Why Dallas Fans Should Prepare for a QB...Early

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Shinywalrus, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Well the likelyhood of us trading Romo is very low at this point with his stock being so low, it would be easier to just ride out his low point and see if he can turn it around next season. I want a viable option developing at the moment, but not willing to totally give up on Romo.....yet. One of these QBs on the bench for a season could be ready to play by 2014, and instead of always doing things too late like we normally do, it would be nice to actually be prepared just in case things go badly.

    We can't just be unprepared and go into 2014 Redskin desperate for a QB and have to give up the franchise to get one. Its always interesting how feelings change as the offseason goes along, and the softening of stances on things related to the team. Now everyone seems to have softened on Romo, which is cool cause I want him around for another season, but sounds like people have fallen into a false sense of 'everything is going to be alright'.

    Build the great wall of China around Romo, doesn't mean he will definitely be any better. We have to prepare for our future, and that means developing a QB now, instead just sitting on our hands and waiting like we did with Aikman. We have carried 3 QBs in the past when we didn't even need to, now we actually need 3 QBs, Romo, a backup ready to go in at the moment Orton, and a guy developing for our future. Thats the least we can do for the position that is more important than any other position on the field.
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    I agree lets just hope JJ draft a few qbs this draft. To be honest though i already agree to myself that if JJ does not spend a quality pick on a qb this year im finish with this team for a while ill skip the 2013 season maybe longer because i know where this team is heading.
  3. Deep_Freeze

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    Well we have so many needs, this team could go many directions in this draft and be warranted with the pick. DL is all pretty much 30 or more now, OL needs help, safeties stink, a backup RB is needed, and QB needs to be addressed. Thats not even mentioning SLB or a 4th CB.

    This team has really done a good job of bringing in talent since 2010, but we are still lacking talent overall from the nightmare that was 06-09, and we have a long ways to go to dig ourselves out this hole.

    Its a dirty word around here, but we are rebuilding really. Hopefully we can continue to add talent everywhere, and anyone who thinks one position will fix this mess is just fooling themselves. We need talent....everywhere....regardless of position.
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    "Build the great wall around Romo"

    Talk about hyperbole

    I guess you are another thinking the O line is OK

    Just unbelievable

    You do know this is the second season in a row Romo has gotten a rib broken due to the O line?

    just wow
  5. Deep_Freeze

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    Well this thread is about the QB position, not the OL, but as usual you take a dramatic stance whenever the word is whispered.

    Point blank of the matter is this team has alot of needs and OL isn't the only one. Fix it to high heaven, and we could still stink, just like any other position on this team. Of course you only read what you want to hear, but we have needs on the DL with all of them being old as dirt, safeties stink, backup RB, QB for the future, 4th CB, and SLB along with OL.

    If you really think the OL will magically fix this mess by itself, you are just plain delusional. We have alot of needs, and there is probably no way all of them will be met this offseason. Now that is a dose of reality for you.....this team needs talent everywhere, and alot here overrate the actual talent we have on this team. We are right in the middle of a rebuild, and reaching for a bunch of OL won't fix this team.
  6. Shinywalrus

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    And I think that's the point a lot of people miss. Good teams draft at practically every position every year, and most of our best picks have been the ones where we weren't trying to fit a player into a position group that the fans, for some reason, decided was the key to future success.

    This may not be THE year to spend a high pick on a QB, but it would be A very good year to do so.

    I could imagine a number of scenarios where an offensive lineman doesn't come off the board for us in the first 3 rounds. And if we've taken excellent players who will earn snaps, we should consider that a victory.
  7. Deep_Freeze

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    The draft is about adding the most talented players possible to your team for the future of the franchise, and your right most fans miss this point and just want to concentrate on some need they think will get us over the top. The draft just doesn't work like that, needs are for free agency not the draft.

    We have so many needs that we are destined to fill some of them in the draft. This team could literally go in there picking 18th, get the BPA for the whole draft and it would probably help this team cause whoever they pick could be justified as a need. Heck, we could even pick a WR (probably the lowest need) and fire Miles, and it would help this team long term.

