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why can't Mike Thomas be Steve Smith?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

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    Guys, he's 5'8". That's really short. Plus, he's a filthy Mildcat.
  2. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    Hey, Wes Welker's only 5'9" and I'd take him in a heartbeat too.

    I think Thomas could give this team a lot of what it currently needs, some speed and shiftiness in both the receiving and return areas.
  3. dcfanatic

    dcfanatic Benched

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    I will show that video to anyone who thinks that size should be a determining factor when trying to figure out if a player can make it in the NFL.
  4. dcfanatic

    dcfanatic Benched

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    Goose likes your comparison to Steve Smith...


    Anatomy of a prospect: Arizona WR Mike Thomas

    3:00 PM Sat, Apr 18, 2009 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    Rick Gosselin [​IMG] E-mail [​IMG] News tips

    Take one look at Mike Thomas and you see a commodity the NFL does not want -- a 5-7 1/2 wide receiver. Big people play at the next level and big people survive.

    But the more you look at Thomas, the more you like him -- which is why he's going to turn up in this draft in the middle rounds. What he lacks in size, he makes up in speed. Thomas ran a 4.30 40-yard dash for the NFL at the combine. That showed the NFL he certainly has the speed to play at the next level. Thomas also launched a vertical jump of 40 1/2 inches, so he has the athletic ability to play at the next level as well.

    I saved the best for last -- watch tape of what Thomas does with the football in his hands. He was a two-time All-Pac 10 selection as a wide receiver. He leaves Arizona as the Pac 10's all-time leading receiver with 259 receptions. He also was a two-time All-Pac 10 choice as a kick returner and leaves campus with career averages of 23.5 yards on kickoffs and 13 yards on punts. He scored 28 career touchdowns -- 23 on receptions, two on runs and two on kickoff returns.

    With the NFL moving more and more toward the pass and the influx of three- and four-receiver sets, Thomas pencils in as an elite slot receiver.

    Think Steve Smith.
  5. 28 Joker

    28 Joker 28 Joker

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    It's hard to argue with that production for sure.

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