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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Grizz, Apr 24, 2006.

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    The Dallas Cowboys want to win a Super Bowl this year and they want it badly. Now before you point out the obvious that every team in the NFL wants the same thing, the Cowboys have an exceptional circumstance that puts them just a degree ahead of other teams in this quest. Mainly, the imminent departure of Bill Parcells. I believe that fact will be the driving force behind the Cowboys draft pick in the first round.

    Before you can accept that as the truth, you have to accept the idea that the draft will belong to Parcells and not Jerry Jones. Jones is going to be the owner of the Cowboys for years to come so his motivations have a slightly different flavor than Parcells' motivation. Of course he's got the same desire to win the Super Bowl this year, but he also has to contemplate Dallas' future and the draft is all about the future. So for argument sake, I say Parcells' is the master of this draft, mainly because Jones has ceded control of personnel decisions to him.

    The Terrell Owens signing is indicative of Bill's `win now' attitude, in the past it would've been unlikely for him to agree to take on a player with Owens' baggage if he hadn't coached him before - witness Keyshawn Johnson. So while Jerry may have been the driving force behind the Owens' acquisition, Parcells signed off on it for one reason only: Owens can help him get to the promise land this year.

    Which brings me to the #18 pick in this year's draft. Bill Parcells is going to base the pick on the player who can help him the most this year. He's not worried about the potential a draft pick may have three years down the road. That's for another coach on another day. No, the only thing he'll care about this coming Saturday is who can help him in 2006.

    When you're thinking about that first pick this week, every player that comes to mind should be judged on one criterion: How much can they help on the field this year. If you do this, certain players don't fit the mold. For instance, there's been talk about drafting a WR (Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson). Not going to happen because either of those players would see the field on a limited basis. Owens and Glenn will be manning those spots this year and Patrick Crayton is a serviceable #3.

    There's been speculation about RB LenDale White ending up at Valley Ranch. Under normal circumstances this might be a possibility. Parcells has always liked having at least one big, bruising running back to use in short-yardage situations, especially near the goal-line. But again, any new RB would be sharing time with JJ or MB3 making his contributions somewhat limited this year.

    The offensive line is a place where new blood could get a chance to contribute immediately. Kyle Kosier is an unknown quantity and Jason Fabini, while a known quantity to Parcells, is aging and coming off an injury. This opens up the possibilities of drafting a lineman but only if Parcells thinks they could step in and help right away. Winston Justice may be that kind of player. Unfortunately, he most likely will not be available to the Cowboys. Other players like Marcus McNeil or Eric Winston are quality guys but whether they could step in right away remains a question mark.

    When you evaluate the positions on the Cowboys roster that have questionable starter material, you come down to two spots, FS and SOLB. These are the two spots that are the best candidates for a new player to step in and make a difference this year.

    When you look at FS, the Cowboys made two moves in the offseason, re-signing last year's starter Keith Davis and bringing in a former Parcells' player in Marcus Coleman. So unless they can get someone like Michael Huff, Parcells may be content to go with what he has instead of grabbing a Jason Allen or Ko Simpson in the first round.

    Which brings us to SOLB. With all the Cowboys wheeling and dealing in the offseason, one position they made no moves at is SOLB. Heck, they went so far as to sign an OLB - Akin Ayodele - and promptly moved him inside. This leaves last year's starter Al Singleton as the most likely candidate to man the position on opening day. Singleton has his own issues; he's getting up there in age and is coming off an injury. The fact that they didn't attack this position in free agency leaves me with one conclusion: They will attack it in the first round of the draft.

    Most Cowboys’ fans will not find this news particularly revealing, it’s been discussed for weeks. In fact, it has led to some of the liveliest debates about the Cowboys. So at the risk of sounding like a broken record I will bring it up again. But this time I'm going to look at it from the Parcells' prism, a view prejudiced with the idea that Parcells wants someone who can immediately contribute on opening day.

    The top three candidates in the draft for SOLB appear to be Kamerion Wimbley, Manny Lawson and Bobby Carpenter. I've argued that Bobby Carpenter in the guy we should draft, mainly because I think he has the correct skills for the position. I won't go down that path again today but will look at it from this angle, who is most likely to be able to step on the field from game one and contribute? Again, I think that player is Bobby Carpenter.

    Manny Lawson and Kamerion Wimbley are talented guys and may one day be better players than Carpenter, I won't concede that point but it is surely a debatable question. They have one problem though, both would have to learn a new position and that transition time is an issue. I know that last year DeMarcus Ware had the same issue, but last year Dallas was desperate for a WOLB who was a pass-rushing specialist. Ware fit the bill. As much as I like Ware, it took him a while to get comfortable in his new position, and he won't reach his full potential until sometime this year. Lawson and Wimbley would have the same problem. Bobby Carpenter wouldn't. He's ready to step in the first day of training camp and be that SOLB the Cowboys covet.