    This team needs a talent boost period, and QB would be a great place to start cause of the issues Romo has shown time and time again. If needs are your problem with doing that, then look at free agency but don't bring that to the draft table and expect success.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    If Geno is there in the second round...I take him and be thrilled.

    Agree with one poster earlier...Nassib will go to Buffalo.

    Want nothing to do with Tyler Bray and his accuracy and leadership issues...to me the guy is a problem waiting to happen.

    Barkley is probably worth the slot in the second but although I hate to admit it...he kind of gives me the USC QBs go and flop in the pros vibe.

    Landry Jones is another guy that I am just not sure about. Sure his stats look impressive but going into last year everyone said it was a good idea for him not to go into the draft as he needed another year in college to refine his game but watching him sometimes it just seems like he is still lacking. Another to consider with him and some of the QBs I have listed...Although some might have good mobility they are basically pocket passing QBs and with this current Oline they would get killed.

    Do not want EJ Manuel...have always felt he was overhyped going into each year and he has done little to sway me otherwise.

    Glennon seems to be rising up the charts but I don't know much about him or the other QBs listed to give a fair opinion on them.
  9. burmafrd

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    there is not one QB in the draft worth more than a late 2nd or early 3rd as far as I am concerned
  10. cowboysooner

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    The past two guys we were rumored to be high on were Kirk Cousins and Andy Dalton. Barkley, Smith, Nassib and Wilson are most similar to those guys.

    I have to admit Landry Jones confounds me. 45+ starts. 3-1 in bowls. 3-0 vs Texas. 3-1 vs OSU. He has a huge arm. He can throw the out to the far hash and he can throw up the seam with accuracy. But he make 2 throws a game that leave you scratching your head.
  11. Boys122

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    Build the OL up, draft Ryan Nassib so he can prepare to take over for Tony Romo. Not sure how many years Tony has left but Ryan already knows the pro style offense.

    We better hope Buffalo doesn't snag him first. I guess it would all depend on how long Tony's contract would extend too. I think he has at least two or three good years left in him.
  12. ABQcowboyJR

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    This has been my thought lately. If warmack or cooper isn't there, and no one else has a colossal slide, I'd be willing to trade down and consider Bray.
  13. Boys122

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    I like a few other QB prospects as well. Bray, Jones, Wilson. Again it all depends on what we do with Tony's contract and how long it is. We have Orton already so Jerry might not even go QB in this draft. Romo starter and Orton backup.

    We'll probably only carry two QB's this year.
  14. reddyuta

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    We should take a Qb early irrespective of Romo's contract situation,I wouldnt give Romo more than a 2-3 year deal anyway.
  15. VACowboy

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    I would rather find a way to trade down for a 2014 first-rounder, draft OL and DL in April, and go after Bridgewater, Boyd or Green next year (in that order). Just say no to inaccurate QB's.
  16. tm1119

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    Just because there is depth doesn't mean they are legit NFL QB's. If its not Nassib or Dysert its a waste of a pick in my opinion.
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    Sounds like Romo.

    There are alot of guys that seem similar in this draft, and while there is not a guy, if one is there in the 2nd or 3rd a guy like Jones might make sense.

    I really don't think any of them are ready to play in 2013, which fits us just fine.
  18. 5StarComboBreaker

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    I could see Dallas taking a QB in the 3rd or 4th... Jerrah won't spend a "day one" pick on one though. Too much invested in Romo, unfortunately.
  19. Shinywalrus

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    I'm not sure how true the rumors were, but Jason Garrett was a big fan of Andy Dalton.
  20. CowboyStar88

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    I would still bet my money on Landry Jones. I think a year or 2 on the bench will really do him some good. He has all the tools and talent to be a legit QB in this league. Pair him back with Murray and a big target like Dez and a small quick guy like Harris and I think he can be very good.

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