Why Dallas Fans Should Prepare for a QB...Early

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Shinywalrus, Jan 14, 2013.

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    This is not a "replace Tony Romo" thread. I am a Tony Romo fan.

    But the draft is first and foremost a value game, and for the first time in years, value favors our position (which I'll go into in a moment), and this will be the first time in years that the value may be right for us to select a QB. We won't see a lot of mocks that throw early round QBs in them simply because fans like to construct mocks that immediately fit players into holes they see on the roster. Placing a QB high in your mock means selecting a player that probably won't contribute to making the team better immediately, so it's not a lot of fun.

    Many draftniks insist on calling this a very weak draft class - especially at quarterback – but that’s really a misnomer. In reality, the QB class is very middle-heavy in comparison to past drafts, with a softer top-end lacking a sure-fire #1.

    Consider that on average over the last 20 years, an average of 2.5 QBs have been picked in the first round, with an average of 1.05 in the second round. This number is fairly consistent over time, although over the long term it has risen. If we look back 50 years, for example, the average number of QBs drafted in the first round is 2.08. Among those selected in the first round, however, there is a strong bias toward those picks happening in the first 5 of the round. Over the last decade, more than 40% of first round QBs have gone in the top 5 picks.

    The depth of the draft is quite good. In fact, it is actually quite possible that we will tie or break the record for the number of quarterbacks taken in the first two rounds. Believe it or not, no more than 6 quarterbacks have ever been taken in the first two rounds, and even the 6 level has only been achieved three times: in 1983, in 1999 and in 2011. There are two very good classes and one somewhat disappointing one in that list.

    Consider the players, many of whom will have warts and flaws, who are legitimate Round 1 through Round 2 prospects. Many of you will find quibbles with individuals, but in general it should be clear that the following are generally thought to be in consideration in that area:

    • Matt Barkley
    • Geno Smith
    • Landry Jones
    • Tyler Wilson
    • Mike Glennon
    • Ryan Nassib
    • Tyler Bray
    • Zack Dysert
    • EJ Manuel
    It's clear to all of us that none of these are excellent top-of-draft candidates, but what needs to be kept in mind is that the depth of this list is considerably greater than the average draft. There are simply more 2nd round "undersized, small arm, excellent skills" or "flawed prototype" QBs in this draft than in perhaps any draft in the last several years - in my mind, since 1999. Put into economic terms, the supply of late 1st through early 3rd round quality quarterbacks in this draft is significant.

    The other thing that has happened in recent years is the emergence of numerous successful young quarterbacks for still weak teams - in other words, the number of teams who have a quarterback they will be sticking with has risen substantially in recent years. Teams who would be likely to pursue a QB in the first 2 rounds would include Philadelphia, Arizona, Buffalo, San Diego and Kansas City. Denver, Oakland, Tennessee, Jacksonville and Minnesota are possibilities, but in general, more teams are invested in QBs than in recent years. Demand for a Round 1/2 QB is historically low.

    Given our situation, this means that the Cowboys not only will be looking at quarterbacks who we like and who might fall to us in Round 2, we absolutely should be doing so. The value is likely to be right - despite the fact that the boards would almost certainly explode with Jerry Jones threads within about 5 seconds.

    Which Round 2 QB selection would make you least angry? Most excited?
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    I'm all for it. I just don't want to draft a QB just to draft one.

    Ryan Nassib looks like he has a ton of physical ability.


    That guy has a fastball.
  3. RS12

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    I wouldnt bet against it. I got a feeling after watching SF the FO would be intrigued by Manuel and Logan Thomas. Both those guys scare me because of accuracy and decision making issues.
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    What do you guys think about Jordan Rodgers ? Aron Rodgers brother??? Right now the kid has a 7th round grade on him but he is thought to be a sleeper. The kid might jump into the mid rounds..

    Have anyone seen this kid play ?? Ive seen a little film on this kid playing the gators and i like a lot of what he was able to do. I would like more input on the guy.
  5. TheCoolFan

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    I would take a flyer on BJ Daniels as an undrafted free agent. Always thought he was similar to Russell Wilson. He broke his ankle in November so he'll probably be low on the radar but he'd be a good project to have if he heals up by the summer.
  6. Western

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    My choice(s):
    Dysert or Manuel ~ I would take either one in the 3rd round.

    OL and/or DL in the first two rounds.
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    If Dallas had to take a QB this class, I would wait until the later rounds. Probably around 5th pick inthe draft and hope like hell Tyler Wilson or Tyler Bray is still on board...

    Wishful thinking with Wilson but Bray could still be there..
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    I thought Hightower killed him.
  9. ABQcowboyJR

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    I think they both go in the second. Maybe even late first.
  10. danielofthesaints

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    That highlight clip was rather underwhelming.
  11. Future

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    Take him off your board, if his combine numbers are any good he'll go first round, and I don't think there's a chance he'll get past Buffalo in the 2nd.

