Why are Cowboys sitting on their hands & not signing a kicker??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Mar 21, 2006.

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    Every Cowboy fan knows we must get a good kicker and virtually the only way is through FA? Yet while the Cowboys have signed players to fill other gaps on this team, the kicking game has not been addressed. They watched while Longwell was signed, while Bryant resigned with Tampa and while Vinatieri finally signed with the Colts (course we all know JJ wouldn't pay the big bucks to him). Now we are left with Vanderjagt unless Miami does us a favor and cuts Mare or Seattle decides not to fight our signing RFA Josh Brown. Since both would be stupid decisions on their part, doubt we get a shot at either Mare or Brown.

    So back to our possibly signing Vanderjagt. Don't know anything about Paul Edinger except Vikes unhappy with him so they cut him & signed Longwell. And it's not we have the inside track with Vanderjagt, Edinger & whoever else is out there. Packers also need a kicker and so do the Pats. Cowboys better have a game plan and execute it soon--although beginning to think there game plan may end up being Shushim.
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    Todd Peterson is 36 now, but has a 79.4% average in his career. He was 23-25 last year with the Falcons. Parcells said, that a kicker should be at least 80% accurate.

    Close enough. :cool:

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    Maybe Suisham has been working out in secret and is nailing them from 50 yard 100% of the time. . . . .Not!

    Better get Vandie or Brown in here
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    I really think we should go for Josh Brown. He's a good kicker, plus he's young. Mare wouldn't be bad either. I don't think Petersen would be a good option, though. And Suisham would be cut three weeks into the season. We need a kicker now!

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