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News: Why Cowboys Had To Replace Rob Ryan, Part II: Adapting To A Changing Landscape

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by btcutter, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. jjktkk

    jjktkk Well-Known Member

    2,132 Messages
    284 Likes Received
    Are you a Cowboys fan? Seems like alot of your posts are quite negative towards the Cowboys.
  2. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    33,499 Messages
    12,179 Likes Received
    Great read.
    And I love getting the reminder of how the game keeps evolving.
    I'm psyched to see how this unfolds.
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

    11,728 Messages
    2,362 Likes Received
    Just a very disappointed Cowboy fan.

    Is there really anything positive to spin about this franchise?

    It's like Groundhogs Day every season. Nothing changes .. regardless of the pieces.

    I know, I know ... if you don't like Jerry Jones, go follow another team.

    Yeah, it's Jerry's team and he can do as he likes. Blah, blah, blah.

    I think I'll go beat my kid.

  4. jjktkk

    jjktkk Well-Known Member

    2,132 Messages
    284 Likes Received
    Definitely understand.
  5. rwalters31

    rwalters31 Well-Known Member

    1,025 Messages
    273 Likes Received
    The original Tampa 2 had TWO 325 pounders! I think that's big!! That is how they got away with two light weight DE.
  6. HowAboutThemCowboys

    HowAboutThemCowboys Well-Known Member

    6,526 Messages
    4,768 Likes Received
    "future tournament opponents"

    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  7. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received

    Sapp just ate his way from this ....


    To this...


    I'm sure we could have all of our defensive tackles just give up on conditioning like Sapp did, and they'll be just as fat as you like .
  8. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    Exactly. I remember when we had Ferguson and the local media were asking Parcells about why he didn't have this 350-lb NT that you "have" to have in the 34.

    And his reply was that without that weight clause in his contract, Fergy would be 340 in about a couple of weeks. :laugh2:
  9. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

    1,736 Messages
    358 Likes Received
  10. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received
    Booger McFarland wasn't a natural huge body either. He weighed 299 at his Combine. I suspect his lack of conditioning was also a reason why he only made it 8 full season in the NFL. He was an Pro Bowl caliber player who barely beat out Bobby Carpenter in career longevity.
  11. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

    7,905 Messages
    4,067 Likes Received
    RG3's worse game past year was against Pittsburgh (2gap 3-4) and his better games were against the 4-3 defenses (NO, Tampa, Min).
  12. ThreeandOut

    ThreeandOut Well-Known Member

    2,508 Messages
    1,088 Likes Received
    I don't think Dallas is moving to a 4-3 specifically to counter the read option. I do think think they want a simplier system requiring fewer substitutions, particulary as more offenses go uptempo. Also, they probably would rather play with an Albright/Wilber in the base defense rather than Spears/Coleman.

    Chip Kelly's selection of defense will probably put the theory espoused in this article to the test. If he goes to a 3-4, then he's probably comfortable that this formation could work against read option offenses.

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