    So unless we take him in the first or trade up to get him - which would be a huge mistake - there's no chance he'll end up in Dallas.
  12. lostar2009

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    lol !!!!
  13. Deep_Freeze

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    The most important position on the field should always be developed, and our back up QB position shouldn't just be automatically given to a guy who got benched for Tim Tebow.

    I would love to bring another QB prospect in here just in case Romo can't turn his issues around. We need another viable option, and right now we have none at all. We have to change this, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a QB taken earlier than most around here would think.

    Its just too important of a position to ignore, especially with our current situation.
  14. dart

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    Alex Carder, QB, Western Michigan
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 224.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.61.
    Projected Round (2013): 6-FA.

    1/12/13: Carder completed 68 percent of his passes this year for 1,652 yards, 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He didn't have a good game against Illinois in the season opener, but the redshirt senior got no help from his offensive line and wide receivers. Carder really missed former No. 1 receiver Jordan White. Carder missed five games with a finger injury on his throwing hand.

    8/16/12: Carder has been a prolific passer for Western Michigan and was a 2011 Second-Team All-MAC performer as a junior. He lit up Purdue in his bowl game, completing 31-of-57 passes for 439 yards and three touchdowns.

    Carder played well against Illinois and Michigan as well. Against Connecticut, he completed 37-of-51 passes for 479 yards with five touchdowns and zero interceptions, carrying the Broncos to a road win over the Huskies.

    Carder is the type of football player that every coach would love to have on their team. Going into his third year as a starter, the under-recruited quarterback has displayed a great ability to throw a bunch of touchdowns while keeping the number of interceptions limited. Carder is always fired up on the field but remains poised in the pocket and he will do whatever it takes to get to the endzone; whether it be stepping up into the arms of a defensive end and making the throw, running a quarterback dive on a fourth-and-one or even just turning around and handing the ball off. While showing a good throwing motion, Carder could clean up his stance and be coached to read through his progressions quicker. The Kansas native is a natural leader and will have a spot on an NFL roster saved for him next season

  15. lostar2009

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    Actually Kyle Orton play some solid ball when you look at the teams he play for, at times the teams he play for was very handicap on offense. Can you guys name one legit wide receiver he had while playing with the Bears??? Even when he was with the Broncos he had decent talent ( he also statically played his best game) but was no where near what Dallas has. im for Orton if we could add a few more offensive lineman.. That would help Murray and Orton.

    Orton was ran out of Denver because they wanted to see what their former firs round pick could do. The guy was solid he wasnt a stat fluffier but solid. I could see why JJ went hard to sign Orton as a back up QB..
  16. Deep_Freeze

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    We need a future and face to this franchise, not a placeholder. Alot of resources should go to developing this position, like any other premium position. Right now our only option is Orton, and that's pretty sad in our current situation with Romo, I mean it would be different if Romo had no question marks at all then we could have a guy like Orton to back him up.

    If Romo screws up again this coming season, will we just sit there and give him 2014?? Gimme a break, I'm willing to give him this coming season but at some point we need to be developing the most important position on the field, and we can't just sit there with Orton and think everything is wonderful.
  17. lostar2009

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    You are correct im for one is for drafting some qbs..There is some depth at the qb position in this draft just not Andrew Luck style talent. Also to be honest if Dallas wanted to move up to get such a player this year or the next it will cost around 3 first rounds picks.

    This is why is im for letting Orton start and trading Romo i bet we could land at least a future first rounder for the guy. So we could go into next year draft with 2 first round picks to trade. With that in mind we would only have to give up 1 future first round pick to possibly get into the top 5 (Trading away our original 1, our extra 1, and a future 1). Or at the worst scenario Orton sucks and this team is drafting in the top 10 again with additional first round pick from trading Romo.

    I see only a win win situation for Dallas. In the mean time we can draft one maybe two qbs in this draft and lets develop these guys. Next year we still draft a qb. Or if we find a solution we are still pocketing a first rounder. The bad thing about this is the fact i doubt JJ realizes this and he will extend Romo and the guy will probably lost all value when Dallas is done with the guy.
  18. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    We have a backup QB named Orton... I am hoping we get a little help around Romo this offseason o-line & defensive wise & it can take this team to where they want to go. If the Cowboys end the 2013 season like they did this one, then it is time to go all in for one of the QB's coming out in the 2014 draft. If we have to trade away our entire draft & future #1 picks to get a franchise QB, then do what you gotta do Stephen & Jerry.
  19. Kangaroo

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    Would that also not push one of those guys into the third round where it would make sense to grab one then they can spend a pick on Dline and oline in the first two rounds
  20. IAmLegend

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    Trade back in the 1st, pick up another 2nd rounder, and take Tyler Bray in the 2nd. With a couple years of development I think he could be special. He certainly has the talent.

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