Why Detroit Will Beat Dallas on 12/9/07

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by HogsRLegends, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. HogsRLegends

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    Point 1: The Detroit Lions defeated the Dallas Cowboys AT Dallas Last year.

    Point 2: This game is being held AT DETROIT

    Point 3: Both the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are BETTER then last year.

    Point 4: However, Detroit is 3 games over their win total from last year. Dallas is only 2 games over.

    Point 5: Dallas ALWAYS falls apart in December in the 21st century.

    Lions 45
    Cowboys 42
  2. theogt

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    Well, that's sound logic. No need for argument here.
  3. woobycat

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    You are stark raven mad!
  4. Danny White

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    Congratulations... this is only your 5th dumbest post in your brief history on this board! :toast2:
  5. Hostile

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    I remember in grade school we did this whole exercise about the difference between then and than and when to use them. Even the people for whom English was not their primary language got it.
  6. viman96

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    As my man Crayton says, "the sun shines on every dogs arse once in a while".

    Hey douchebag, Romo only has 1 loss on the road and is undefeated this year while playing away. His only loss was was some BS fluke FG in the dump you call home field.

    Ya but one team is MUCH better than the other.


    New year for us but the skins seem to be right on schedule.

    Dallas: 35
    Lions: 17
  7. theebs

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    Awesome post.

    Another classy redskins fan.

    good Luck with buffalo.
  8. Hoofbite

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    This guys praying that Detroit beats dallas because it makes the Skins win over detroit all the more impressive (in their eyes).
  9. Jay-D

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    I know the difference between them. Here are some examples:

    There is nothing worse than a bad troll.

    This troll starts threads, then he sells fruit on the side of the freeway.
  10. Hostile

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    See? And you didn't even go to my bilingual grade school.
  11. Vintage

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    That was pathetic.

    You could have done so much better; like...

    Kitna > Romo
    Sims > Ware
    Bryant > Newman
    Jones > Barber
    Marinelli > Phillips
    6-5 > 11-1
  12. 03EBZ06

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    Great logics like those are far beyond arguable. :laugh2:

    Thanks for the laugh.
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    which is more impressive, being 3 games improved over 3 wins, or 2 games improved over 9?

    gosh, you're making it real hard for me to root for you guys, I don't think my sadness over Taylor's death is going to be enough w/ your stupidity always hanging around

    btw, we're on a 6-game winning streak, the Lions are on about a 4 game losing streak, so who's more likely to do the opposite on the 9th, a winning team against a struggling team, or struggling team versus a dominant, winning team?
  14. bbgun

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    Skins fans trash-talking on the Lions' behalf? That's a new one.
  15. Bob Sacamano

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    how about Brandon Lloyd >>>Terry Glenn?

    I'd still take an injured Terry Glenn over Lloyd, at least he can run a route correctly, and he's hobbled
  16. viman96

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    bandwagon fans have to jump on where ever they can
  17. dallasfan

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    Skins fans become more and more desperate for someone to beat us.
  18. zrinkill

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    In the past decade (since Nov 16 1997)

    We have beaten the Redskins 16 times ......

    The Redskins have won 4 times.....

    We own you son ......
  19. Bob Sacamano

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    they have to start rooting for other teams to beat us, for Lord knows their team can't, and won't

    at least when we play all our starters
  20. BigDFan5

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