinion.
  11. jnday

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    No, he is a better coach. Anything over 8-8 is an improvement.
  12. Picksix

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    And let's not forget that Gruden's last team flat quit on him. It was the 2008 season. All the Bucs needed to do to get in the playoffs that year, was win one game in December, with the last two being at home against teams below .500 at the time, and lost all of them. Have friends in Tampa/St. Pete, and they all said his act had gotten old.
  13. supercowboy8

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    I would rather jerry go and over pay for dungy.
    I don't really care for either Dungy or Gruden.
    Gruden won due to Kiffin great defense.
    Dungy won due to Payton Manning.

    I think if we give Romo a OL Murray will give romo a great ground game and get kiffin guys this team will be fine with Garrett.

    No matter whos the HC, without a running game, OL, and Kiffin having thw right pieces we arent going to win
  14. dadymat

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    No Gruden love here, I dont want him anywhere around this team
  15. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

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    Read the OP. In six years following a SB win with a team he didn't build, the team went 45-51, only making the playoffs twice and losing their first game both times. If all we're going by is the fact that he won a SB, then we never should have fired Switzer.
  16. Aurican

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    Because he has actually accomplished something unlike Garrett who is the posterchild of mediocrity? Not only did Gruden win a SB with Tampa he also built an Oakland Raiders team that went to the AFC Championship game and the following year under Callahan went to the Superbowl. He also did it under a meddling owner very like our own and will keep Romo on a very short leash.
  17. Hook'em#11

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    You have to realize that you are dealing with a good amount of folk in here that believe major changes do not need to be made. Which is crap..

    no Gruden Love here.. He beat a team that he built and had a blueprint as to what they were going to do to win the Superbowl.. Plus. hahah, it was the Raiders...

    Most in here are being content with what Dallas has. Others in here think one turd is shinier than another turd.

    Both turds are turds.

    Nothing gets better until the GM is removed and the HC is gone.

    Don't care who they bring in. And, we will sit through the hell because the Dallas Cowboys are like our children..

    And you don't abandon your children. No matter how bad they piss you off.
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    Oh, maybe it's the one Superbowl win with Brad Johnson and another 12-4, AFC Championship game season with Rich Gannon.
  19. wileedog

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    Gruden is a Holmgren disciple. He runs a WCO variant and was considered one of the better game planners in the business for a while.
  20. 187beatdown

    187beatdown Lack of Big Plays

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    What has he done with a team he has to build himself?

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