    All of this is a very long-winded way of saying that Bill Parcells' desire to win this year before he retires will alter the way he normally drafts in the first round. Besides talent and position played, he will be looking for the guy that can step in and help Dallas win this year. When I add it all up, Bobby Carpenter fits the Bill.
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    BP does care about the team he leaves behind and so does Jeff Ireland. They filled all their holes in free agency so that they could take the best player/athlete available and not reach for need. Taking a lesser talent because he can help now would be reaching for need. 3-4 teams have a history of filling their OLB spots with DE/tweeners and Jerry even said that they are looking at a couple of tweeners.
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    I'm hoping that Carpenter is our choice unless Winston Justice falls, which I don't think will happen. I think your analysis of the players is sound, but the overall hypothesis requires a leap to the conclusion that this draft will be run any differently than last year's draft.

    That draft was a joint effort and I believe this one will be too. Remember Jerry saying that he wanted Canty earlier, but was out voted? I believe this draft will be the same cooperative effort.
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    I wouldn't say BP will pick Bobby because of "win now"...but because he is the BPA and "fits the bill" as you say. So he is a need and can help right away, so makes sense.

    Which I will love for this to happen. But I also think BP is looking for the future of the team as well. Regardless if this is his last year, or next year. Not even worth specualting on that part.

    Free Agents are for filling in your "win now" agenda, the draft can be for now, but more for the future.
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    I would be happy with Lawson or Carpenter.
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    Hey can you pick 6 numbers out of 53 for me...

    I need some lotto picks
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    I think it really comes down to how we're wanting to utilize our outside linebackers.

    If getting another pure pass-rushing threat is what we value, even if the run support suffers a little, then I'd imagine a guy like Manny Lawson would be targeted -- even if "winning now" is the priority.

    Carpenter certainly seems like the fiery, all-around talent. But again, I think it just comes down to what we're looking for.

    Hell, a lot of us -- even mock experts, like Gosselin -- have been placing a lot of value on the pass-rushing aspect, saying it's important to have another pass rusher opposite Ware. For all we know, that may not even be Parcells' objective. He may want a stout run-support guy who can provide the occasional pass rush.
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    Speaking of Parcells leaving...What if the team reverted back to the 4-3? then we would have two of the same players in Ware and Lawson, but Carpenter could still be a linebacker in the 4-3.
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    And we would also have potentially wasted picks in guys like Canty and Spears. Sure, they "can" play in the 4-3, but clearly are more valuable in the 3-4.

    I'm not sure there is a 'going back' at this point, at least not in the next few years.
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    I have to believe with Rick's reputation with consulting the GMs and scouts and giving they're opinions and not his own that he has knowledge that the Cowboys are indeed looking for a pass rushing tweener to complement Ware. Jerry pretty much confirmed that fact when Rick asked him about linebackers and defensive ends at #18 when he said they were looking at a couple of tweeners.
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    Yeah, I agree that all indications point toward us being interested in that kind of player. I guess I always have that feelin lingering in my mind, though, saying that anything publicly stated prior to the draft could be nothing but a bunch of BS.
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    And we'd have Bradie James, Akin Ayodele, Kevin Burnett, Shanle and Fowler.

    Bradie is a MLB in a 43 and so is carpenter, and so it Ayodele, and so are Fowler and Shanle. Really, the only true OLB we'd have would be burnett.

    Now Ayodele can play outside in a 43... he's already done it. But just like Bradie James... he much more suited for the inside or MLB position.

    If we went back to a 43 (which I don't think we will) we wouldn't need Carpenter for the Middle.
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    I also love that it is common knowlege that this is Bill Parcells last year.

    Its been regurgitated so much on these boards and the media it has left opinion and became fact.
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    I know you said they "can" play in the 4-3, but I don't think you mean they can be very successful at it.

    Spears played DE in college; in a 4-3, and was very successful at it. Canty is the one I'd be most concerned with. He'd need to be able to play DT. And since he did some of that in some situations as rookie, he might be able to do it well in the NFL. Ware would be our other DE.
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    Really? Ayodele played very well in Jacksonville's 4-3 as an OLB. That usually projects to being an ILB in a 3-4, which is what we are going to use him as.

    Fowler and Shanle are nothing special. If they no longer fit the team, we wouldn't be hard placed to find replacements.

    Carpenter would be an ILB? How. He played OLB in a 4-3 at Ohio State. That translated well to the ILB in a 3-4. But he also played DE in situations, which translates well to a 3-4 OLB.

    Either way, Carpenter has proven he can play OLB in a 4-3. Thats what he was.

    So, we'd have Akin and Carpenter outside, Bradie inside.
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    You might be right. I just don't think Carpenter has the side to side quickness that you want in a 4-3 OLB. He's perfect for a 3-4. In a 43 I think Bobby would play much better inside.

    The same goes for Ayodele. I think he's a much better fit in the Middle than he is outside. That's why I think we got such a great deal on him... I think he's going to be dynamite on the Inside whereas he wasn't anything special outside in a 43. Yes he can do it... but you want a guy like Earnie Sims to play outside in a 43.

    We'll probably never know for sure, because I feel like we'll be in a 34 for a good long while. Our personnel fits a 34 so much better now and it will even more after this draft.


    IMO they all fit much better in a 34. Yes they can play a 43, but they'll be less effective in all likelyhood.

    Ratliff for instance... he played in a 43 at Auburn, but was a little to big and slow for end but a little undersized for DT. That's how a guy with his athleticism and great intangibles and work ethic fell to the 7th round. However, he's the perfect size for a 34 DE.

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