Why are certain posters on this site so defensive?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by dboy214, Aug 23, 2011.

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    you say one little thing critical about the team and you get ambushed by sarcastic posts from the same five or six posters. what gives? are we not allowed to be upset by the performance of this franchise for the past decade? is it acceptable that the team QUIT on their coach and us fans last year? is it acceptable that the 2009 draft class was a failure and this year we havent seen two of our top three draft picks suit up?
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    Nope. Just pick one of the million threads already started on each and every one of those topics and join in on that discussion.
  3. Risen Star

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    Most fans don't want to read honesty. They come to these boards to hear how great everything is. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

    On the flip side you also have fans who either have been so beaten down over the years with losing or they just are a glass is completely empty kind of guy that they are incapable of being positive about anything.

    You get to know who these are and take everything they say with a grain of salt.
  4. dadymat

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    how ironic, i was gonna make a thread wondering why the same 5 or 6 people complain about every little thing the Cowboys do...

    in all reality....to me its because its the same posters posting the same nonsense constantly complaining about the things we cannot change....to me sports are to be entertainment....not such a downer
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    What Do You Mean???????
  6. Risen Star

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    Some of us like living in the real world.

    If I were a Redskins fan I'd be telling my counterparts every day how much we suck and why. I wouldn't be pretending we're good to make myself feel better.
  7. Idgit

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    There is a *ton* of legitimate criticism in the threads on these boards. And scores of thoughtful posters who criticize the team accurately and fairly. If you can stay within those bounds, you'll rarely have a problem with anyone getting annoyed with your POV.

    For example, from your OP, if your target is the way the team quit on its coach last year, I doubt very seriously you'd get any pushback at all, from anybody.

    By the same token, if your target is this year's draft and being frustrated that two of the top three picks haven't suited up, then you're likely to get sarcastic pushback, given that one of those players was selected while injured and given that knowledgeable fans know that drafts are judged after years and not weeks.

    You have to remember for every relatively new poster with 'one little thing critical about the team,' there are a hundred posters who've come and gone, *****ing about lots of little things. It gets tedious responding to each one, and so the board develops social pressure to provide a disincentive for people to pop-off without thinking their criticisms through sufficiently. Otherwise, this place would just be a playground of bad ideas.
  8. ROUSH8692

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    Same reason they all seem to think they're comedians...

    It seems every thread here is followed with ten posts of horrible jokes.
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    Hey its Ok to be upset..I'm upset as we all are what happen in the past,however it would be nice to keep things to yourself about the
    past as I have done then maybe we wont get so defensive.

    The past inst going to help us today...

    Like most of us we like to talk about was is Today.. Not the past and not tomorrow..

    We like substance as off today...as of today...TODAY... so your Post has no substance..:bang2:

    Dude lets move on and let JG build substance each and every day. :bow:
  10. Mr Cowboy

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    Board Rules:
    1. Do not post anything negative about the team, players, scouts, coaches and especially the owner/GM. (This does not include Rowdy)
    2. Do not post anything positive about the team, players, scouts, coaches and especially the owner/GM. (This does not include Rowdy)
  11. StevenOtero

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  12. Dallas

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    Just don't say things to piss me off. Pretty simple stuff. :laugh2:
  13. DFWJC

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    The 2009 draft was a crappy one for sure. It set us back some, but I don't think Garrett had much say in that draft.

    As for this year's draft, I think it's looking VERY good!
  14. NextGenBoys

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    If you have legitimate beef/concern with something the team is doing, and you articulate it in an intelligent and meaningful way, you won't get much backlash.

    Although, I will say, I remember a thread I started in late 2007 called "You can slice it however you want" stating I was worried about their play late during the season and they needed to turn it around or they wouldn't be going anywhere.

    I got grilled. And I mean I really got grilled from the majority of posters on here, because we were 12-1 at the time, and no one wanted to see that we were playing sloppy football and making mistakes. We all know how that season ended.

    However, for the most part, just state your concern in an intelligent way, and if it's legitimate you won't get much backlash at all.
  15. Dallas

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    I don't think this is the "I told you So" thread we were expecting from you, NGB.
  16. ninja

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    Not exactly true. :)

    1. It is true that you are not "allowed" to post anything negative about Jason Garrett or Newman, you are free, and, in fact, encouraged to attack Ball and Campo.

    2. Any and all things positive "must" be attributed to Jason Garrett in some way, shape or form. Conversely, any and all things negative "must" be attributed to Jerry Jones.

    Anything other than "Garrett good, JJ bad" is considered blasphemy.
  17. TheCount

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    :laugh2: :laugh2:

    That is completely untrue. How you state your criticism has no effect on whether there is a backlash or not.

    Being intelligent in your point of view may lessen it, but if you are critical, there will ALWAYS be some backlash.

    There are very few people you can get away with critiquing, Wade is certainly one now that he is long gone, but up until he was fired you couldn't even go there without someone bringing up 13-3 and 13 pro bowlers, or however many it was.
  18. Dallas

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    Wade - Open Season
    Parcells - Open Season
    Garrett - Don't even think about it
    Rob Ryan - Seriously? He just got here
    Romo- Get in Line
    Witten - LOL umm no
    Miles - We can negotiate
    Dez - wait, wut?
    Secondary - Where to begin?
    Wades Guys - Open Season
    Ware - You don't know what you are talking about..so shh already
    Jerry Jones - We're bored already - Don't be that guy..it's far to 1990ish
    Front Office - See Jerry Jones above
    Our drafts - Again see Jerry Jones comment

    So basically that's it for CBZ.com. Use this when posting and you should be able to avoid 90% of personal attacks and people getting all defensive with your posts.
  19. peplaw06

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    There's always going to be backlash if you're positive too.
  20. CowboyMcCoy

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    Really, some just have strong opinions about a team they're passionate about. When people disagree over things they are passionate about, it can tend to get heated.

    I really think it's as simple as human nature.

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