Why Callahan as OC/Playcaller is Genius

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by brooksey1, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I hope so, too! They have risen from the ashes before so they can do it again!
  2. egn22

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    some would say Smith regressed. i'm not worried about Smith at all, i think he'll be fine. but i think it's imperative that we get some better talent on that line with him.
    If we don't, we still won't have a running game. In my opinion, Murray is one of the best backs in the league. if you can't maximize his talent, and you become one dimensional again, i think you run into the same problem regardless of who's calling plays. and it goes back to that o-line not being able to buy Romo the time he needs, or provide Murray the lanes he needs.

    We'll see though. i don't know any more than you do, so i can't say you're wrong. but i'm just not quite sold yet.
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    I'll raise your sig by 3 Super Bowls and multiple laws broken.:dance:



  4. brooksey1

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    Well your right, If we can't run the ball then any WC play action plays that utilize Romos feet will be irrelevant. We must add a few blue chips to the O-Line. I think we add one through free agency and draft one maybe as early as the second round.
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    You should have included Stepnoski.

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